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Hi hi! ...its uh ME!! *smacks herself* Duh...

Well I like Slayers (huge x/f fan), Trigun, Gundam Wing, Key the Metal Idol, Gestalt, Master of Mosquinton, Lost Universe, Fushigi Yugi (when Miaka is either dying, or not on screen), and Bubblegum Crisis (all of 'em)...*goes on to list just about every other anime known to man aswell as a few others-*

^^ Uhm... Well Not to much more to tell-
*one of my favorite clubs!*
( )

''s finally over!'
"You realize you just doomed us right?"
'What do you mean?'
*Giant monster appears and the apocolypse is brought about*

* March..29..2002 *

Hello there! *crickets chrip because no one is ever going to read this*

...-_-;; *a tumbleweed rolls by*

Okay- well then... Hello Mytsie!

Today *even though I am a loyal Legolas fangirl- (all the other bishounen she has tied up look up hopefully)
I have decided that every character in any book with the calibur of the Lord of the Rings should have atleast ONE fangirl!

I do hereby announce that I am now one of the few, the proud, the expendabl-...err... Gandalf's Fangirls!...*crickets chrip*...

Well- uhm... He needs a few right?...
...right...? Anybody...?

May..13..2002 * time between pointless updates... o.o;;
Well, happy birthday to me- honor of the occasion I have updated my F/Y fic, and posted a (corrected) LOTR fiction. I hope you enjoy them...whoever you are... and please REVIEW- *hint hint*

"It's a wild FANDANGO!"

October.21.02 *
Oh rarest of rare, and update to my bio!
Well anyone who reads this... whee, check out my favorite authors, all are worthy of praise (though they need to update more, YES YOU GUYS). Read Of the Roses, tis good.


April 13 2003 *

Wow, it's been a very long time since I've updated any of this... I'm really sorry--to all of my reviewers! But...I've just lost a good deal of inspiration.
I do hope you all can forgive me. If you would like to be notified when I get this inspiration back and decide to update all these wonderful (and not so wonderful) stories just e-mail me.

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