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Turning this into an update release schedule and F&Q for my only story A Change From Memories

Naruto's Current 8 Gates (I have thought of all abilities, will update when they are revealed in the story).

- Permanently opening a gate allows Naruto to get an innate ability.

Gate 1: Perfect memory, increased comprehension. (C1/C3)
Gate 2: Sensory ability which combines Haki (One Piece), Danger Sense (MHA), and Malicious intent sensing. Yes it is basically a non-chakra version of Karin's Kagura's Mind Eye. (C9-C10)
Gate 3: ??
Gate 4: ??
Gate 5: ??
Gate 6: ??
Gate 7: ??
Gate 8: ??

Release date: Not dead, just very very busy at the moment. If I ever decide to not come back to the story, will make a post about it. (Edit: Will probably start up again in September time!)

Since my writing isn't creative enough to the point where everything is self-explained in my chapters, and since my story is still ongoing, here is a Q&A for the story!.

- Q: Who are you pairing Naruto with?
- A: I guess I shouldn't have tagged it as an Adventure/Romance, and instead be an action/adventure, huh? Will make that change now since romance was never supposed to be the focal point of the story (although it is still supposed to be there). I haven't yet come up with a definitive pairing with Naruto yet, but I do have a few ideas. I can definitely say that it won't be Sakura/Ino/Hinata/Tenten/Tsunade or any male character.

- Q: When are you going to diverge from canon? In fact, diverge already!
- A: I was planning on having the story take on a snowball effect, so one small change to Naruto slowly makes more and more changes before it eventually derails from canon. While I admit that I intentionally added the Wave mission even though Naruto didn't demand it, this is because the Wave mission is actually related to a future (non-canon) arc that I was planning on writing. Hopefully, canon divergence starts from the end of the Wave mission (although there will still be the Chunin exams), not sure about the invasion yet since I can hardly explain why Naruto being stronger than canon would stop Orochimaru from invading...

- Comment: Please tone down on the explanations.
- A: As another reviewer said, I have only ever written reports and essays so I do tend to add additional details to either Naruto's training or day to day life. I have tried to improve things by condensing explanations, or just taking them out, but I did start writing this fanfic with the intent of someone who has never read Naruto fanfictions before can enjoy, without assuming everyone knows everything.

- Comment: Please stop changing Naruto's abilities
- A: I do admit that my original intention for the 2nd gate was to have just Naruto's natural talent for sensing, but a lot of people found it lacklustre, so I did make some changes to that. However, I haven't edited the ability after this fact (It is still a combi of Haki (One Piece), Danger Sense (MHA), Malicious intent sensing) with it being essentially a non-chakra version of Karin's Kagura's mind eye.

- Question: When will the Fuinjutsu/Jutsu-Shiki aspect come into this story?
- A: Naruto will be utilising it after the Wave arc, however, do be aware that it won't be used in combat (sorry if that disappoints anyone). I do have a lot of creative ideas that Naruto will make, although some of them might be a little too complex, so I will decide later if they are used or not.

- Question: What will happen with Naruto's attacks and stuff?
- A: One thing that I really like about Naruto is that almost everything is based on the Rasengan. Sasuke practically bases everything off the Chidori in turn. I do want to create some original jutsu, while also having Naruto expand his repertoire, but at the same time, he won't be like Kakashi who could probably pull a Jutsu for every situation. I will be trying to make techniques for single target lethality, wide area of effect, long/mid/close distance, super defensive etc... So people don't have to remember too many techniques to the point it gets confusing.

Feel free to send any other questions either via PM or review. I do check my mail since I don't have 100s of stories to keep track of, and will be happy to answer any queries.

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