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Author has written 12 stories for Digimon, Teen Titans, X-Men: Evolution, One Piece, Voltron, and Lupin III.

I have to say, of all of the stories I've written, I truly liked BREAKING DOWN the best. It was very, very angsty to write, but despite that, when I wrote the last chapter, everything came together like magic. I really hope that people read it all the way through despite the angst and enjoy it as much as I do.

X FACTOR is by far my most reviewed story, but my most favorited story is THE WEDDING. Personally, I like them both. X FACTOR feels like an actual episode that could have happened in the show, and THE WEDDING will never happen, but it's one of those feel-good ones that you just want to read every now and then because it makes you smile.

THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU came out of nowhere. It has no relation to the plot of ONE PIECE but I had a crazy idea one day and started writing. Literally, 5 days later it was done and published, and before I knew it, it had a sequel: RAT BASTARD DAYS. I think I keep coming back to them because they are funny situational pieces that, like THE WEDDING, will never happen but are fun/funny to read.

GOODBYE VERSAILLES was originally intended to be three chapters, but the second chapter ended up waaaaay to long and I cut it in two. So now I plan on it being four chapters and though a little dark, it's an intriguing piece. I know many 'bow out' plots have been forged, but I couldn't resist. Stick with me on it.

GOLION is my current long-term vice and is currently a BEAST to write, but I think it comes out well. I tried to write two chapters ahead of what I post because I am ever adding and taking away bits of plot but as of late, that has not been happening. Ultimately I am trying to revamp the original storyline (because as good as the eighties were, story lines were not that intricate) as well as stick fairly close to it (it was GOOD, just not intricate). A very tight rope to walk. I don't intend to rewrite every single episode (that would take forever and I'm not good with never-ending stories) but I want to hit the strong points. If I stick to my guns, I expect GOLION to reach up to possibly 25 chapters. Wish me luck and don't give up on it!

DENIAL. Well, let's just say, I didn't expect what happened in chapter four, and I wrote it. I have started on chapter five and it's a good 4500 words along, but I fear it is floating too far away from what I originally intended for the story to be and that's why I haven't updated anything. I'm literally thinking about scrapping the 4500 words I've written and restarting, but that's scary and I'm not willing to do it right now. So for the time being, it's ON HIATUS.

OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE is also ON HIATUS. I do know where I'd like this story to go, but it just won't write. I get to the end of chapter three and just stare blankly at my computer while nothing happens. It's frustrating. I will finish it, though. I refuse to give up on it.

I randomly post one-shots because sometimes I need a distraction from GOLION. So for the most part, my updates will be those two things. If you have any questions about my stories that I haven't answered here, feel free to PM me. I like to chat :)

UPCOMING PROJECTS are mostly the same stuff I listed before. (Titles tentative. Some of them are really bad...)

THE WAY THE DREAM CHANGES-One Piece. Angsty. I mean really angsty. I hate reading angst but I seem to write a lot of it...Anyway, I'm debating posting it out of order. I don't know. It's not going up until I decide, though.

THE BIRTH-One Piece. Comedy/Romance. Don't think I'll be able to make this into a one-shot, so I'll probably wait until it's done and cut it into reasonable sized chunks and post it.

FROM ETERNIA TO ETHERIA-If ya don't know where this is from, it doesn't cater to you. Another one of those revamping of old shows things. I know this one has a recent redux, but I was disappointed where it ended. So I began writing this. It won't get posted until GOLION is done because it is another vice.

A LIFE LOST-One Piece. Mysteryish. I haven't posted it yet because I just can't figure out how to do an attractive summary for it without giving away the entire plot. It's frustrating. But it can wait, I guess.

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