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Hi! I'm currently working on a Star Trek novel, called The Children of Sarek. I've almost got the first draft done, but I have a lot of scenes to go back and add in, so it'll be a while. However, I thought that I could put up a few of my favourite scenes that didn't need a lot of background to see what people think and maybe get some feedback.

The Children of Sarek focuses on Spock's childhood, growing up with his parents, Sybok, and Michael. It takes place in 2240, when he's 10. Amanda's brother Arthur Grayson, his wife Teresa, and their kids, Tyler, Emma, Ethan, and Andy (all OCs, of course), have come to Vulcan to visit.

I'm working really hard to keep everything within canon, and explore how these characters came to be who they are when we see them in the show. (And I consider anything released on television or in theatres as canon.) (I know not all of it seems to fit, which is why I choose to reinterpret rather than ignore. You'll see, someday when I publish the whole thing!) So please let me know if you spot any errors! No throw-away line, background detail, or implication is too obscure!

In fact, going along with that, I'm actually going to be changing the scene published here as Son of Sarek, to make it better fit with what Spock says and implies in Star Trek V. It's sad, because I love the scene, but staying within canon is really important to me. Even when I do, though, I'll leave this version here.

I would love opinions on the stories and my writing. If you like it, I'd love to hear so! If you have ideas about how I can do better, or spot grammar/spelling/canon/logic/etc. mistakes, please let me know! I mean, please be polite, but please be honest! I'm also interested in how clear/interesting it would be for people not knowledgable about Star Trek (although some of that will come from other parts of the book that I haven't posted).

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoy it! :)

P.S. As of April 2021, I'm still actively working on my writing! I keep thinking about posting another scene here, or even just the beginning of the novel, and then remembering that nothing is quite ready, and I really need to focus on one thing at a time and finish the end before I go back to the beginning. So, I'm not dead, and I haven't forgotten about this! Just be patient with me! Thank you so much to those who have commented, favourited, or followed!

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