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Author has written 11 stories for Avalon Web of Magic, and Pokémon.

Hello! :)
My name is Michelle. But my friends all call me Mich. But you can call me whatever you'd like.. Michelle, Mich, Prongs..
I came up with my username because I originally came on here to read Harry Potter fics. And James's nickname was Prongs. So I was like.. why not? xD

I've got long blonde hair. It's naturally curlyish but I straighten it a lot. My eyes are green and I'm probably the palest person to walk this earth. No joke. I could pass for a vampire if I had red eyes. I'm kind of short. Under average. But it doesn't really bug me xD

So as you can see I'm from good old Canada. I was born in Alberta, but I'm not telling you where I live now. xD

I love do to a lot of stuff. Writing and Reading, as you can probably tell.
One day I'd like to write a novel or something, but I really can't seem to think of an idea. I hate every single character I make up, so that's why I love doing fanfictions. The characters are already there :)
I love reading too, of course. I have a long list of my favorite books, but I'll try to narrow it down. Harry Potter is at the top, of course. The most brilliant series ever thought of. His Dark Materials series comes up close. These are bloody amazing books (though they killed it with the movie, in my opinion). I like Twilight a lot too, but I'm no die-hard fan. I also love Avalon Web of Magic. I started reading those in 3rd grade, but man, they're so good! I know they're for tweens but they represent my childhood and the imagination I always had. These books were like my secret fantasy; I would have killed to be Emily, Kara or Adriane.
And you've gotta love the classics, like To Kill A Mockingbird. I adore that book. I'm naming my child Atticus if I have a boy. Other books I love are The Perks Of Beings A Wallflower, Lullabies For Little Criminals, Going Too Far, and everything ever written by Sophie Kinsella (Shopaholic Series, etc. My favorite of hers would be The Undomestic Goddess)

Now on to the topic of music. Music is my life. I like basically all music I hear, but my favorite genres would have to be Indie Alternative and Country. My favorite artists/bands are: My Favorite Highway, The Maine, Steve Moakler, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum, Kenny Chesney, Dierks Bentley, Nevershoutnever!, Paramore.. I could go on for days.
I've also been playing guitar since I was nine. It's sort of my passion.

I love naturey stuff, like hiking, walking through forests, etc. Animals too. I also LOVE traveling. I went to England and France last March Break and it was probably one of the best weeks of my entire life. It's just so beautiful there. And I ADORE the British accents. And British tea. And.. yeah. I just love everything British. So if you're British, I'll probably love you too :D

So.. A random fact about me...
Okay, well my moods are always changing in two ways. In one, I can be really happy one day, then the next Ill be completely depressed, than an hour later Ill be feeling hyper... In another way Ill kind of go in and out of phases with things. Like Harry Potter.. Ill read the books (AGAIN) and get in a really big Harry Potter mood. Then Ill fall out of it and feel like painting. I'm kind of random xD
My favorite colour is green. I think. Well it depends on my mood, you see xD I love pink too, who doesn't? Light blue is good too. And orange, especially in the summer. Oh, and lilac. Well. I don't know.
And lastly, I'm a huge, infinitely ginormous NERD.

Now I'm sure you're bored off your mind of reading about me.. How about reading about what I write?

My Fics

I looove writing Pokemon fanfictions. They're just so addictive.
Mostly my Pokemon stories are romance stories. I adore writing about May and Drew since May is my favorite character and they're just the cutest couple in the world. Also I adore Ash and Misty, so of course I have to write about them!
People sometimes say my Pokemon fics are funny, so I guess they can go under the Humor category as well. I like funny things to happen in my stories, because I love making people laugh and keeping things interested. Generally I'm not a funny person and my jokes are always quite lame so this surprises me.

I always write my stories as how I would like to see them in the anime. I think, how would Ash/May/etc act in the anime? How would I like to see so and so end up together on the anime? I try to make it as real as possible.

One day I want to write a Harry Potter fic. But I'll need a really good idea.. So far I haven't been able to think of anything. Also if I ever do write one, my writing will have to be at it's best and grammar flawless, because honestly, there are a BILLION Harry Potter fics, and I'd want mine to stand out. There's a lot of competition with Harry Potter fics, so I'd have to make sure it was outstanding!
If I did write one... It would probably be in the romance genre about Harry and Ginny. Because I love them. Maybe Ron and Hermione. I don't know. I'd want to do a one shot sort of thing and make it amazing. But then I'd want to do a long 10 chapter story.
Well, we'll see.

The Birthday he Drew: This story surrounds the relationship that we all see between May and Drew: cocky, rude Drew, and sweet, bewildered May. It's just so obvious that they like eachother. But how could they ever make it work?

Snowbound: A one-shot. Three chapters. It's short in my opinion. This story is about when May gets lost in a snow storm on her way to Snowpoint city, and Drew has to save her. It gets very cute.. and hot at the end ;) I had a lot of fun writing this one.

Imprison: No characters from the anime are in this story.. It's about my own character, Meena, who I've used in both of my contestships. I just love her so I decided I should give her a whole story. Anyway, people don't usually like to read stories about made up characters, but I assure you this story has a great plot and lots of meaning to it. I haven't written much lately, because I've been side tracked with other stuff, but it's definitely going somewhere... Anyway it's about the unlikely friendship that formed between Meena as a little girl and a lonely Mewtwo. If you like mystery and friendship, this is the story for you.

She's the Icing to his Cake: My Misty/Ash fic. The description says it all. I really don't want to give too much away here, but I promise you it's a good story with a plot and everything. All of my stories have a plot, they aren't aimless, so don't worry about getting bored. Anyway, this fic will keep you on the edge of your seat :) The tension is unbearable. ;)

Spirited Away: My third CONTESTSHIP. It takes place on Halloween night when our favorite couple go to a party. So this total evil chick named Prudence gives May alcohol without her consent and knowledge... And yeah. You can kind of see where this is going. So May gets pretty drunk and does all sorts of things. What's Drew going to do? Heh. So there's some funny parts, some cute parts and a very STEAMY part with May and Drew. :)

Me and Pokemon.
(this is very important so listen up xD)

I'm a huuuuuge Pokemon junkie. I watch the show obsessively online every time a new one comes out. In terms of games, I have Silver, Sapphire, FireRed, Pearl, and Platinum. I absolutely CANNOT wait til HeartGold/SoulSilver comes out, since Johto starters pwn all the others, & Silver was my favorite game. Plus Johto rules xD

I don't know which pokemon girl I like. When I first saw May, I hated her because she was a Misty replacement. Then when Dawn came, I hated her because she was a May replacement! In general I think I like May best. She's just so cool. I don't know why I love her so much but I do. Second, but very very VERY close is Misty. Come on, she's classic! Everyone loves her! And Dawn is last, but I still like her. She annoys me at times but I really do love her. She's probably the prettiest out of all the girls I think, but also the most bland.

I'm still PISSED that Dawn beat May in the Wallace Cup. They only did that because Dawn was the main character at the time. Okay, seriously, May has SO much more natural talent at coordinating than Dawn does. Dawn, I think she wants it a little more just because it's been her dream her whole life. But May still is better than her. twitch twitch. I just thought I'd get that out there ;)

Arcanine is my favorite pokemon! I also love Typhlosian, Chickorita, Bulbasaur, Lugia, The legendary dogs (Entei, Suicune, Raikou) Charizard, Raichu, Scizor, Flygon, Tyranitar all the Eeveelutions... Yeah. I could go on for days xD I recently discovered that I love Shaymin too. It's so cute!
Eeveelutions are another story altogether. If I had to pick one, only one, my excruciating decision would be Umbreon. I recently discovered that Leafeon holds a very special place in my heart as well, so it's up close. Then I loooove Jolteon and Espeon. Glaceon's cool. Flareon was my favorite when I was like, 5. Vaporeon's my least favorite though. Sorry. But I love them all :) Except Vaporeon. Hahaha. :(

So I've had a crush on Ash Ketchum since I was five years old. I still do. He's adorable and such a nice guy. sigh
But I also have a GINORMOUS crush on Barry. He's just so good looking. And amazing. I might also like him better than Ashy boy.
Is it creepy that I have a crush on cartoon characters?
Oh yeah. I forgot Drew. He's just... Beautiful. Maybe I like him best? Ohh. I don't know. See. I go through phases with this kind of stuff. But these three boys will always have my heart.

My Views On Common Pokemon Shippings

Contestshipping: (MayxDrew) May and Drew are the cutest couple to EVER have existed. I adore them. It's just SOO obvious that they like eachother. & that they're going to end up married. sigh. This is my favorite shipping. ;D

Pokeshipping: (AshxMisty) Ash and Misty. Classic. They're so meant to be that it's not even funny. Though I think Ash might have started to feel a little something towards May, they never were like Misty and Ash. Probably my second favorite shipping.

Questshipping: (JimmyxMarina). I actually just recently watched Pokemon Chronicles online. So I saw them and I was like, EGAH, they soooo like eachother.. I like this shipping.

Hoennshipping: (BrendanxMay) Okay. For this one I don't look at May as the May from the anime.. I look at her as the May from the Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald games. If that makes sense. Because Brendan never was in the anime.. Like there were pictures of him, but he wasn't a character. Anyway, this is a cute shipping.

Advancedshipping: (AshxMay) Well.. I don't know. I kind of like this one, actually. Even though Misty is totally meant for Ash, and Drew and May are so in love... This one I'll tolerate a lot. I think Ash and May might have started to have some feelings for eachother.. But they're not meant to be. They kind of taught eachother stuff.. Like after traveling with May, Ash learned how to treat girls better. Just go back and watch some episodes from the seasons with Misty, then watch some from the seasons from Ash. He's alot more.. respectful with girls. And he'll actually touch girls in an affectionate way.

Pearlshipping: (AshxDawn) Mehh. No. I don't see it between them AT ALL. I think Ash looks at Dawn and cares for her in an older brotherly way. Sure, he probably thinks she's cute and stuff but I really doubt he sees her that way. Anyway, if you think about it.. Dawn was 10 at the start of the Diamond and Pearl series, whereas Ash was like 14. That slightly would be creepy if he liked her.

Twinleafshipping: (DawnxBarry) This one's SO cute! I love Barry! He's so hot! & Dawn's so pretty! They're sooo cute. Though I didn't see it at all between them in the Anime..

Tensionshipping: (HarleyxDrew) WTF? NO!

Ikarishipping: (PaulxDawn) Ewww. Paul = gross. Dawn could do SOO much better than him, she's gorgeous. Plus he's an emotionless jerk whereas she has feelings. Plus he'd like.. ew. Just.. ew. No.

Penguinshipping: (DawnxKenny) This one's good. They're probably meant to be. I'm just not in love with them as a couple as I am with AshxMisty and MayxDrew.And.. seriously. Kenny needs to hit puberty. His voice makes him sound like a 5 year old.

Gymshipping: (MistyxBrock) Err. No. Brock never oggled over her like he did with other girls, even though Misty's just as pretty. They're just really really good friends.

Rocketshipping: (JessexJames) Well duh. They're so meant. But actually I don't know, because I honestly think James is gay... He's too sensitive.

Appealshipping: (ZoeyxDawn) Er... no. Well I think Zoey probably has a crush on Dawn. But I think Dawn likes boys. xD

I don't think anyone's ever going to read this.. Well. Maybe a bit at the start but not all the way down to here. But if you did, YAY! Thank you! :D
Though I honestly think no one will read these and I'm basically just talking to myself.. Heh. Oh well. I had fun writing this :)

Anyway, since you're here taking the time reading this (or maybe you're not), I think you'd spend your time better reading my fics. So you've probably come here because you've come across my stories in the Pokemon section, which means you probably like Pokemon, which means you should read my stories! If you love May and Drew together and Ash and Misty together, then you've come to the right girl for stories.
And if you do read my stories, please don't forget to review! They make my day, honestly. :)

Alright, I'll finally shut up. xD

Avatar image by sunshineikimaru. Thanks for letting me use your picture :)
Check out her art, people. It's adooooooooorable!

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