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16/8/13: Hello readers. Its been nearly 2 years since my last proper update and I'm still amazed by the traffic flow through my profile and stories. I'm still getting reviews and still getting lovely messages from everyone. I'm really thankful for the support and really sorry to have left so many things unfinished. I'd like to say two things while I'm here today:

1. I haven't given up. Even if it takes me another 2 years to start writing again, I'm going to do it. If you could read what I write these days, I think many of you would think that I was a different person. My style of prose has changed and sometimes when I read my own stories, I'm surprised at what I've written.

2. I know they say that imitation is the best form of flattery but plagarism really isn't. I've worked hard and put a lot of love and heart into my stories. Please think twice before you repost and reword my stories as you own because that is tantamount to stealing a little piece of me.

Still alive here! But you know...I'm not into HP much anymore. I've been sucked into the world of Hallyu...for those of you who know what that is, I'm sure you feel my much pretty, so little time.



Hello dear beloved readers.

Welcome to my profile. The name is Twilight to Midnight, though it doesn't say that on my birth certificate. I'm of a miscellaneous age, constantly bored out of my mind and suffer from a perpetual sort of apathy which makes me victim to my own impulses and artistic temperment. In other words...I'm another product of the 21st century; unable to live without technology but with the rather uncomfortable feeling that I've been born in the wrong century, in the wrong body with all the wrong goals in life.

About me: I love the world of Harry Potter. My favourite character is without a doubt, DRACO MALFOY, though in my mind he's far more than the whimpering little boy J.K Rowling makes him out to be. He's evolved into something more for me and I hope to charm many more into believing my opinion of him.

I read incessantly, everything anything that keeps me interested. I have the most disparate taste in books...if you inspect my book shelf, you'll find everything from fantasy to classics to political dramas to poetry to romance. I've almost become anti-social because I spend so much of my time lost in my dream world.

I love music, almost every kind, much like my taste in books and I love my friends. Right now, I'm in university much to my annoyance and attempting to balance the many facets of my life.

Writing is my life...I've always aspired to be just like my favourite authors and hopefully one day I'll succeed. In the meanwhile, I'll have a little fun and write these one-shots and fanfictions.

I have one motto which prevails above all else...

"Evil before sense!"

Or alternatively.

"Leap before you think"

10 things that annoy me about the Harry Potter Universe: Both Canon and Fanon

- Draco/Harry pairings. Umm...ok...interesting but ultimately not going to happen.

- Ron and Hermione! Please Ms. Rowling! Take this coming from a girl of moderate intelligence - we can't stand being around people with an IQ similar to their shoe size. I'd pull all my hair out before going down that path.

- Ginny and Harry. Unoriginal, cliche and totally forced. One word. Ew.

- 19 years later?? What is this? Disney?

- Draco's hair thinning out? Not bloody likely! More like Ron's.

- Ginny/Draco pairings. Not in a million years. She doesn't deserve him, they don't match...Leave It Alone!

- When Draco is made out to be a snivelling little boy, even if it's years after school. I understand what it's like to be an only child with all your parents' hopes and expectations resting on your shoulders. It's not a walk in the park - let me tell you.

- There is not enough Oliver Wood or Cedric Diggory in the books or the movies for that matter. Just typical that the two cuties are completely cut out.

- Tom Riddle. Well not him, but the lack of him. I always thought he needed to be redeemed or his actions explained. No child is born evil! He can't possibly have been a monster already when Dumbledore found him. It's ridiculous!

- Draco/Hermione haters. This is a huge issue for me. I recently received a PM from a guy who told me I was a psychopath who need to see a therapist before I fell in love with a criminal on death row. I've seen on his profile that he has sent several other authors similar disparaging messages so I won't take it personally, but dude please.

To my dear readers, thank you all so much for taking the time to check out my profile. There's actually very little to say about myself except what I have listed above so I hope you will stay patient and stick with my stories, I'm a pretty regular updater so there's not too much to worry about on that front.


1. Cornering Mediwitch Granger: One-shot and complete. DHr.

2. Lock the Door: One-shot and complete. DHr.

3. Little Blue Potion: One-shot and complete. Darker than all my other stuff. DHr.

4. Physically impossible: One-shot and complete. DHr.

5. Revenge Is All The Sweeter: Marriage law fic with a twist. Incomplete. Multichapter story. DHr.

Last updated - Chapter 23 - COMPLETE

LINK to the trailer for "Revenge"! Thanks to Breenie Weenie!

LINK to the Italian translation of "Revenge": Thanks to sgasga!

LINK to the Russian translation of "Revenge": Thanks to Mari5787

Long summary: Ron is a bastard, that's irrefutable truth. Ginny is whore, no need to deny it. Then there's Hermione, caught in their manipulative web...however, one night, once incident makes Hermione open her eyes. Ron's infidelity has now become blatantly obvious and rather than sitting around and mourning the end of their relationship, Hermione decides to extract her Revenge in the form of Draco Malfoy. Throw in a marriage law, the return of several no good Slytherins, gay scandals and a few dark spells, Hermione is about to have one hell of a year...oh...did I mention that Draco Malfoy happens to be obsessed with Hermione?

N.B. The most commonly asked question!

- What was that curse Draco supposedly used, or tried to use, on Hermione.

So named the Almas Unidas - it is basically a binding spell which binds the life forces of a couple ensuring that an artificial love is created between the magical couple. The thing about this curse is that it lasts not only for this lifetime, but for every lifetime after (assuming you believe in reincarnation). Draco is scary and obsessed and tried to use this illegal curse on Hermione...and now you're all up to date...

6. Troy: 3 chaptered Greek mythology story. Now complete! N.B. I realise that the ending is rather dark but I'm convinced that there will be no sequel. I know a lot of people say that about their stories but end up relenting, but I am 100 percent positive that I won't. I have a strict policy against sequels unless they involve different characters entirely.

7. Golden: Twilight set in regency England. All human. Multi-chapter. ExB

November 24, 2008 - Chapter 1 up!

December 6, 2008 - Chapter 2 up!

March 9, 2009 - Chapter 3 is half way done so yes I do plan on updating!!

February 22, 2010 - Future is uncertain. Just not feeling any inspiration.

8. Veela And The Perils Of Losing Control. Hogwarts. Veela. One-Shot. DHr.

9. Disorientated: Twilight story. All human, AU. 3-chapter story. ExB. Please note that this story will be updated on a weekly basis.

Chapter 2 has been posted and chapter 3 will be the last - If and when I get around to writing it. Twilight fanfiction just doesn't flow as smoothly for me as the HP stuff.


Terrible at updating...pout...

Twilight to Midnight

My fictionpress account:

N.B.: I have deactivated my beta reader profile recently. I'm rather busy and as exams are just around the corner!

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