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As of late, I've been getting many PM's asking me when I'm going to update my fics. I've read all your messages and feel absolutely horrible for what I'm about to say because I feel like I'm letting each and one of you down. Truth is, I'm not sure when I'll be writing again. I've gotten complete story lines written down for most of my stories but once it actually comes down to sit at the computer and start typing up a chapter, I go blank. I can't find the words and then I'm left staring in frustration at a blank Microsoft Word document. To be honest, I haven't even spent alot of time on Some nights I'll read a couple fics but other than that, I haven't been on much. Alot of things have changed in the past year, including myself. Writing and reading is still a part of me, as is Fanfiction. It always will be. They are important to me and have really changed how I am as a person. I've made many friends of of that I'll never forget. Now I'm not leaving, I don't think I could do that but I don't think I'll be writing anything anytime soon based how how things are going right now. I hope someday I can find it in myself again to write. I know it sounds like an excuse that every writer makes when they just don't feel like writing but until you experience what it feels like to not be able to find the words to create something, you won't be able to understand it. I apologize to all of you.

Much Love,



Video Promo for It's The Fear : I really love this one. It's only a minute long but I think it's pretty epic. The song is Spellbound by Lacuna Coil. I really wanted to use It's The Fear by Within Temptation (the inspiration song for the story) but I guess that the song has a strong copyright so I can't post it on YouTube or Veoh :(

Video Trailer for Midnight Tryst : I made it all on my own, aren't you proud of me!? Lol.

:) The OFFiCAL About Me of MUSiCORMiSERY (:

I'm MUSiCORMiSERY4105 -- but you all can call me RiP (it has nothing to do with my screenname, it's just a nickname).

I average about 5'4" with dark hair and green/blue eyes. I'm scene-ish. I love big, teased hair and dramatic make-up. I have an older sister, a best friend and a boyfriend who are my world. I'm sixteen years of age and I am a Junior in Highschool. Yay for me right? Not. School's really a pain because I never have any free time anymore and my boyfriend graduated last year. So it's going to be weird going back to school without him being there...

You can say that I'm too young, that I'm probably immature and that I have no idea how to properly write a story but that's your opinion. I spend so much time and effort on every single piece that I write. Writing is my passion yet I'm still learning to works of fanfiction so be gentle on me. I make mistakes, everyone does.

My weaknesses are: my yellow 2003 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class SLK320 (no i don't speak Car and Driver but i DO know what my baby is!) coffee, sour flavored gummy-worms, cameras of any sort, vampires, and hxc (hardcore) music. I also love just about anything that is caffinated or has to do with Robert Pattinson or Dustin Pari XD true fangirl like sigh

I am seriously in love with "Ghost Hunters". Every Wednesday night you'll find me plopped down on my couch watching it. I'm obsessed. Tango seriously deserves a hug, that poor guy. As for GHI, I'm not greatly disappointed and am going on a GHI strike because of the lost of Dustin Pari. I get that he might have left for personal reasons but I'm greatly disappointed in him leaving the show.

I love to read, I guess you can say im a bookworm. My favorite book is "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer. (And just so you know, i liked it BEFORE the movie was even thought of. i'm not one of those sudden poser fans) I want my own Edward Cullen. Actually, scratch that. Daymen aka my lovely boyfriend is my own personal Edward. I love him - so much :) On top of all that, I am a music addict. Seriously, music is my life, I'm hardly ever NOT listening to music. My friends joke that my earphones are surgically attached to my ears since I am hardly ever seen without my iPod on me. It is an extreme rarity. My favorite bands are: Broadway, In This Moment, and A Day To Remember.

I have OCD, Depth Perception and Short Term Memory Loss. I guess you can say I'm a -little bit- messed up. But, really, I'm completely normal other than the fact I have weird obsessive habits and forget things all the time...and run into things like doorframes on a daily basis. But honestly, it's not that bad. Lol. Also my immune system is pretty much shot for some reason. It's very weak, which means I'm sick all the time. But hey - I get out of school alot.

Please don't be shy when reading my fics. If you like something, don't like something, have a question, comment or whatever. Let me know whether in a PM or a review. Just please be nice about whatever you say. I don't tollerant rudeness or outright hostility. It isn't right to put down someone's work because you personally have a problem with it. If you can't find a nice way to say what you need to say, then don't say it at all.

Anyways, I'd say that's about it on me!


:) RiP.


Mini DVDigital Video (DV) is a digital video format created by Sony, JVC, Panasonic and other video camera producers. It was first launched in 1995 and since then has improved way beyond what technologists had expected. The Ghost Hunters use Mini-DV’s which are a smaller version of the DV’s. It is a tiny handheld camera that has infrared vision so that you can record things at night. It would simply be like a night vision video camera.

Digital AudioBasically just a piece of equipment that will help you record the voices and noises around you during an investigation. An advanced tape recorder is basically all it is.

Full Spectrum CameraA full spectrum camera can record non-visible ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. In each case, they generally require special equipment: converted digital cameras, specific filters, highly transmitting lenses, etc. For example, most photographic lenses are made of glass and will filter out most ultraviolet light. Instead, expensive lenses made of quartz must be used. Infrared films may be shot in standard cameras using an infrared pass filters, although focus must compensate for the infrared focal point.

EVPElectronic voice phenomena (EVP) are electronically captured sounds that resemble speech, but are not the result of intentional voice recordings. It is when you get a voice or sound that is recorded on a recording devise that you didn’t hear with your own ears during an investigation. If you DO hear a voice or sound with your own ears during an investigation, it’s just a voice phenomenon and not an EVP. (Thank you Grant Wilson for repeating this time and time again on GH and getting this definition permenantly attached to my brain

IR CamerasSimply infrared cameras. They are night vision cameras that still give you clear pictures, even at night. You set them up, hook them up to a computer monitor and then you watch them to see what it going on, even when the room is covered in complete darkness, you can still see things as if it was light outside.

EMFEMF stands for Electromagnetic Field. Every type of detectable physical manifestation requires a certain amount of energy. An EMF can be something manmade, like a microwave, radio, thermostat, copper wires, anything. But, when we get a high EMF in an area where you can’t find a cause for that high EMF, then there could be possible paranormal activity. High EMF’s coming from manmade objects can cause nausea, paranoia, creepy feelings, dizziness, skin irritation and more. Sometimes things that can be labeled as feeling creeped out by paranormal things can really be manmade objects with a high EMF level to them which can cause you to feel like you are being watched or that something else is in the room with you. (Thank you again, Grant Wilson

Trifield Natural EMF DetectorThe Trifield Natural EMF Meter was designed to do field measurements for special research. It detects changes in the Electric and Magnetic fields. When there is a change in either of those fields, the detector will signal with a loud tone and the movement of a needle-type gauge.

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GHI: It's The Fear reviews
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