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Right well this is the place where I'm gonna put little notices. So you can check out whats going on- i.e why I am not updating.

Well I am so very happy that my mocks are over with- all the revision was taking up my spare time. I have two essays I need to finish but they are not of much importance at the moment. So it is back to fan fiction!

I am thinking about writing a Lucius/OC horror story, well I need to plot it out and develop my characters but I'm excited lol.

The Serpents Obsession to the Lion is being revamped, I just need to finish writing the end of chapter 1 and go back over to edit something.

Dear Diary: I wish I was Mrs Hermione Malfoy appears to be my most popular story, but I just find it hard to write. I know this might seem a bit weird but I find it easier to write horror/angst compared to a comedy story. I will try to update soon, I did have part of chapter 5 written but I cant find it on my computer.

I have deleted my story Some Days It Is Never Enough, I was bored and never updated it and it didn't really have much readers anyway. Sorry if you were reading that story.

Oh I have also started video's on youtube.com, there not that good but I am happy with them. Come check 'em out my name is AWhiteRose88

Thats all for now, stay tuned

Thank you



The name is Rebecca but just call me Becca everyone else does.

As you can tell from my profile thingy at the top, I live in the UK well England.

I'm 18

I am currently at college studying Biology, Psychology and English Lit.


- Reading

- Going out

- Doing what I want, when I want ( unfortunately it doesn't always work like that)

- Having girly nights watching cheesy romantic comedy films

- Having nights in with my boyfriend Karl

- Horror and Thriller films

- Harry Potter!

- Music whether modern or old, I just love Madonna ( not her new stuff but all her old songs)

- Going on You Tube to watch Harry Potter fan films

- Writing fan fiction!

- Reading fan fiction

- Jason Issacs ( especially as Lucius Malfoy) 'drools'

- Going to the cinema


- Being corrected - well not all the time, I don't mind you doing it in my reviews

- People who brag

- Bitchy people ( Even though I do like to bitch about some people)

- People, mainly boys who need to grow up! Sheesh you wouldn't think some of them were 18!

- Told what to do (Stems back to my young teenage days)

- Fan fiction that doesn't get updated ( Pot calling the kettle black I know)

- Not being reviewed

- So called "friends"

- Not passing my driving test!

- Stuck up people

I'm thinking about doing a onseshot but the problem is that once I write it no doubt I would want to continue with another chapter and then another... etc you get the gist.

Coming Soon To A Computer Near You: An Lucius/OC Story

Dear Diary: I Wish I Was Mrs Hermione Malfoy:

Harry Potter



Rating T ( It Might Change)

Chapter 4: Books Would Always Be The End Of Me is up! I am currently writing Chapter 5!

The Serpents Obsession To The Lion:

Harry Potter



Rating M

I would also like to say thank you to all those who have reviewed my story and also to Garnet17th and NairobiDawn for giving me advice.

Chapter 12: Power Games With Your Equals is now up! It would be nice to recieve more reviews for this story! I mean all you would have to do is a put one word if you would like! Thank you to Gravity01 who reviews every chapter- your comments make me happy and keep me going with the story lol!

So watch this space...


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