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Poll: Should 'I did it for you' be continued and the Flock decides to go after Max despite the fact that the main school will be super dangerous and someone will probobly die because I always make someone die? Vote Now!
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Some stuff about me...

Name: Marisa

Age: 15

Gender: Girl

Things I like: Danny Phantom (obviously since most of these stories are about him...)
Maximum Ride (again, obviously)
Avatar: the last airbender
Cirque Du Freak
(WHAT? Fanfiction doesn't have a Demonota section. They need to get that!! >:()
Pointless shows like Family Guy, South Park, Futurama
Long and adult-like shows like Mythbusters, Monk, House, and Psych. (Yes, I'm aware I said adult-like shows and that mostly teenagers watch them but whatever)
Bands that have original taste like Blue October, Coldplay, Flyleaf
Actually, most music out there. I mostly love rock. That means all rock. Soft and quiet rock, to metal like Iron freaking Maiden

Bold font. YAY BOLD.
When people try to insult me as if I cared what they think.

Some random things about me cause I'm bored: I'm diffrent than you. As in, I'm so diffrent that I realize that most people who say they're diffrent, arn't actually diffrent at all. 95 percent of people are quite the same. Yes, I am saying that 'punks' and 'preps' are the same. I have a reason for that, but you're going to have to PM me to get why. And you're sitting at your computer thinking 'hah! I'm the 5 that really is diffrent!' while wearing skinny jeans, checking your facebook, and listening to My Chemical Romance on your iPod. Oh. chances are, You just got owned.
Most people don't understand many of the things I say when I rant and prattle. Not because I'm super smart, cause I'm obviously not. But because I come up with these wierd things and reasons for likeing or not likeing something... Hard to explain really. Thing is, I like what I like. Most of it is un-trendy, not cool, or some other crap. People who purposly don't like things are idiots. You should like what you personaly like, not what other people like, or what other people don't like. It's stupid to contain yourself in boundaries, you'll never live like that. Many people think that I don't like trendy things cause they're trendy. Then call me a hypocrite when I happy to truly like something that has become trendy. Problem is, I do that because most trendy things are over-rated. I could easily give an example, but I don't want to because I know that if I do, you will judge me. Chances are, you will disagree and hate me for it. Therefore, you won't give my stories or other opinions a chance. I don't want that. So, if you really want to know, once again, PM me. If you read all that, you officially get a giant freaking cookie. Cause you're awesome. And not as stupid and ignorant as 90 percent of the population. Yay you!!

STORIES. Cause I dont know what else to put here.

Jimmy the Magical Elf - This is actually an english assignment that I decided to put up here. It's pretty much a complete rip from Charlie the Unicorn if you've ever heard of that. If not I seriously sudgest that you search it up on youtube or google. Try to whatch the ORIGINAL version first. There are like 100 diffrent versions... Anyway, some characters... First there's the girl with no name. At first it was an accident but I figured, 'hey, it'll make if more funny... maybe.' Next, Mr. Noe. My real english teacher's name is Mr. Mabie. Mr Noe is pronounced Mr. No and Mr. Mabie is pronounced Mr. Maybe... get it? Then there are Hugo and Sophie, they are my dog's names . Last and certaintly least, Taylor. Taylor is the name of a CERTAIN girl that we all hate because she's all slutty and poser-gothic... and dont get me wrong, I have gothic friends. It's the taylor-poser-gothics who wear black because they think that people will feel bad for her and pay attention to her when her life is perfect. I hate that.COMPLETE

When it gets to hard - A Danny Phantom oneshot... and its really quite sad. So if you dont like sad, dont read it! It even ends sad. Danny has some trouble seeing why he's even alive. (Yea I know I suck at summerys. Sorry.) This is my first real fan-fic ever so if you could just like REVEIW . thanks much! COMPLETE

Why - Yet another fan-fic where Danny is depressed then starts to turn evil because of it. Sam and Tucker tell Danny some news that is to hard for him to bear, even though he's always been portrayed as a confident and strong character, but that's not always true. I have a lot good reveiws and no bad ones . a new record! lol COMPLETE

Pure Torture - Vlad's plans of killing Jack, getting Maddie and making someone his son all involve his enemy: Danny. This time, he tortures the hero physically and mentally. Vlad pretty much destroys Danny, and in the end, Danny can only help but hate and destroy himself. - okay, I promised more and extras at the end, but I give up. Read the update at the top for more info. Therefore, this story is more or less, COMPLETE

What 10 years can do - Ten years ago he was locked in the ghost zone, but now he's back and everything has changed so much, can he manage to cope? And where is his family and friends? Will they even remember him? COMPLETE :D -- And thanks to 'mystery writer 5775' I actually have a good summery!! YAY.

Black Orchid - A song Fic to the very sad song called Black Orchid by Blue October. Danny explains what it's like to not belong anywhere, the ghost zone or the human world. Even though he's saved the world and such, he is still very sad. VERY sad but somewhat happy at the end. COMPLETE

The Promise - Set to Within Temptation's song, The Promise. Oneshot. After Phantom Planet, Vlad returns intent on one thing, revenge. -- involves character death but who? I'll never tell so you have to read!! . It's probobly my most depressing story in my personal opinion... So beware. It's a oneshot, so of course its COMPLETE.

Hiding Inside - Someone in the flock hides his true frusteration and anger and sadness all inside for so long. Eventually it starts to leak out, and he can't keep it a secret anymore. There is one way he finds to escape the pain, and thats by hurting himself.

To Break A Heart - Fang is hypnotised by Ari... What does Ari want Fang to do? Completly, utterly, shatter poor Maximum Ride's heart.

I did it for you - When Max can't take the despair of the Flock, she realizes that if she were to suddenly be 'gone' everything might change for the better. For the Flock that is. The Flock, and only the Flock. She begins to think of ways to sacrifice herself for them, and finally follows through with one of the plans.

Accidental Murder - Danny kills someone, Same cant forgive him. Wow. What an AH-MAZING summery. That's because I've yet to decide what comes next... I'm sure someone will help me out... right? I have at least 3 or 4 loyal Danny Phantom viewers... right? :( right? (Technically murder is not accidental. But I like it that way ANYWAY.)

Hallowed Be Thy Name - Two word's - Danny's Execution. COMPLETE

My new summery challenge!!

Seriously guys, it's not new that my summerys suck. Accidental Murder seriously needs a make-over BAD. I just suck at making them okay? As well as Titles. SO I really will NOT be offended if you make a new summery for me. In fact, I will love your forever and ever and ever and I will give you a cookie and everyone loves cookies. Or I'll just be grateful and not love you cause that's really creepy. Yea. Lets go with the second choice. You still get a cookie though.

The first person to help me in my time of need is... "Mystery writer 5775" YYAYY!!...-cough- alrighty then. Calm now.

And Shining Zephyr Got the summery for Pure Torture! WOO. Less suckage.

You can private message me any time. I like meeting new people online... But the second you ask me my address, phone number, or last name, you're dead. Other than that, I'm genreally nice to people and will answer any question you have. :D


November 8th: Putting all stories on hold because I simply can't take it anymore. My brother will NOT be coming for thanksgiving, and will be here christmas instead. so theres another month of me without the internet except for the occiasional weekend we're home. But mostly because I can't seem to write a damn thing. I'm to distracted by friend drama crap that I can't keep my mind on writing what with their aunts being kidnapped and their suicidalness and my own at home and at school problems, I just can't focus on writing. -all this happenes AFTER I move...- I tried, it turned to crap so there's no way I'm posting the half chapter that turned out bad anyway.
Sorry peeps. I'm getting really bad about this lately.

god is it March 7th already?: umm... I honestly thought I'd be writing again by now. And things have gotten in some ways easier at home, though I might be moving again, I have less friends with problems and more, being one, friends with help. So thats cool right?
ANYWAY. No one cares about that. I'm still not writing cause I am way to freaking busy. I do play guitar, and am currently taking private classical lessons, in jazz band 1 at my school, play for show chior, along with learning songs on my own and writing songs on my own. So I'm to busy to have time to write... Sorry. Stories are still on hold and such, but summer is just around the corner and if I don't move again then I'll have more time to write and perhaps I'll get to that and finish the stories I've started here. Just felt like I needed to update as if by some freak of nature someone actually cared and checked in ever couple weeks. Like that'll ever happen though :P

June 23: I forgot to update this until someone reviewed one of my stories... I don't know how many unfinished stories I have, but I'm done. I'm not writing fan fiction anymore.. Moved on I suppose. I still write sometimes, but mostly my own stuff. You can check out my deviantart account if you really want. No fan fiction there. No full stories yet, just songs and poem type things and other artwork, but I'm hoping to get one almost finished up. But anyway, sorry to those dissapointed. I gots to much to do, to much things on my hands, lifes getting really messed up and I'm taking it out in new ways of writing and expression. So yeah. I'll go ahead and keep this since I'm STILL getting attention for stories I wrote long ago (which is awesome, dont get me wrong) I'll try to reply to reviews and such but I dont know. Anyway. That's it. See you guys! It's been fun.

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