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Author has written 6 stories for Ranma, and Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!.

Real Name: Robert Klousner

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Physical Appearance: I'm of medium build and height (curse my Japanese ancestry! Now my little sister is taller than me!) with curly brown hair, and gray-blue eyes. I'm a quarter German (Klousner is the Americanization of the German name of Klousnitzer) on my dad's father's side, a quarter English from my dad's mother's side, a quarter Japanese from my mom's mom's side, and a quarter Texan (meaning a bit of everything else pretty much -_-;).

Family: I have a mom, a dad, a little sister, a grandfather and a grandmother on both sides of the family, and quite a few aunts, uncles and cousins. My family also has four dogs, ummm, I think six cats now, a goose, and three ducks. Oh, here's a fun fact about my family: Almost nobody goes by their birth names. Instead, we go by our nicknames, Bob instead of Robert, Ken instead of Kenneth, that sort of thing.

Location: I'm a native born Californian, born and raised in the Central Valley region.

Occupation: Sacramento City College Freshman.

The first manga I ever picked up was a Sailor Moon. It belonged to my cousins who, ironically, have almost nothing to do with anime today. I had looked at a few English dubs for animes as well, such as Card Captor Sakura, and Pokemon. But the series that really started me was Ranma 1/2. Now I'm a complete otaku with an evergrowing pile of manga and anime. Last I counted, I had about 154 volumes of manga, and that was a while ago. I'm also a vidoe game fanatic, usually devouring RPGs, but I've also developed a liking for Phoenix Wright. My current faves for Manga are: The Shonen Three ( Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece) and Negima. I also love Romantic-Comedies, and any sort of fantasy. I'm not adverse to Shojo but it's mostly shoved to the side for Shonen titles. My anime and manga-ka idols are Takahashi-Sama, Miyazaki-Sama (I'll miss your brilliant works, may you fare well in life), Akamatsu-Sensei, and Oda-Sensei.

Ever since I was a child, I've loved stories. You know how parents usually read bedtime stories to their kids? During the day I always snuck into my parents room and stole the book to read ahead. And now, I'm a fantastic reader, if I do say so myself. My personal philosophy on life is that it's a story, a continous tale woven from our stories, the stories of those who have come before us, and the tales of those yet to come. Because I've read so much, experienced so many different stories that people wanted to share, it's become my dream to do the same. To be able to reach out and touch someone with my own story, even if it's just one person, I want to make a difference in their life, to inspire them, as I myself was inspired.

I like the villians in many works, mostly because they are usually fleshed out a bit more than the heroes. So, Itachi and Orochimaru for Naruto, BlackBeard, Lucchi, Kuro, and Crocodile for One Piece, and Fate for Negima, I love you guys. Of course, I also like the heroes/heroines.

Edit: I'm not dead merely suffering terrible writers block when it comes to writing big projects. So for fans of Shin Kuroi Tsubasa, I hope to have a workable chapter by the end of the month, but no solid promises. Sorry for that. T_T

Also, fans of my small Negima pieces, they've all been tossed into one big thing, they aren't gone so don't worry. Finally, for my big Negima story, I've decided to rewrite it, but it's currently on the backburner. Sorry about that.


Shin Kuroi Tsubasa: Currently being rewritten. Next chapter is slowly being chipped out of my frozen brain.

Negima Tales: No set schedule.

Negisarete Airantou: Being rewritten + hiatus. Suman. ;

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.

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