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Author has written 15 stories for Tokyo Mew Mew, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gakuen Alice, Avatar: Last Airbender, Naruto, Sailor Moon, and Jimmy Neutron.

Hellooooo, random visitor! You've reached ProseGold, aspiring author and otaku extraordinaire. I can't get to my laptop right now, but please drop me a PM after the beep, and I promise I'll get back to you as soon as I - I - I - I - I -

(hits answering machine with mallet)

- I can. Thanks for visiting, and have a wonderful day! Beep!

. . . I had to do it, sorry.


ProseGold - 4 dictionary results
Prose-gold (prohse-gohld)

1. A hyper ball of randomocity
2. A Japanese freak (see Otaku)
3. An overworked home schooled highschooler (see Grade Grubber)
4. A proud Potterhead and Hufflepuff
5. An aspiring author

Yerp, that's basically me in a nutshell.

I'm a huge fan of anime and manga, and I watch and read whenever I can (which isn't often, let me tell you. School is evil). I've been obsessed since about August of 2007, so it's been a while now, and I've been through a lot of it. :)

I love writing, and I like to draw, despite the fact that I'm pretty bad at anything other then people, and even those are just so-so. More then half of my life is spent online, and more then half of THAT time is spent here on =D.

I like to think of myself as a friendly person, and I love to talk, so please feel free to PM me anytime. I may not be able to get back to you right away, since my life can get pretty insane, but I will respond to you as soon as I can ;D


- Journal -

Date: 1/1/12
Time: 4:58 PM (EST)
iPod: The Call (Backstreet Boys)
Snackage: Bread (made a loaf in the bread machine yesterday for New Years - nomnomnom)
Current Obsession: Archie comics (unpacked my collection last month, and wow, do I have a lot. ...Betty is too good for Archie. She should dump him and date Jughead. /shipping!)

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it? My final year of high school and duel enrollment really did a number on me - I am never taking more than two classes a semester ever again. I'm done with school for the moment, since I'm taking a semester off to work (money troubles are really piling up, and the bills might not get paid next month if I don't pitch in), so that's a bit of a relief. Hopefully I can find more time to write in these next few months than I could last year - if all goes well, the entirety of Secret Memories may be finished and posted before summer rolls around. Here's hoping 2012 treats me (and us all) well!

Date: 11/12/10
Time: 10:33 PM (EST)
iPod: Firework (Katy Perry)
Snackage: Halloween candy (Sis's candy, actually - mine is all gone. ;_;)
Current Obsession: The Wallflower (just re-read it - I went through all 100 chapters today and yesterday)

Just a quick update for y'all: Secret Memories is coming along slowly - hopefully this chapter and the next will be the worst of it, after that most of the angst will be over - and I'm working on and off on it between my math homework and and stuffles. Wish me luck!

Date: 11/03/10
Time: 11:44 AM (EST)
iPod: Disturbia (Rihanna)
Snackage: Chocolate-chip Cookie Dough Poptart crusts (I eat the insides first :P)
Watching: Smallville (Season ten, episode three)

So I'm finally kidney stone free (well, sort of - I still have a stone or two, but they're sitting quietly in my kidneys not doing anything), after a good month of pain. (They couldn't find the stone causing me trouble, despite an ultrasound, an x-ray, and a CAT scan, because it was a weird type and hid between the slides of the CAT scan, which, like, never happens. Figures.) I've some how managed to stay caught up on my schoolwork (except Geometry), but I've been pretty much unable to do anything else. Except watch Smallville, which is why I made it through five seasons in two weeks. (I LOVE that show :D.) I've almost caught up with the airing episode, and I have no idea how I'm going to stand waiting for new episodes to come out.

Date: 10/11/10
Time: 5:59 PM (EST)
iPod: Teenage Dream (Katy Perry)
Snackage: Nothing atm :(
Watching: Smallville (Season five, episode eighteen)

Who gets kidney stones at seventeen? Me, apparently. It's awful. Plus side, since I can't do too much other than lay in bed and attempt to ignore the nausea and aching pain in my side, story ideas are popping up like mad. I've made major progress with the next chapter of Secret Memories, plotted out where I want the story to go from here, and even started a few other fics in between. (All of said fics are currently stashed in my 'Fanfic Ideas' document, which is now up to 11,000 words xD.)

Date: 09/14/10
Time: 8:47 PM (EST)
iPod: Make History (Alyson Stoner)
Snackage: Chocolate Lucky Charms (they're Sis's-- shh!)
Reading: The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor (Kabei Yukako/Takerai Rihito)

Posted new story-- Some Acknowledgement, in the Jimmy Neutron category. It's fluff and humor and almost plotless, which I really needed because I've been trying to work on Secret Memories and it's so exhausting. I'm really having to force myself to write it, because at this point we've lost our comic relief team and there's a lot of drama/childhood issues that are coming up for Roy and Riza. What does that equal? A lot of angst. And I fail at angst. I have a huge amount of admiration for people who can write angst successfully-- it is extremely difficult in my opinion. But it needs to be done, and I'm slogging my way through it; hopefully I'll end up with something halfway presentable by the time I'm done. In the meantime, though, expect more fluff pieces from me in various categories. (Fluff helps me let off steam :P)

Date: 8/23/10
Time: 5:22 PM (EST)
iPod: Getting Lucky (The Chipettes)
Snackage: Granola bars (Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip ftw, dude)
Reading: Ardour (Wu Rou Zuan)

Finally got chapter six of Secret Memories out. I know, I know, it took me long enough. Sorry!

Date: 7/09/10
Time: 11:24 AM (EST)
iPod: Sanctuary (Tamaki Nami)
Snackage: Oreos (The commercials got to me :P)
Reading: The Realms of the Gods (Tamora Pierce)

My summer is vanishing before my very eyes. Sigh. Psychology I is over and done, but now I'm in American Government, and we have a term paper. They do realize that a summer session "term" is six weeks, right? Apparently not. Either my teacher needs to buy a new calender, or he's just Ryu-sensei (http:///user-movie/final-fantasy-a/6542) in disguise. I tend to lean towards the latter, because it's much more interesting and makes for great daydreams during class :D.

Date: 5/11/10
Time: 8:08 PM (EST)
iPod: Celebration (Jump5)
Snackage: Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough Poptarts (Mankind's perfect food)
Reading: Dragons of Deltora: ShadowGate (Emily Rodda)

New school-load has begun. 10 AM, four day a week, accelerated college course: Psychology I. My teacher is funny, but . . . she tells more stories about her kids and her worklife than she actually teaches. Which is really annoying, since she gave out three assignments for the first week and gave very little direction on how to complete them. Sigh. Plus, more moving chaos; I swear, whenever I need something, it's at "the other house". . . . Okay, enough complaining. Signing off now; I must rejoin the insanity. Love 'n' hugs to all of you!

Date: 5/3/10
Time: 12:13 AM (EST)
iPod: Stacy's Mom (Fountains of Wayne)
Snackage: Chocolate-Chip Cookies (from Publix :)
Reading: Trickster's Choice (Tamora Pierce)

Posted new story; just a drabble collection, sorry loves. I am still working on Secret Memories though! My life is just chaos right now. We're moving into our new(ly rented) house next week, and while I'm somewhat excited, I'm a disappointed at the loss of my room. (Now I have to share with Sis. Fantastic, isn't it?)

- My Links -

My Tumblr - I love this site. This I love the people, I love the conversation, and I love that everyone is awkward and we all understand and laugh about it. I can spend hours just scrolling through my dashboard, nodding my head and reblogging and laughing my head off. Hopefully some of what I post is amusing to those who read it - mostly it's just love for my favorite pairings, lots of superheroes and Disney stuff, with a few memes and miscellaneous stuff I find hilarious thrown in for good measure.

Behind the Name - If you're bored, I thought this was pretty interesting. I love my name, because it turns out it's roots come from Zeus. Zeus! Like, King of the Greek Gods! I love Greek mythology, so that was insanely exciting for me.

Birthday Calculator - This one kept me entertained for a few hours, typing in the birthdates of all my friends and family to see what their personalities were. Freakily enough, though the info it generated was mostly incorrect, I did manage to find at least one true piece of information in each bio.

Harry Potter Puppet Pals - I love these. I love them so insanely much. My sister and I have watched all of them about twenty times :). These videos never fail to bring a smile to my face - but just a warning: as indicated by the name, you really need to have either read at least one Harry Potter book, or seen one of the movies, otherwise a lot of the humor will go right over your head.

A Very Potter Musical - More Potter stuff: Harry and company apparently make for great parody material. BUT ANYWAY. This is hysterical. Don't try to watch this unless you have a couple of hours free, as it's a full-length musical timed at about 120 minutes, and you won't be able to stop watching it. I gigged, chuckled, snorted, and laughed out loud throughout the entire show; Draco Malfoy particularly had me in stitches. And I have such a crush on Joe Walker, who plays Voldemort. (I'm seriously not going to be able to watch the real HP movies now because Voldy isn't hot. xD.) ALSO, THERE'S A SEQUEL! Which you should also watch. Yes.

WTF, Pokemon?! - Basically, this is the first 45 episodes or so of the very first season of Pokemon, with the top five errors, logical mistakes, plot holes, and poor writing pointed out in each one. This series, created by the brilliant team of Youko and SwordHunter, are laugh-out-loud funny to the max. I have all of them on my iPod, and I've watched them more times than I can count. You don't even need to have seen Pokemon to appreciate this, because it's very well explained. ...Okay, just go watch them. NOW.

Neopets - /my life. It's sad how much I'm obsessed with this site - I've been on it nearly every day for the past...six years? It's so addictive. And fun. And I'm totally almost in the elite class - 260 avatars lab ray painted pets loads of trophies for participating in site events = yes I pwn you newbies. Hahahahaha! ...Hey, come on. I need to feel superior sometimes. Anyway, if you use that link to sign up, I get free stuff (which is always lovely), so thank you in advance if you decide to join :D

- Random Info -

-- I'm extremely clumsy (...It's a family thing. Not my fault.) Seriously, I'm always falling or running into something. It's worst when it's dark, because my balance and internal gravity get thrown off and I start randomly falling over.

-- My favorite word at the moment is probably defenestration, which is the act of throwing someone or something out of a window. (How amazing is it that they actually have a word for that?)

-- When it gets to be past 2 AM, I start laughing at stuff that really isn't that funny. And I can't stop.

-- I can't watch romance. Like, if there's a sappy/kissing scene in a movie, I close my eyes involuntarily. I don't know why, really - I guess it's leftover anti-cooties or something. I can read romance fine though O_o.

-- I LOVE chocolate. LOVELOVELOVE it. Milk chocolate and white chocolate, anyway - dark chocolate is too bitter. It figures that it's the healthiest of the chocolates that I dislike :P

-- My favorite color is blue; it used to be pink, but then I met meh biffle Nica-chan, whose favorite color is blue and despises pink, and since she's a huge influence on me . . . well, my perspective changed over the years :)

-- I adore pixies, fairies, elves, sprites, and all other manner of mythical beings. There just so . . . I don't know. Magical?

-- My favorite artists are (currently) Demi Lovato, Mandy Moore, Hitomi Shimatani, Rina Aiuchi, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga. (The last one still astounds me. I'm hoping she's off this list soon xD)

-- My favorite author is Tamore Pierce. Hands down. Noooo contest. I own all but two of her Tortal books, and I've read them so many times. No really: Sis was reading through them recently, and sometimes she'd suddenly start laughing and begin to read me the sentence that so amused her - and I would already know it. Word for word. (It freaked her out, every time. :D)

-- I am officially a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do (that's Korean martial arts). I've been training for more than five years now. (That's, like, almost a third of my life.)

-- I'm an extreme-major-pacifist. I don't like the thought of anyone, especially me, hurting someone else, whether it be physically or emotionally. (...This is a bit of an oxymoron, considering I'm a black belt.) I say "I'm sorry!" a lot, and the adjective most often used to describe me is 'nice'.

-- I think 'shiny' and 'of doom' are the best descriptive words in the universe, and I add them to everything.

-- My favorite animal is a dolphin, my second is a monkey, and my third is a Florida Panther (look it up, people!).

-- I'm very flexible, thanks to my martial arts training and a childhood background in gymnastics. (I can do a full split on all three sides - right, left, and center. And I can touch my toes! ...You'd be amazed at how many people can't touch their toes.)

-- My favorite queen in history is Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, just because she's the first one I've read of that not either a saint, a demon, or a wimp who can't do anything by herself. She was an actual person, who wasn't afraid to pick favorites and use underhanded sneakiness to get her way. And she was smart, something always appreciated in a ruler.

-- My least favorite queen was Guinevere, of King Arthur. Whether she was real or not, feel free to debate, but I hate her either way. I'll probably eventually type up a whole rant about her stupidity and general annoying-ness and post it here.

-- I basically live off of PopTarts, waffles, pancakes, mac' n' cheese, chicken, and chocolate/various forms of dessert. No really. That's it. I'm really lucky I'm one of those people who can eat whatever and not get fat. (Hitting middle age is going to suck though.)

-- I've moved three - oh wait, now four - times since I was one, (still) eventually ending up back in the same town I was born in

-- My favorite subject is either English or History; what I find really frustrating is, now that I'm seriously looking into college majors, there's almost nothing you can do with degrees in either of those subjects. Math, tons of options; science? Even more! But with anything even remotely related to the two areas I excel in, the only thing you can apply is teaching. Which I don't do. ARGH.

-- I'm usually very perky, hyper, happy, bouncy, etc, etc. It can either be entertaining or annoying, depending on how long you're exposed to me :P.

-- My favorite TV show is Smallville. I love the DC comic superheroes (not that I've actually gotten around to reading any of said comics - it's just that Teen Titans and Justice League: Unlimited are both easily among my favorite cartoons), and a whole show on Superman's origins is perfect fangirl material. My favorite characters are probably Lex Luthor, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Bart Allen/Impulse...and Jor-El. (Because he's hysterical. Clark's like, "No! You're wrong, Jor-El! I create my own destiny! I can do whatever I want!" And then he does whatever he wants and totally fails, and Jor-El's like "Ha-ha. Kal-El, when will you learn that destiny is inescapable and I am always right? 8D.")

-- I never go anywhere without my iPod, even though I keep breaking the earphones (In the past year, two have gotten so worn out the wires started to show, three I stepped on, and two more the sound suddenly started only coming out of one ear O.o)

-- My sister calls me a hermit because I spend so much time in my room on my laptop. I proudly accept that title.

-- I think Mathematics is the worst subject in the history of ever, and that people who obviously don't intend to go into a field involving it should not be required to take any math past, say, Algebra I.

-- I find waving by your shoulder boring. Fun, hyper people wave BIG!

-- I think vegetables are creating an evil army that grows every time you eat one. Fruits are their allies, and together, they'll probably take over the world one day. Stupid plants...

-- When I was about seven, I randomly turned on the TV, and saw this adorable little girl fighting an elephant. Years and years and years later, I was watching Card Captor Sakura, and discovered the very episode I saw when I was little! (Only subbed instead of dubbed, of course.) ...I really wish I knew why that particular show stuck in my mind; I can't remember any specific episodes of any other stuff I watched that long ago...

-- I'm very polite, and I enjoy being so. And I don't really understand why everyone isn't polite - people are so much nicer to you if you are. The lady at the supermarket always gives me free cookies :D

-- I'm a friendly person - as long as I already have someone I know next to me. In a friendless situation, I tend to hide in a corner. In fact, that's what I did for basically my first three months of Tae Kwon Do...I got the nickname "Corner Girl", and the space I sat in is now forever known as "ProseGold's Corner". ;P

-- I was homeschooled my entire life, a fact I'm eternally grateful to my mother for. I don't think I could have handled the social pressures, early mornings, and all those people all the time, for very long before snapping.

-- There are only three people I've ever met who I've actually disliked enough to have a real argument with (family doesn't count).

-- I totally have both a Hotcake flavored and a S'Mores flavored lipgloss. How amazing is that?

-- I am a Disney fangirl. I'm sorry. x3

-- Even late in my teens, I mostly prefer cartoons to TV shows. (...The good ones, anyway. 'Regular Show' and a lot of the other stuff Cartoon Network plays are just weird and boring and stupid.) In my mind, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Phineas and Ferb, Fairly OddParents, and Jimmy Neutronare much more enjoyable to watch then Friends or How I Met Your Mother. (Not that I don't watch said TV shows and like them, it's just the animated stuff is generally more my style.)

-- I doodle. A lot. Like, I bring a notebook to my classes to take notes in, and every time, it ends up filled with doodles.

-- I love Greece, and Greek mythology. Looooove it. I'm also am constantly annoyed when I see a movie or read a book based off said mythology, and they get it wrong, even if it's just a little thing. Case in point: The remake of Clash of the Titans? I couldn't watch it, because they messed up the story of Perseus so badly, they didn't show half the gods, and Apollo, when he was shown for two seconds, had dark hair. It just killed me.

-- The Jonas Brothers' song Fly With Me? I like it, but it irks me - one of the lines is, "Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine." And they didn't. Peter went back to the island with the Lost Boys (or, every version except the Disney films, alone, because the Darling's adopted the other children), and Wendy stayed in the real world to grow up. Without Peter. And he doesn't see her again until she's grown up and he's disappointed in her. So yeah. Not fine. Just FYI, Jonas Brothers.

-- I'm a major crybaby. I've cried at the end of pretty much every sad (or even the not-so-sad; if it was a really good work, I cry just because it's over) anime, manga, book, TV show or cartoon I've ever watched. Full Moon wo Sagashite had me blubbering for a good thirty minutes, and even to this day I can't listen to any of the songs, even the happy ones, without starting to tear up. I also tend to cry if someone says something mean to me, tells me I can't do something, excludes me, shames me (accidentally or otherwise), or in general upsets me in any way. It's a very annoying trait, and if I could get rid of it, I would. Tears solve nothing. The only plus side? If I were ever acting in a show and my character was supposed to be sad, I could probably cry on demand.

-- I think Avatar: The Last Airbender is the best show to ever grace the screens of Nickelodeon (and that the live action movie totally fails). I'm a total Jet fangirl (Why! Why did he have to die?!), and, after my second series run-through, I'm equally adoring of Prince Zuko (who is full of enough hotness and angst and inner conflict to make any female squeal). Azula also rules, and has been one of my favorite characters ever since she was first introduced (and the way she ended up makes me sad and annoyed at the same time) - I mean, come on. She can bend blue fire. And lightning.

-- I would love to one day get into reading DC or Marvel comics...but why do they make it so difficult for new readers to jump in? I mean seriously! Even the Wikipedia version of comic history is so confusing! Alternate Universes, the same superhero name belonging to ten different people, characters dying and then coming back to life then dying then disappearing... I'm so lost ;_;.

- Otaku Nerdiness -


Chocolate: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and Good Witch of the West
Broccoli: Full Moon wo Sagashite

My Anime List



Chocolate: Hana Kimi and Skip Beat
Broccoli: Vampire Knight

My Manga List


- Favorite Pairings -

(Pairings of each fandom are listed in order of favorite-ness. Also, italics indicate my OTP of that genre, just in case that isn't clear enough :P)


- Naruto -

- Tokyo Mew Mew -

- Mermaid Melody -

- Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne -

- Sailor Moon -

- Card Captor Sakura -

- Pretear -

- Prince of Tennis -

- Bleach -

- Fullmetal Alchemist -

- Ouran High School Host Club -

- Gakuen Alice -

- Black Cat -

- Wallflower -

- Inuyasha -

- Hana Kimi -

- Spiecal A -

- Beauty Pop -

- Skip Beat -

- Kaichou wa Maid-sama -

- Pokemon -


- Phineas and Ferb -

- Avatar: The Last Airbender -

- Total Drama Island -

- Jimmy Neutron -

- Codename: Kids Next Door -
3/4 (Kuki/Wally)
1/5 (Nigel/Abby)

- Teen Titans -
Jinx/Kid Flash

- Justice League (Unlimited) -
Batman/Wonder Woman (Bruce/Diana)
Superman/Lois (Clark/Lois)
Hawkgirl/Green Lantern (Shayera/John)
Green Arrow/Black Canary (Oliver/Dinah)

- Young Justice -
Miss Martian/Superboy (Megan/Conner)
Green Arrow/Black Canary (Oliver/Dinah)
Red Arrow/Cheshire (Roy/Jade)

- Danny Phantom -

- Kim Possible -

- Xiaolin Showdown -
Omi/Chase Young

- Magic School Bus -
Carlos/Dorothy Ann

- Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius -

- X-Men: Evolution -
Wolverine/Rogue (Logan/Anna Marie)
Cyclops/Jean Grey (Scott/Jean)
Shadowcat/Avalanche (Kitty/Lance)

- Ed, Edd, n Eddy -


- Harry Potter

- Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew -

- Song of the Lioness (Tamora Pierce) -

- The Immortals (Tamora Pierce) -

- Protector of the Small (Tamora Pierce) -

- Provost's Dog (Tamora Pierce) -

- Maximum Ride -

- Peter Pan -

- Lord of the Rings -

TV Shows:

- Smallville -

- Glee -

- The Big Bang Theory -

- That '70s Show -

- Friends -

- How I Met Your Mother -

- Giggliciousness -

Theodore: (to Simon as he's hanging out of the hot-air balloon) "Get in, Simon!"
Simon: "Gee, why didn't I think of that?!" ~The Chipmunk Adventure (movie)

Simon: "Alvin, land the balloon by the fountain." (crashing sounds) "Like I said, 'in the tree'!" ~The Chipmunk Adventure (movie)

Ducky: (Crawling along the log lodged at the top of the ditch) "I do not like this. Oh no, no, no..."
"No problem. You a swimmer right?"
Ducky: "Mm-hmm."
Petrie: "If you fall, there's skinny little river way down there you might land in. Maybe." (Petrie looks down and calculates the possibility)
(sarcastically) "Oh thank you, Petrie! I feel SO much better now." ~The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock (movie)

Chi Fu: "Who are you?"
Mushu: "Excuse me? I think the question is, who are you? We're in a war, man! There's no time for stupid questions! I should have your hat for this, snatch it right off your head. But I'm feeling gracious today, so carry on before I report you." ~Mulan (movie)

Shang: "I don't need anyone causing trouble in my camp.
Mulan: "Sorry..." (clears her throat, and then continues in her 'man' voice) "Uhh... I mean, uh, sorry you had to see that, but you know how it is when you get those, uh, manly urges, and you just gotta kill somethin'... fix things, uh, cook outdoors.." ~Mulan (movie)

Mulan: "You're, um..."
Mushu: "Intimidating? Awe-inspiring?"
Mulan: "Tiny."
Mushu: "Of course. I'm travel-size for your convenience. If I was my real size, your cow here would die of fright." (Mulan's horse snaps at Mushu) "Down, Betsy." ~Mulan (movie)

Edna: "I didn't know the baby's powers, so I covered the basics."
Helen: "Jack-Jack doesn't have any powers."
Edna: "No? Well, he'll look fabulous anyway." ~The Incredibles (movie)

Dash: "We're dead! We're dead! We survived, but we're dead!"~The Incredibles (movie)

Prince John: "No! No, don't hurt me, help! Heeeelp!" (runs away so fast he trips over his own feet. He scrambles back up and hides behind a barrel) (pops up from behind the barrel, waving his arms frantically) "KILL HIM!!" (he hides again) ~Robin Hood (movie)

Mandy: "This is my world. I'm just letting you live here." ~The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (TV)

Melvin: "You're a kind girl, aren't you?"
Misty: (sweatdrops) "Well, no, not especially." ~Pokemon, season 1 (TV)

(Ash and Misty are trapped in a net, hanging from tree, contemplating the fate of Brock, who'd fallen into a river some time ago)
Ash: "Gee, I wonder what happened to Brock?"
Misty: "I wonder too..."
Ash: "Maybe the river carried him far away - all the way to the ocean. Then some pirates spotted him and brought him aboard their ship, and one of the pirates has a wooden leg."
Misty: "You have a crazy imagination!"
Ash: (smirks and glances sidelong at her) "Then came the storm." ~Pokemon, season 1 (TV)

Drakken: "I love this. Hand me a fork."
Shego: (under mind control) "Yes, Dr. Drakken!"
Drakken: "Get me a Dodo bird."
Shego: "Yes, Dr. Drakken!"
Drakken: "Psyche! Dodo birds are extinct! Oh, I'm being silly." ~Kim Possible (TV)

Dr. Possible: "Morning, honey. How'd Cambodia go?"
Kim: "Mixed. The good part, I rescued a priceless icon from a ferociously snaky, spiky pit. Less good, a ninja stole it."
Dr. Possible: "Isn't that just like those darn ninjas?" ~Kim Possible (TV)

Xander: "Danger? I laugh in the face of danger! . . .Then I hide until it goes away." ~Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV show)

Crash: "Did you die?"
Buck: "Unfortunately, yes. But I LIVED!" ~Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (movie)

Kid Flash: "Sorry. First time at the Hall. I'm a little overwhelmed."
Robin: "You're overwhelmed, Freeze was underwhelmed; Why isn't anyone ever just whelmed?" (they enter the Hall of Justice, seeing giant gold statues of the League) "Oh. Maybe that's why." ~Young Justice (Cartoon)

Male Tourist: "Is that Batman?"
Female Tourist: "I see Flash and Flash Jr."
Male Tourist: "Isn't his name Speedy?"
Kid Tourist: "No, Speedy's Green Arrow's sidekick."
Male Tourist: "Well, that makes no sense." ~Young Justice (Cartoon)

Mark Desmond: "Activate the cloning process."
Robin: "Pass. Batcave's crowded enough." ~Young Justice (Cartoon)

Justice League Unlimited: (This needs it's own section, because there's a billion quotes) (TV Show, by the way)

J'onn: "I know this must be hard for you. Feeling vunerable. You're the only one of us without special powers. But you don't need to prove yourself. You are a valued member of this team, and we're only trying to-"
Batman: "I'm taking the shuttle. Unless you want to try and stop me." (batglare)
J'onn: "...No."

The Joker: "What's wrong with crazy? It's done wonders for me!"

WonderWoman: (trying to think of ways to explain where she's been) "Gone, Mother? I didn't go anywhere! I was in my room! Alone. For eight months. ...Definitely not."

Flash: "Usually, when a city looks this empty, flesh-eating zombies are involved."

Grogg: "Humans are slow, ugly, immoral, and have an unpleasant body odor!"
Flash: "Hey! Who you callin' slow?!"
Green Lantern: "Flash, don't heckle the supervillian!"

Grogg: "You're a bigger fool than I thought!"
Flash: "Oh yeah? Well you're...naked!"
Grogg: "...The world will miss your sparkling intellect."

Flash: "Not bad, huh? I outsmarted a supergenius!"
Green Lantern: "Guess you're not as dumb as you look."
Flash: "Yeah! And I-" (realizes GL has just told him he looked dumb) ". . . I resent that."

Hawkgirl: "But who wants to live in a world without men?"
WonderWoman: "They can't possibly be that essential to your life."
Hawkgirl: "Don't knock it 'till you've tried it, Princess."

Batman: "Next time I let Superman take charge, just hit me, real hard."

WonderWoman: "Hera, give me strength!"
Hawkgirl: "Do you have to say that ALL the time?!"

Hawkgirl: "Standard interrogation technique. I was bad cop."
Superman: "You're always bad cop."
Hawkgirl: "Why play against type?"

Grundy: "Bird-nose help Grundy? But Bird-nose and her friends hate Grundy!"
Hawkgirl: "Grundy help Bird-nose, Bird-nose help Grundy, okay?" (monsters continue to attack around them) "Excuse me - Hawkgirl smash."

Batman: "Call me when it's important. And not before."

Clayface: "Didn't think I'd come here without reinforcements, did you?"
Batman: "Wish I'd thought of that." (wall comes down behind him, revealing the rest of the Justice League) (Batman smirks) "Oh wait - I did."

Flash: "You mean she's a spy? Cool."
Green Lantern: "She was spying on us."
Flash: "Oh yeah... Huh."

Green Lantern: "That x-ray vision working yet?"
Superman: "Just enough to see soldiers still patrolling the skies."
J'onn: "They'll have the whole city covered by now."
Flash: "Who knows? Maybe they'll get tired and go home." (everyone stares at him) "Yeah, I know. But a little optimism at a time like this couldn't hurt."

Batman: "For the time being, we're going to have to go underground."
WonderWoman: "How exactly do we hide when the whole planet is looking for us?"
J'onn: "They're looking for the Justice League. Without our costumes, we are merely ordinary citizens."
Flash: "Hold on a second here. What about the whole 'secret identity' thing? I mean, I trust you guys, but I'm not sure I'm ready to-"
Batman: (pointing to each person in turn) "Wally West, Clark Kent," (he pulls off his own mask) "Bruce Wayne."
Flash: "...Show off." (pulls off his mask)
WonderWoman: (ruffling Flash's hair) "Red hair. It suits you."
Flash: (brightening) "Ya' think?"
Batman: (throws a coat at Flash) "Change. Now." (batglare)

Flash: (exploring the Batcave) "Hey! That's a giant dinosaur!"
Alfred: "And I thought Batman was the detective."

Flash: (crushes soldiers with a giant penny) "Tails. I win!"

Batman: (inside an enemy ship) "Well?"
J'onn: "I have no idea how to fly this vehicle."
Flash: "What's this do?" (he presses a big button, and a laser fires, destroying part of Batman's mansion) (Alfred looks disapproving)
Batman: (extrememajorbatglareofdoom) (jaw clenched) "That's. Not. Helping."

Mordred: "What's this thing? Another stupid charm?" (said jewel glows menacingly)
Morgan: "It's the Amulet of First Magic, the source of all Earthly sorcery...!"
Mordred: "Hmm. Shiny."

Smallville: (This also needs it's own section 8D) (TV Show)

Aquaman: "You really don't listen, do you?"
Lois Lane: "No, I try not to, I find it distracting."

Oliver: "The whole jumping to conclusions thing before you get the full story? How's that working out for you?"
Lois: "Huge time-saver."

Chloe Sulliven: "Break up? You can't break up, you two are, like, meant for each other! You're like Kansas's version of Ken and Barbie. Only they broke up apparently, which is weird."

Clark Kent: "Chloe! I got your messege - what happened?"
Chloe Sullivan: "Lex died."
Clark Kent: "What?"
Chloe Sulliven: "Don't worry, I brought him back to life."

Chloe: "Your date's a hitman - a killer."
Lois: (resigned) "Of course he is."

Lois: "...Where did your barn door go? It was here late last night when I came to drop off those documents, and now it's gone!"
Clark: (who had sneezed earlier and accidently sent said door hurtling through space) "Look at that. It is gone."

Jimmy Olsen: "This is a really bad idea. You know, maybe we should call someone."
Chloe: (yelling) "Hello? Is anyone there?"
Jimmy: "No no, I was thinking more like...authority figures, who carry weapons."

Hit-Man Finley: (holding Lois captive) "Hey, bald man, look, is it really worth killing her to get to me?"
Lois: "Rhetorical question, Lex!"

Oliver: "You left me strung up there in chains to either die, or have my identity revealed."
Zatanna: "I can't ever totally make it up to you - or your friends - but I would like to try and make sure that something like this never happens again."
Oliver: "Here's a thought: Don't do it again."

Tess: "Fix the situation, or I'll have you terminated."
Tech Guy: "Okay - but by terminated, you mean fired, right?"
(Tess just looks at him)
Tech Guy: "...Right?"

Oliver Queen: "Where are the other SuperFriends?"
Chloe: "Still waiting for them to ring me back. See, this is why I keep asking everyone to come up with some sort of standardized trouble alert. The team needs structure."
Oliver Queen: "Is that what we're lacking? You're really on a kick lately. Personal phone conversations... bank records... Amazon wish list."
Chloe: "Big sister's watching."
Oliver Queen: "Is that my e-mail? Chloe, I'll let you know that those messages between me and Canary were purely platonic."

Oliver: (as Green Arrow, on a stakeout with Hawkman) "God, I hate waiting."
Hawkman: "But you LOVE talking. Shut up."
Oliver: "Why'd they have to team us up together?"
Hawkman: "I asked them to. So I could keep you in line."
Oliver: "What are you, my chaperone?"
Hawkman: "Think of me as your parole officer, but with a mace."
Oliver: "...Well, I dunno what that means, but this whole thing's bad news. You wanna know why? Because no one's been able to answer why!"
Hawkman: "Why what, Green Punching-Bag?"

Lois: "Careful, Lois. This is the part where the doomed girl runs into the guy with the hockey mask."
Doctor Fate: (walks out of the shadows) "Greetings."
Lois: (gasps in surprise; turns around and sees him) "What the...? ...What is this, reverse Halloween? ...Nice helmet."
Doctor Fate: (pleased) "Thank you."

- In Which My Friends Say Funny Things -

"I'm not short; I'm vertically challenged." ~Tenshi

Sis: (waves hand frantically) "Oh! Oh! OH!"
Me: "What, what?!"
(stops waving and cocks her head) "...I don't remember." ~Me and Rina

Nica: (struggling to put a window on a Lego house) "Ha! I finally got it!!" (the other window falls off)

Alexa: "I'm going to be famous one day!"
Mr. Karl: "You mean like the weather girl on TV?" ~Alexa and her dad, Mr. Karl

Nica: (after a shaving-cream fight at a birthday party) "Here, have a towel."
Me: "Thanks!" (wipes off sandy shaving cream) "Oh! Sorry, your towel..."
Nica: "That's okay. It's Alexa's."
"Oh. Okay then."
(Alexa and Sis's voices suddenly draw nearer) (I throw the towel on a picnic table) (Nica and I run away really fast) ~Me and Nica

"I colored my hair with a Magic Marker today." ~Tori

"Guess what? I fell down two flights of stairs on Monday!" ~Anita

Maggie: "I got this really big bruise on my arm from gym, and they (referring to the other girls in my TaeKwonDo class) wanted to see it, so I showed them...and they started POKING it!! HELP!!"
(she hides) (I look at the closest person)
'What? It was fun!'" ~Maggie, me, and Tori

(on a sleepover with Nica and Alexa) (Alexa and Sis are whispering)
"What are you talking about?"
"I'm not going to tell you, you'll laugh at me."
"We won't laugh, now spill!"
' in Science, Casey and I were sitting next to each other...and our fingers were touching the whole time!! Just kind of dangling under the table, but still, we were almost holding hands!!'
(silence) (we all burst out laughing, even Rina) (Alexa pouts)
~Alexa, Nica, Sis and me, about Casey, the obnoxious boy she liked for most of 2006/2007

(knock knock) "Nobody's home." (knock knock) "We've taken a vacation." (knock knock) "We've moved to Alaska!" (knock knock) "EVERYONE'S DEAD!" (knock knock) "GO AWAY!!" ~Me, talking to Sis who's banging on my door

Me: "No one tells me ANYTHING!"
Tenshi: "Join the club. I'm already president, but you can be vice!" ~Me and Tenshi

Kyle: "I bet I can name everyone in this class!"
Ms. Hwaang: "Okay, go ahead."
Kyle: (begins naming everyone in the class) (stops at my friend Alyssa) "Uhh...I know your name, I just can't remember it!"
Ms. Hwaang: "What? A beautiful girl like her? Oh, c'mon Kyle, she's soooo pretty!" (Laughter breaks out throughout the class as Kyle turns a deep red and runs as fast as he can back to his spot) " ~One of my ex-TaeKwonDo teachers, Ms. Hwaang, and Kyle, who failed. xD

Me: "Hi!
Me: "HIHI!"
Nica: "HIHIHI!!"
"BE QUIET!!" -silence for a moment-
Nica: "Anyway, hi!" ~Me and Nica. And Alexa, the spoilsport.

(doorbell rings) Nica: "Alexa'll get it!"
Alexa: (groans) "Dad! The doorbell is ringing!"
Mr. Karl:
"Alright, alright. I'll get it!" ~Nica, Alexa, and Mr. Karl

(sound of front door closing) (Alexa walks past Nica on her way to her computer) Nica: "Who was at the door, Alexa?"
Alexa: "The pizza guy."
"...We ordered pizza?!" ~Nica and Alexa

Sis: (eating all the cheese off of a frozen pizza) (Bonnie walks in) (Rina looks up guiltily) "What? It's good!" (silence as Bonnie glares at her) "Do you want some?"
Bonnie: "Put it in the oven. NOW. The cheese is the only thing on the pizza besides the sauce, the tomatoes, and the bread!" ~Sis and her friend Bonnie

"I'm not random, it's just that you'll say something, then I'll keep thinking about that one thing while you move on to something different. Then I'll say something about that one thing, and you'll laugh and accuse me of randomness!" ~Tenshi

Nica: "HI! I haven't seen you in so long!"
Me: "I know, right? It's been absolutely ages!"
Mrs. Harding
: (looking puzzled) "Didn't you see each other Friday at the Park Meeting?"
"Well...yeah. And she came over to my house on Monday. But that was forever ago." ~Me, Nica, and our Homeschool-History-Class-That's-Usually-On-Tuesdays-But-Got-Moved-To-Wednesday-For-The-First-Week-Because-Of-Tropical-Storm-Fay Teacher, Mrs. Harding

Me (over IM): 'Royai foreber! Alexa and Roy have no hope. Ha-ha.'
Nica: 'xDDD'
'I'm sending mental haha's in her direction.'
'She's on the couch reading, she probably can't feel them :(.'
'Oh, she can feel them. In fact, I bet she's shuddering in fear right now. She won't know why. But she shall be shuddering, all the same.'
(two seconds later)

Nica:'OMG!! ROFL!!'
Me: 'What, what?'
Nica: 'Alexa just said, 'DAD, TURN THE AIR DOWN! I'M SHIVERING!!' ~Me and Nica

Andrew: (in TaeKwonDo class) "How many ceiling tiles are up there?"
Mr. Alex:
"...I really don't know. You should ask Tori."
Tori: "Why me?!"
Mr. Alex: "Because whenever I look at you, you're staring at the ceiling with a vacant look on your face."
Tori: "Hey!"
Mathew: "There's twenty-five tiles!"
"No there isn't, there's fifty-six!"
(momentary pause)
Mr. Alex:
"You totally just admitted it.'"
(Tori blushes while the entire class bursts out laughing) ~Tori, Mathew, Andrew, and my favorite teacher Mr. Alex

"Don't let anyone tell you the sky is the limit - the limit is whatever you make it." ~My ex-teacher Mr. Banks, at his moving-away party

Mr. Alex: (as I'm walking in late into class) "ProseGold, did you bring brownies?"
"Yes! They're celebratory brownies!"
(Maggie gets it and starts chuckling, but everyone else looks blank)

Mr. Alex:
"Because Hinata's alive."
Me: "YES!!" (does random spin)' ~Mr. Alex, Matt (the assistant teacher for the class on I take on Fridays), me, and Maggie laughing in the background. (This quote happened right after chapter 437 of the Naruto manga - on Wednesday, Mr. Alex made the mistake of telling me he was sure she was dead. I spent Friday class rubbing her alive-ness in his face ;P)

Sis: "I am going to fall off the bed now." (she looks around) "Oh, wait, I can't. I'm on a couch." (she falls off, lies there for a second, then gasps) "I just defied the laws of physics!" ~Sis

Mr. Alex: (smirking) "Hinata is going to die in the chapter tomorrow."
"NO, she's NOT!!"
(I proceed to poke him furiously)

Mr. Alex:
(backing away quickly, laughing) "You poke hard!"
Maggie: (suddenly starts giggling) "That's an oxymoron!" ~Me, Mr. Alex, and Maggie

Me: " it okay if I take a shower?"
Michelle: "Of course it is! Why would you even need to ask?"
Linds: "Oh, yeah, Mom? The shower's kinda...purple." ~Me, Linds, and her mom Michelle (In case you're wondering, earlier that day Lindsey had tried to dye her hair purple while in the shower - it ended up dying everything but her hair purple - even her skin. And the shower, obviously ;P)

(To Sis) "I'm really glad I'm not you. I'd never know what I was thinking." ~Me

Me: (comfortably settled in my bed) (my cellphone all the way across the room begins to ring) "Oh, for the love of all things shiny!"

Me: (hyper and parading randomly around the house) (says, for the nth time) I AM THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, PROSINA-CHAMA!!"
Sis: "Shut UP!!"

Sis: (on the phone attempting to order a Dominos pizza) (yelling into the telephone) "Well, I WOULD order your pizza, except FIRST I have to wade through all these stupid robotic ADVERTISEMENTS - oh. Hi."
Pizza Guy: "Welcome to Dominos, my name is Steve, how can I help you? ...I heard that, by the way."
Sis: "Yeah, I figured. How much is a large cheese pizza?" (me and Sis's friend Bonnie were laughing hysterically, which was really not helping Sis stay serious)

Mr. Alex: (has decided to give everyone in class Pokemon names today) "Let see, what should Tori be? We need something with a blank stare..."
David: "She could be Jynx!"
Mr. Alex: "YOU'RE Jynx."
David: "But-"
Mr. Alex: "Shh! Jynx don't talk!"

Mr. Alex: (still trying to figure out Pokemon names) "ProseGold and Tori are the only ones left, right?"
Noah: "Tori could be Psyduck!"
Mr. Alex: "PERFECT! Great idea, Scyther!" (he collapses laughing)
Tori: (looking confused) "What's a Psyduck??"

Mr. Alex: (has calmed down) "Now, who doesn't have a Pokemon name?" (everyone points at me) "Just ProseGold?"
Me: (nodsnods) "Just me!"
Mr. Alex: "Huh. Well, you can be..." (various suggestions are shouted out from the class) "No, no no! She can be...Latias! Because she's a pacifist."
Me: "Cool!"
(several hours later, sitting at home talking to Sis)
Sis: "...Didn't Latias die in the anime?"
Me: "No, that was her brother, Latios. Latias was just left alone and heartbroken." (we sit in silence) "...I wonder if Mr. Alex has a hidden grudge against me or something."

Karen: (on the subject of Math) "If something doesn't make sense, assume it's magic."

Tenshi: "If you ever need a ride home or whatever, just let me know - I can drive now."
Alan: (semi-horrified tone) "Oh GOD."

Ethan (the little kid Sis babysits) (holding up a pebble) "Look! It's an invisible rock!"
Sis: "Wow! It really is! That's awesome, Ethan."
Me: "That's so cool! I wish I had an invisible rock."
Mom: "That's great, Ethan - invisible rocks are the best kind."
(later on, his mom, Dawn, comes to pick Ethan up)
Ethan: "This is an invisible rock!"
Dawn: "...But I can see it."

Mom: "We only need two barstools, right?"
Me: "Um...we might need three. Just in case we're all eating at the same time. If that ever happens."
Mom: (snorts) "Yeah, we only need two barstools."

Sis: (on she and I being sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore) "Oh yeah. We're badass. Like Honey Badgers. Honey badger don't give a shit."

- Stories Stuff -

Ongoing Stories:

Secret Memories
(I've decided that I need to finish writing this story entirely before I start posting it again. Going years between updates is silly, and I'm getting more done when I don't have to distinguish between chapters. IT WILL BE FINISHED AT SOME POINT! Really. I promise.)


Upcoming Stories:

Title: Strangeness Ensues
Genre: Naruto
Length: 8282 words (twoshot)
Pairing(s): Naruto/Hinata, maybe a little Shikamaru/Ino
Summary: Pre-Shippudun, probably: The Konaha Eleven are to be sent to a training camp - to the great chagrin of Naruto, who will miss Ichiraku's All-You-Can-Eat night - but Hinata is mysteriously absent. Tsusade orders her found and brought forward, and Hinata's day of fight-or-flight has begun.
Kiba folded his arms. "This time is different. She's way out here in the middle of nowhere; there's nothing in this forest that could put me off her scent. Right, boy?"
Akamaru woofed his agreement, but Shino shook his head. "You’re underestimating Hinata. Didn’t you see what happened to everyone else?"
"So a couple of servants gentle-fisted Kakashi and Gai into the next century. Big whoop."
"She managed to trick two high-level ninja into walking right into a trap. That is a ‘big woop’. And I seem to recall Ino-san being quite upset when we ran into her earlier, and Shikamaru-san had some very severe burns."
"That happens all the time—you know how Ino gets when she’s on fire."
Expected: Meh, who knows at this point. I feel like I've been writing this on and off for forever.


Title: Clouded Melancholy
Genre: Tokyo Mew Mew
Length: 1624 words (oneshot)
Pairing(s): Ichigo/Ryou
Summary: Ichigo is living England with Masaya after the events in Tokyo Mew Mew a La Mode, and, after a bit of day-dreaming and a quick bout of home-sickness, comes to a surprising realization.
Ichigo sat on the windowsill, idly watching the wet streams race their way down the glass outside. She sighed, looking a little wistful as one of the drops she's been watching murged with another, speeding up and moving out of sight.
England is most definitely not all it's cracked up to be, she thought mournfully.
Expected: Not anytime soon, unless I get massively inspired.


Title: Instruction Styles
Genre: Naruto
Length: 1370 words (oneshot)
Paring(s): Neji/Tenten, perhaps some Shikamaru/Ino, Naruto/Hinata, and/or Sasuke/Sakura
Summary: AU-ish or pre-Shippudun – Sasuke is retrieved, Asuma is alive. The leaders of teams Ten, Seven, Eight, and Gai decide that it would be beneficial to all their students to experience training with different instructors. (Though perhaps for some it’s more of a chance to show how superior their training methods are, while for others it is merely an opportunity to goof off. I shall not name names.)
Naruto blinked. "What? You guys have been here since ten?"
"In the spirit of YOUTH, Team Gai has been here since nine-thirty, my friend Naruto!"
Expected: Meh - I'm trying to work on Secret Memories first, but we'll see.


Title: It's a Titans Thing
Genre: Crossover: Justice League/Teen Titans
Length: 2736 words (oneshot)
Paring(s): Flash/Jinx, maybe some Batman/WonderWoman
Summary: After Flash begs for a quick Founders-only mission, the Justice League (plus a semi-reluctant Nightwing) are sent to stop a museum robbery-in-progress, conducted by what police suspect to be a meta, since their equipment seems to explode when they get too close to her or the building. Imagine the former-Titans' surprise when they find that their latest nemesis is, in fact, an old one: Jinx is back, and better than ever. Now how are they going to explain this to Batman, considering the last thing they told him was that she'd turned good?
Batman glanced at his former partner. "You know her?"
Nighwing nodded slowly; regretfully. "It's a . . . Titans thing, Batman."
Flash was by the darker hero's side in an instant, gripping his shoulder in what he seemed to think was a friendly manner. "Yep, Grandpa Batty, you're out of the loop."
Expected: Unsure - I really like where this fic has gone thus far, but I'm don't know where it should go from where I'm at.


Title: A Wonderful Opportunity
Genre: Song of the Lioness - Tamora Pierce
Length: 867 words (multi-chapter)
Paring(s): Maybe a little Alanna/Jon
Summary: Semi-AU. When the priests insist that he needs more ‘real world’ experience, Thom comes to the palace to assist Duke Roger in teaching the pages and squires magic. Alanna is delighted; the boys have been fawning over Delia, and she’s sick and tired of having no one but the newly-frightening Alex for company
Their swords clashed with a loud ringing, and the onlookers gasped. Alanna, one of the observers, shook her head. All this for a silly riding glove, she thought, disgusted. Boys.
She turned and pushed her way backwards through the crowd, the thunderous expression on her face effectively halting any angry comments that might have resulted from her shoving. Once she was in the clear, she sent one more glare backwards, and then headed for her rooms.
"Honestly," she grumbled, "They're best friends!"
Expected: Eventually - certainly not for some time, though. But I love writing Thom and Alanna - they really needed more of the two of them together in Song of the Lioness.


Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Capricious by bright snow reviews
And maybe it is not so easy to navigate the forest between good and evil, and maybe it is easier to just follow the known path back. They are both only human, after all. A series of unrelated ficlets exploring all concepts of Jinx and KF. Some Flinx.
Teen Titans - Rated: T - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 10 - Words: 11,406 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 18 - Updated: 1/30/2014 - Published: 3/21/2010 - Jinx, Kid Flash
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 102,623 - Reviews: 428 - Favs: 566 - Follows: 240 - Updated: 4/26/2009 - Published: 9/23/2007 - Naruto U., Hinata H. - Complete
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Immortals, Tamora Pierce - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,544 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 56 - Follows: 6 - Published: 4/23/2009 - Complete
Of Dishwater by city with no people reviews
What to say now? It’s not like she could say, ‘I was just trying to get up the courage to tell you I love you. By the way, how was spying on Sakura and Sasuke’s first date?’" Naruhina oneshot. Slight SasuSaku; mentions Kiba dating.
Naruto - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,041 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 74 - Follows: 17 - Published: 3/21/2009 - Naruto U., Hinata H. - Complete
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For Every Season by Shawny Wong reviews
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The Alias by Heartbroken Confession reviews
The Tinkling Jackal." Mikan stated. "I find it quite suitable." Natsume folded his hands over the desk."Oh yes, because pissing dogs are so intimidating." --Note to self: Never ever, give Hyuuga Natsume a chance to name you.
Gakuen Alice - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,641 - Reviews: 42 - Favs: 78 - Follows: 9 - Published: 10/19/2008 - Mikan S., Natsume H. - Complete
Wig for a Swig by Hazelnut reviews
On his palm lay a fine auburn thread, the length of which gleamed lustrously with a string of pearly tears. Around each rosy ball there was a knot of grief and a loop of joy. But where was it from, you say? Well, that is what this story is about... [RyoSaku]
Prince of Tennis - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 11,650 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 83 - Follows: 14 - Published: 8/26/2008 - E. Ryoma, R. Sakuno - Complete
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Apple 9: “Shikamaru…you're saying you can’t love me because there’s someone else?” “Yup” “And that someone else is…Chouji…?” “Pretty much” Somewhere in his apartment Chouji suddenly tripped and landed face first on the ground. InoShika story collection
Naruto - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 9 - Words: 42,635 - Reviews: 131 - Favs: 104 - Follows: 54 - Updated: 6/26/2008 - Published: 7/29/2007 - Ino Y., Shikamaru N. - Complete
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