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Hellllllllllooo All!

Well just want to say, I am in the process of writing a kakashixSakura fic, called Sakura's Diary (Not a very creative title, so I may have to change it :p). May be put on hold in the next month as Im back to working dodgy shifts in the hospital and Uni work looming, But I will do my best to update it for anyone who's enjoying it :)

Oh and just to say,If anyone reading this has read Sakura's Diary, I can only apologise about spelling and grammar mistakes as no one has proof read any of the chapters unfortunately, its just been me writing and reading it :) (And i'm not the best at spelling either, so i do sincerely apologise) - Emily xXx

A bit about me:

Not much to say really, Im a 20 year old student nurse from the UK, who loves reading stories about Kakashi :D I also play the Keyboard and the guitar, and learning to play the drums at the moment in my free time! Oh and yeah...Im obsessed with Naruto :D

I love my music and wouldnt know what to do without it hehe! I've fallen in love with Listening to Billy Talent and Rise Against at the mo! All though Im off to see Kelly Clarkson in concert in 3 short weeks again hehe! (I listen to the sex pistols...slayer...Debbusy...and kelly clarkson...Im so strange :p) But I like to say I have a varied taste in Music all though I only wear black...so choose your own stereotype here :p

I am also a fan of painting, drawing, making models out of anything I can get my hands on :p I am at the moment using plaster of paris to make Kakashi and Yamato's anbu masks. (3 failed attempts so far as Ive smashed 2 on the floor and chipped the other one lol)

Ive just passed my driving test woooo hoooo (only taken me a year :p) and brought myself a little Fiat Punto, which is a sweet little car :D I have my kakashi Teddy hanging in the back window, but I need Pakkun Teddy in there...nothing is complete with out a pakkun (so if anyone knows where I can get a pakkun teddy bear or any other naruto stuff for me car please send me a message :D)

Sakura's Diary

Right guys for everyone that has reviewed on my story I cant thank you enough for them, you're all wonderful.

I didn't want to make a note in story as I was hoping that people may see this and didn't want to get your hopes up that there was a new chapter, but I am hoping to continue with the story. When I am going to have time to update I have no idea, Ive just started my 3rd and final year at University and to be blinking honest it's taking up more of my time than ever, I start my first shift on the Emergancy Department tomorrow and I will be there up until Xmas now, but I am hoping inbetween doing portfolios, 3 5k word assigments, revision for my exams and working 40 hours a week that I can update soon. I am finding it hard to think where the story was going as I lost all my notes and story plans on my stupid old computer, but I am going to try and write a little each night when I'm not working 14 hour shifts. So I can only apologise if future chapters have been shorter than previous ones.

Finally just want to say a thank you again for all those that have read, reviewed, etc etc and I hope to update soon for everyone that still remembers the story hehe

Emily xXx

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