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Author has written 9 stories for Transformers/Beast Wars, and One Punch Man/ワンパンマン.

Belief: That guy in the sky

Gender: Female

Current anime/cartoon show interests (will change when new ones replace others or are added): Boku no Hero Academia Season 2; One Punch Man; Ballroom no Youkoso/Welcome to the Ballroom

Beta Reader status: Not currently accepting stories. Check out my Beta Profile first.

So far I have beta'd for:


The Transformers:
*Taipan Kiryu - Ch 13 of Incubus and Ch 9 of Till All Are None
*Arken Elf - Ch 1-3 of The Last Seeker

*Moonphase - Tetch's Misadventures in Arkham

Teen Titans:
*Tragon - Death


Death Note:
*Moonphase - A Death Note Carol


Stories that are pending:

Truly Friends - Chapters 1 - 9 are up. Just to alert people waiting on updates for this one that writing is post-poned for now while I re-plan everything in terms of plot and story, as I've hit the proverbial wall on how to continue with the current direction it's going in. Endless apologies and thank you for being lovely and patient readers!

Chapters left to redraft: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

One Shots that are pending:

Things You'll Never Hear TFs Say - Chapters 1 - 3 are up. Post-poned for now until I can get my zeal back for this one.


This is a really cool site made by Koi Lungfish and I recommend that you check it out; it's got lots of info on TFs and most everything to do with them and their world, history, bios etc, the majority coming from his creative imagination. I would like to give Koi credit for any information from his website used in this profile and in any of my stories where stated in them. They are used with his permission.

Here's the link:


Axiom Nexus Forum

Hi all! I've joined a TF forum for the chance to have some fun RPing with fellow fans, and it's called 'Axiom Nexus', made by T.M.Wolf. It's really great and so far I'm involved in two RP stories, one called 'The Colloseum' (as an OC character) and the other 'Symbiosis' (as G1/Prime Starscream). You can check out the forum and the stories in the link below, which will open to the main forum page in a new window:

Or you can search for 'Axiom Nexus' in the Forums search engine :). You may follow the stories and/or join in as well. The more the merrier!


What I Prefer in Reviews:

To be frank, as a dedicated writer I'd prefer to receive more constructive feedback than praises. Not that I hate praises; who wouldn't? But praises on their own don't make me grow as a writer and don't allow improvements on my stories. Too much praise can only serve to make the ego bigger and make you think that your story is perfect when it isn't. No story is perfect I believe, unless the whole universe loves it for the same reason. Or unless it's Harry Potter - just kidding. Not everyone loves something; everyone is different, and that's the beauty of it: there's always room for improvement! So I'd really appreciate anything constructive or (politely) critical in reviews for my stories so that I would know if I'm doing anything wrong and then I could correct it. If you can't find anything wrong, then great. But I'd also like it if you give reasons why you like a chapter; what's good about it, what particularly spoke to you, what made you feel affected etc. Oh, I'll just make a list!

1) If praise is all you've got, then if you could spare your thoughts on why you liked a chapter, that'll be nice. Plus, it then doesn't sound like a frivolous comment on your behalf (not that it is, I'm sure).

2) Other then talking about the content and characters in the story, I'd like to hear more about the writing side of it and its creativity. I put in effort to bring the story and characters to life, and use what I've learned in narration and dialogue with it. When I don't see a mention of my writing in reviews it seems to be unappreciated and unnoticed. I'm certain you don't get to read many fanfics with my level and style of writing (not boasting, just being honest!), as I find similar writing levels very rare on fanfiction. So please take the time to comment on any part of the writing, whether to praise or give feedback - this way I can view my writing at a different angle, and continue developing and improving it. It helps to have others' opinions, and it keeps me experimenting - so you could be helping me write better stories for you too :). And I think other writers would be happy to have your thoughts on their writing as well!

3) If you have some feedback or something you'd like to point out to me, about the story or the writing, I'd be pleased to hear it. It's good to know that a reader on fanfiction is serious about the quality of writing and the story itself. It's also interesting to know what your interpretation is of what's in the story. Again, give reasons to feedback or criticism based on the story so that I can understand and correct anything if need be.

4) If you would like to offer any suggestions or tips on writing, or story ideas, feel free to. I will consider them and let you know what I think.

5) In general, don't hold back your thoughts. Unless those thoughts are rude and have no reason to be said other than because you take great pleasure in spitting out acid remarks unfairly. That's called a flame, and it's unwelcome. Anything else with grounds to be said, please do and with civility, thank you.

That's about all I have to say in this section, but if I can think of anything more I'll add to the list. Thanks for reading and remember this when you're going to write a review for any of my stories! n_n


O.C.s I have created and own (details are subject to change until characters are used in story):

Name: Windflash

Age: I'm not very sure about how old a Transformer is according to their time length since they can outlast us humans for millions of years e.g. 10 millions years for them could be like aging to around middle age or something. I can't estimate or make a random guess at it but let's just say that he's equivalent to the age of a 16 to 17 year old teenager.

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Decepticon

Alternate mode (Alt): Cybertronian Jet

Sub-Group: Seekers

Primary function: Cadet Air Warrior to Air Warrior (recently graduated as one)

General colour scheme: Mostly emerald green, moderate white, and grey covering his wrists, hands and parts on his feet. Pretty much similar to Skywarp's, Thundercracker's and Starscream's colour scheme, the dominant colour replaced by green, the moderate colour white and the minor colour with grey. It's more like the colouring of either Skywarp or Thundercracker. Just imagine green over black/blue and grey over black/purple. The rest is the same.

General personality: He's like an immature version of Starscream I would say lol. But in contrast a lot more innocent, sensitive and able to show feelings other than anger. Like a teenager he can have a few mood swings every now and then but is consistent in temperament, being mainly playful and joking. May seem ignorant and naive because of this, plus his age, but is wiser and more mature than his years on the inside. He can also be too brash at times, even when he faces situations he can't handle, due to his immaturity and inexperience, showing that he is still a child somewhat and not yet an adult.

Special abilities and skills: Has the unique ability to completely camouflage with his surroundings by means of 'losing' his colour, thus becoming invisible. If you've ever watched the movie Predator you'll know what I mean. It would look something like its ability of camouflage. However, the outline of his body can be vaguely seen against the air, like transparent bumps, if looked at hard enough (like in Predator. I swear I'm not trying to take anything from the movie, I just think that it's more realistic that way, and I only use it for comparison).
For skills he is capable of exerting high speeds in bursts and is nimble and agile in movement. He is quicker than the average seeker, making him difficult to target in long range, and to spot combined with his cloaking invisibility. With these attributes he is formidable in battle and highly effective in confusing and catching his opponents off guard. Because of his advanced talents over normal levels he has risen to a rank that permits him to enter the forces of the Decepticon Army.

Use in story?: I'm not intending to use him in any story as of yet but he will be in a future story I'm thinking of. Needs planning though.


Name: Stellardasher

Age: Young adult

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Decepticon

Alternate mode (Alt): Cybertronian Jet

Sub-Group: Seekers

Primary function: Cadet Air Warrior

General colour scheme: Same colouration format as Windflash. Dominant colour: Bright orange. Moderate colour: White. Minor colour (on hands, wrists, foot parts, and any other minimal areas on body): Deep red and blue. Dark head helmet and white face.

General personality: He's confident, teasing (but not mean), independent, and shows some immaturity in attitude but has intelligence enough to show control in a situation. Has a light-hearted way of handling things like saying something in a matter-of-fact/dismissive way, seeming like he doesn't care much about a problem or a piece of news. Gets disinterested fairly easily, so becomes slightly impatient and goes off to do what he wants. Has a charismatic personality; talkative, attracting others to speak to him, popular, a 'pretty-boy' as a general amount of femmes and seeker femmes like to flirt with him in the Decepticon Academy but doesn't have a serious relationship. What you can call a 'playbot', lol. Likes to have fun.

Special abilities and skills: Faster than the average seeker he is quick on his feet and flies at difficult speeds. Just as his name implies, he sometimes explores the outer space of Cybertron, passing by stars around it. He possesses an ability to fight, is good at dodging laser fire and blows, though displays a lack of strength; high speed and cutting reflexes are his forte. He can also use a laser rifle and other basic weaponry at his disposal. His other skills include an expertise in sneak attacks, spying and creating helpful diversions. Due to the limits of his actions in battle, he is more suited to carrying out less demanding duties, like transport/passing on information. As a cadet he can do no more out of his rank and appointed tasks so he doesn't have a very big role, but contributes nonetheless.

Use in story?: He's the older brother of Windflash (hence the slight rhyme in their names) and will be mentioned in the story with Windflash in it. Unfortunately he won't have a big role in it.


Name: Cutter

Age: Teenager

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Decepticon

Alternate mode (Alt): Chaser (name taken from the website above in the Section 'Factions and Subgroups' Short-cut: )

Sub-Group: Seekers

Primary function: Warrior In-Training

General colour scheme: Has not been clearly chosen yet, but I'm somewhat leaning on a mixture of white, maybe black and green. It's a little random though so will be subject to change. On the physical look he will have a cool one-optic glass visor over his left optic that he can adjust manually, remove or replace it.

General personality: A common trait among most Decepticons, he is arrogant and likes to let others know of his strengths by showing off. He is headstrong, and sometimes gets himself in trouble for his obnoxious smart-alek mouth, especially when he isn't afraid to insult bigger mechs or vex them/others - which is almost always never. So he is known to be a bit of a rebellious hell-raiser in his circle of friends, and the most reckless of them, but he always has the good luck of escaping his pursuers; his friends also aid him if he really needs help. A lover of fighting and partying, he works hard as much as he plays in his social life, which is usually hanging out in the city's social-gathering spots with friends. He knows no fear when it comes to taking risks, confident that he'll manage to deal with problems in the best way, earning him admiration and acknowledgement in the battlefield. He hates weakness and being weak himself; individuals with a faint spark and resolve annoy him. To his enemies he likes to tease/make fun of them and call them names; he finds it very amusing when they become enraged. To his friends he treats them well and encourages them when they are in low spirits. Sometimes when he hears unfortunate news he treats it in an offhand and inconsiderate manner, like dismissing it facetiously, if it's happened to other mechs or in general. Intelligent as well, he adapts to a situation and thinks sharply about matters logically and according to what he believes in.

Special abilities and skills: An all-rounder type fighter, this Decepticon rookie is able to meet the standards of a good warrior with pleasing results. He is able to think fast on his feet and make a counter against an attack or avoid harm. He can use a laser gun but his most favourite weapon of choice is his personal pair of retractable custom arm blades hidden in his forearms. These are used effectively by him in surprise attacks, or when enemies are unsuspecting of the hidden weapons. He excels in close-range fighting, and so uses them whenever there's a chance to, and with gusto. Another personal appurtenance is his optic glass visor with which he can use to measure distance/location and detect energy signatures. The special visor can also give him figures/numbers and information on physical objects (like what something is made out of, percentage of materials etc). In the future, other features will be added on and existing ones will be upgraded as he gets older.

Use in story?: He will be one of the main characters in a future story I'm planning. In it he will have a major role in the outcome of the ending and also be a big influence in another main character's life, and on his attitudes as an individual. I don't want to spoil too much so I'll just say that they become strong friends, their friendship growing from when they were young. His friend will inadvertantly be a significant factor in his life as well, though he doesn't admit it publicly.


Name: Drivon (pronounced 'dry' in the first half of the name and 'von' in the second half)

Age: Teenager

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Autobot

Alternate mode (Alt): Undecided

Sub-Group: Cybertronian Vehicle

Primary function: Warrior In-Training/Defense Support

General colour scheme: Is mainly light sky blue and white; blue helmet. Has silver grey forearms and white hands.

General personality: Lacking the confidence that most of his peers have he is always labelled as 'shy' and 'quiet'. Because of this trait he can be unsure about doing something which doesn't follow specific rules or seems dangerous, making him a cautious individual. He does not have a very high self-esteem for himself either, always thinking of his abilities as second-rate or less than everyone else's, and that he would never come to the standards of other mechs' capabilities. Brought up in a humble environment he doesn't feel much resentment at this analysis; he accepts it with a fatalist kind of attitude, almost approving of it. He looks out for the righteousness in all things he does, treating everything and everyone with fairness and consideration, selfless in his actions. He is innocent in mind and spark, not very exposed to the adult world as he is somewhat sheltered in his upbringing, despite being trained to be an Autobot warrior. Therefore he is a little child-like at times in how he deals with things, and in his reactions to circumstances. He can also be inwardly self-conscious at times, which hinders him from being confident. He likes to spend his spare time peacefully reading an informative data pad (learning is one of his loves) when he's not being trained by his mentor in fighting techniques. Boring as it may seem, nevertheless he enjoys the quiet side of life more than the fast track so to speak, preferring sensibility to rowdiness. But he can sometimes be a day-dreamer.
In contrast to these calm qualities, he can be quite determined in reaching a desired goal, whether it is perfecting a skill or accomplishing a set target. From this determination he is drawn to be a perfectionist sometimes, depending on what the task is. If it is something where a passion lies he hates to lose or fail in it, especially if competition is involved, which is fuel for his zeal. He also has a hidden courage that is spoken more through his actions than in words.

General abilities and skills: Not an offensive type of fighter, he acts mainly in defense and reinforcement, using the conventional laser rifle. But one area that he specialises highly in is hand-to-hand combat, which he believes is the most honest way to battle someone: facing each other one-on-one, pitting one's own skills against another's, no advantages apart from what strengths are owned. Linked with this technique is his exceptional skill in body holds and grappling/wrestling moves, which compliments his hand-to-hand very well. He only uses hand-to-hand when he is forced to do so or when he needs to, keeping with his defensive tactics. To add reinforce his defense style, he has unique dense-particle armour covering the arms, legs, head, and vital spots i.e. the abdomen, chest and back. Abilities include having good control and judgement, aided by excellent visual focus and spatial awareness of his surroundings, making it less likely for him to be ambushed or caught unawares; fellow Autobots requiring cover fire, and those in danger of heavy attack, are helped greatly because of these traits, with a laser rifle in hand, making Drivon an exceptional sharp-shooter.

Use in story?: He will also be in the future story with the O.C. Cutter described above. In it he will be a main character as well, and will form a forbidden friendship with Cutter. Well, it would've been obvious who he will be friends with without me saying it, as they are both the main characters. They 'accidentally' find each other on outside territory situated between their factions' cities. Through circumstances and several more encounters in this supposed safe zone they oddly become acquaintances, eventually turning into a hesitant but welcome friendship.


I've noticed there is some Decepticon bias here (in case you haven't noticed) but I've now come up with at least one Autobot in this Decepticon crowd. He's new so I don't have detailed information on him but he does have the basics. I'll update him when I've come up with more characteristics and traits for him.

Name: Sunburn

Age: A young adult, like Sideswipe and Sunstreaker

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Autobot

Alternate mode (Alt): Undecided

Sub-group: Cybertronian Vehicle. Gets reformatted into an Earth car.

Primary function: Warrior

General colour scheme: The majority of him will be dark grey: the front chassis, upper back shoulder, forearms and hands, helmet, shins and front feet. Upper arms, upper legs and minor parts (like on his sides, front shoulder, lower back etc) will be red burgundy, not bright yet not dull. Other minor parts will be black.

General personality: Undecided

General abilities and skills: Undecided

Use in story?: I'm not sure about what to do with him, but I may think of something.


Author's Notes: Hey, everybody, hope you're all enjoying my stories. I have other stuff going on, like family, my own interests etc etc, so don't think that I'm being a lazy bum and that I don't feel like writing anymore - I have my own life to run too you know! And if you're nearly always on the look-out for an update, then maybe you're a little too obsessed with reading fanfiction. Go do other stuff in your life too - that way, you will probably be less disappointed if you see there isn't an update in the next month or something... hopefully. Just be reassured that I hate to leave a story unfinished, and will continue it until it is finished.

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