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Thats my dog (shes soooo cute) anyway my name is Dezi and i love twilight and all of the books. i am a big reader and i love to reading fanfics. i love to think that Bells will end up with JAKE but you know steph wont let that happen so i will write a story about it!! ummm...i really don't know what to say about myself so i will tell you about my friends!! my first friend on fanfic is DARK M PRESS DARK M PRESS u kno u wanna click it !! and shes amazing hugs anyway my bff of all times is Kara i loves her sister forever shes the one that got me to read twilight...love her for that. ummmm... my sister (real sis) is amazing...i am still trying to get her sit down and read teilight...but she is really busy sighs i guess she don't know what shes missing!! i will have my first story up soon i hope you like it!! i guess thats all for now!!

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all of my stroies are dedicated to DARK M PRESS because she is the best and has made me laugh..and fall out of my chair...too many times...i luv u girl

"You don't have a soul--you have a body; you ARE a soul." (this is why i think Edward has a soul)
~ C.S. Lewis

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