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Hello, you have come to my page and made my day! If you've come to my page to help me, then you've made my week! So if you don't know what's going on, I have like six major stories in mind that I want to write and put up here on ff. net. The only problem is, I don't know which one to do first! So I've made a poll in which people can vote for which one they want to have written first. I've listed the story information down below so you know what you're voting for.

Some of these descritptions are long, while others are short. I wanted to let you know what you're voting for with the least amount of information possible. So you would know what you're voting for, without actually knowing what you're voting for. I know, kind of confusing. But I trust you to figure it out!

The line between black and white is grey

.:plot preview:.


Ken shot up out of bed, his head nearly hitting the ceiling and waking up Minomon in the process. His breathing was quick and erratic as traces of his nightmare still lingered in his mind. The familiar feelings of regret and guilt were resurfacing faster than he would have liked.

“Ken-chan are you okay?” Ken looked at the startled digimon. Finally getting his breathing under control, he gave him a shake of his head.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It was just a nightmare,” Minomon knew he was talking about Osamu; that’s the only thing he ever had nightmares about. The green digimon frowned at his human partner. Ken shrugged off his concern and took a look at the clock. It was only two a.m. which meant that he could get some more sleep. With a final smile to Minomon, he laid his head back down on his pillow. He pushed away the unwelcome feelings from his mind: the feelings of regret over the fact that Osamu was gone, the guilt that he still felt, sadness over the overall event, and the feeling that this had happened not once, but twice before.

He opened his eyes after he thought about that. Where had that feeling come from? He hadn’t lost any other people important to him, aside from Wormmon, but that had been after Osamu had died. It made no sense. Osamu was the only brother he had. There was no way in the world that he had two more. The whole idea was insane.

He turned to his side and tried to get comfortable. He must have been imagining that last feeling.

Digitally brilliant


Sora always felt as if she was too tomboyish as she entered high school. For crying out loud, she was the only girl who pants instead of skirt with her uniform. Then, through a series of unlikely events, she gets stuck helping Yamato Ishida put away some things in the storage room. The boy is known for his smarts and cold attitude. When she discovers the necklace around his neck, she finds herself pinned to wall and being carefully examined by the blonde male. She pushes him off and runs out of the place as fast as she can.

She goes shopping later with two of her elementary school friends, Hikari and Miyako later in the day and tries to completely forget about the incident. Hikari and Miyako are the only ones that she will go out shopping with because they don't get clothes that make them look older and prettier and make her feel out of place because she knows she would never look good in that sort of thing. However, with both of them going into High school next year and being tall enough to try on the clothes, they try on nice dresses for the fun of it. Sora leaves the shopping trip earlier because she feels that she could never look as good as they do in those dresses.

On the street, she is abducted by a mysterious blonde. She is by no means weak, but she was caught off guard when he hoisted her over his shoulder. She had never been carried like that and let alone by a guy. They end up at a studio and when the mysterious man coaxes her into letting him change her into a women worthy of wearing the expensive and beautiful dress that he shows her. He does it in such a fashion, that Sora can only blush and nod. He tells her to close her eyes and let him work his magic on Sora. When she opens them again, she finds that she looks like a completely different, and beautiful, girl. Before she can do much else, the strange make up artist tell her to get changed into the dress that he showed her earlier.

Sora comes out and looks in the mirror and can't help but gape at how she looks. The stranger comes behind her and tells her that he told her that he would make her look like a girl worthy enough to wear the dress and she can't help but agree with everything he says. While looking in the reflection she sees a glint of a strangely familiar metal. She turns and suddenly asks who he is. He smirks and says "You haven't figured it out yet?" Then he pulls out the necklace from under his shirt; the exact same necklace that Yamato Ishida was wearing.

"YOU!!" Sora yells accusingly at him. She couldn’t believe how different he looked when he was being gentle and without his glasses. She can't help but feel utterly confused. Therefore she's not aware when he ushers her back to the front desk. He asks her if she wants to be a model but Sora is still too overwhelmed to understand what is going on. Yamato then tells her to go outside for a while and see people's reactions to her new look. He puts a brown wig on her head, so no-one will recognize who she is, and tells her to come back in an hour.

As she wanders around the street, she finds it hard to think when she finds that people are staring at her. She's even more unnerved when people, mostly guys, look back to get a second and closer her. However, all of that is blown out of the water as a talent scout comes to her and asks if she wants to be a model for his company. He hands her his card and tells her to think about it. She finds herself staring at the card as she wanders down the street. Then she encounters another talent scout and he give her his card as well. Soon she has a whole stack of cards, each from a different company.

She stands on an overpass and thinks about what she's going to do as she realizes that her hour is almost up. Out of nowhere, a brown-haired male in a hat comes and crashes into her, causing her to drop all of her cards into the street below. As he's stuttering apologizes, a cry of “there he is!” is heard and he begins to panic. He grabs her hand a drags her away and so Sora finds herself being kidnapped for the second time that day.

When the two of them come to a halt in the park, the man again tells her how sorry he is for making her loose the cards she had and thanks her for coming with him on such short notice. Sora finds herself shrugging it off and telling him it was nothing and that they were only talent scout cards. The brown-haired guy turns in disbelief and says “Only talent scout cards!” Sora nods in agreement and confides in him that she would be too shy to do it anyway.

He grabs her by the shoulders and forcing her to look up at him. “You are a very beautiful and I’m sure very talented girl, don’t let this opportunity pass you by!” Startled by his words, she looks down at the ground and is glad that he can’t see her blush as someone calls his name.

He walks over to the other guy and Sora buries her face in her hands. He comes over to her and asks her what’s wrong. she looks up, smiles, and tells him it’s nothing. His gaze seems to soften when he sees her smile. Then he tells her she has something on her face and to close her eyes so that he can get it for her. Being her naïve self, she complies and sees nothing wrong with the situation. She finds him kissing her on the cheek and opens one eye in shock. He looks at her and tells her he’ll see her around before leaving with the man who called his name earlier, leaving her a blushing mess.

She wanders back to the studio to meet with a concerned Yamato. He asks her where she has been seeing as how it’s been over two hours since he let her wander the street. Sora is too embarrassed to tell him what happened and says nothing. Yamato sighs and admits that giving her only an hour to decide is a bit unfair. As he takes her inside the studio to take off the make up and tells her she has until tomorrow to decide.

The next day after school as Sora is walking home, Yamato catches her and asks her what her decision is. Sora still hasn’t made up her mind and splutters to try and gain some time. Soon she realizes that he’s not even listening to her and looking up at something. Sora follows his gaze to a billboard add. She gasps as she sees what it is.

It’s the famous model Taichi Yagami kissing her cheek. The mystery man from yesterday was the famous Taichi Yagami. She’s brought back down to earth when Yamato suddenly says. “Well, now that you’ve been in an add already, you have no choice but to become a model.”

A car drives by in which Mimi Tachikawa is in as Yamato says these words and the pink haired girl gasps as she sees the billboard with her face on the front.

.:summary as it would be on ff. net:.

Follow Sora as she is thrust into a world where she is the tomboy Sora by day and famous model Chi by night and as she gets herself into a heated love triangle in the process. Brilliant magic 01/02 crossover.


Well obviously it’s an AU. I really like this plot so far and I have it all planed. I might even just go ahead and do this one no matter what the poll results say. The plot is based on the manga Brilliant Magic, but other than the first chapter, it takes a completely different storyline and turn of events other than a couple of references. There’s a reason I chose Chi as her name. It’s because in Japanese, Sora means sky and Chi means earth. They’re opposites, just like the people they represent.

Dragonauts: the Adventure


While in the digital world on a picnic, Daisuke leaves early after Takeru and Hikari shared the news that they were together. He takes the long way to the gate, needing a moment alone before he goes home. He's left V-mon with the others, asking if they could bring him by his house later. He thought it wouldn't be fair to make him leave when he was having so much fun. After all, what could happen for those few moments that he was alone?

Apparently a lot.

He finds himself face to face with a large blue green blob with a small red and black center. He has no idea what it is and decides that it would be best if he just left it alone. As he tries to walk past it, he brushes against the mass because the path was very narrow. He stops in his tracks as the thing begins to glow a pale green. All of a sudden, four green tentacles that originate from the red and black core shoot out at him and latch onto his arm.

He didn’t even have time to scream.

Tears spring to his eyes as the long tentacles seem to take something from his body. The core begins to pulsate, much like a beating heart. Daisuke falls to his knees just as the tentacles decided that it has what it needs. Muttering some curses under his breath in the loudest voice he can manage, he turns to look at the mass. His eyes widen as the core shape shifts into another shape that begins to look human.

When it’s finished changing, it does resemble a human in the fullest. Daisuke comes to the conclusion that it is a guy and it looked to be about one that was the same age as him. It was completely nude and had its knees drawn up to its chest with its arms wrapped around its lower legs. It had spiky brown hair that reached to its eyes, which Daisuke somehow knew were blue. He didn’t know how he knew, he just did.

Daisuke stood, all thoughts of going to get help leaving his mind. He reached out to touch the shell that surrounded it. His hand came in contact with the jelly like substance and went straight through the surface. Soon he was halfway through the egg and unable to remove his hand even if he wanted to. Blue eyes snapped open to meet mahogany ones. It moved an arm out from around its legs its hand soon clasped around Daisuke’s.

The pale green light became brighter and turned into a blinding white. Daisuke’s arms automatically flew to cover his face, dropping the hand in the process. The jelly substance exploded and flew in all directions. Once Daisuke dared to open his eyes again he found that it had all evaporated. That left the boy that had been inside of it in a shivering heap on the ground where it had been.

Feeling that he had to help, he was about to turn and go get help from the others and mainly Jyou. He pleaded that he didn’t leave him for they would take him away. Daisuke became enraged at the very idea and soon went to his side.

He asked what had just happened and the boy didn’t know. Daisuke asked other questions which he didn’t know the answer to as well: why was he here, how did he get there, why were they going to take him away? Then he asked what his name was. That was something that he knew the answer to and gave it to him.

Daisuke smiled at Takato and tried to coax him to stand up. He did so without any trouble but Daisuke still felt the need to keep his arms around his shoulders. He told himself it was to keep him warm. Then he led Takato to the gate and the two of them vanished in a flurry of light.

.:summary as it would appear on ff. net:.

Daisuke just went to go for a walk to cool off. He didn’t mean to stumble across a dragon egg and perform a resonance with it. Now he has to go save the world again with his new dragon, Takato. Just great… Dragonauts 02 crossover.


I really like this one as well. I really like all of my story ideas, which is why I put up a poll to help and decide which one I want. It’s a crossover with the anime Dragonauts. It really only takes the concept of dragons bonding with humans from it though. It’s going to have to do with the dark ocean and the Deamon threat as well. It's not going to revolve around one person, but all the digidestined (well, those involved).

Here's a list of digidestined going to be dragons (mainly tamers, frontier, and savers): Takato, Ruki, Jenra, Ryo, Juri, Alice, Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi, Izumi, Tomoki, Touma, Yoshino

Here's a list of digidestined going to be partnered (all of 01 and 02): Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Koushiro, Mimi, Jyou, Takeru, Hikari, Daisuke, Miyako, Iori, Ken

Those with stars by their name don't have a partner and need one. If you have suggestions for them, PM or E-mail them to me. I know that there are more dragons then there are partners, but I've got that covered. When thinking about the pairings, you don't have to stay with the same gender (although it's prefered).

Digital W.I.T.C.H.


Well this story is already up, so I don’t know what else I can say about it. Vote for it if you like it. If this one wins, I’m going to do a rewrite of it.

Vampire knight Takeru


He falls to the floor helplessly with labored breathing. He clutches his chest as if that will stop the bands tightening around his heart. “Black heart,” he reminds himself bitterly. Why did that girl have to go and scrape her knees? It wasn’t her fault though; it was his. Why did he have to be a monster? He couldn’t keep going like this. He knew it would make him sick. He knew he needed human blood to survive. He pushed that thought out of his head before it could go very far. He would never drink human blood.

He vaguely wondered why he let himself live like this as he leaned against the wall of the closet. He closed his red eyes as his head hit stone. It was all because of her. Hikari Yagami. It was because she had told him that she didn’t know what she would do if he died. That day in the digital world, it happened about a week ago.

He was just starting to turn into the monster he was now, so he was going to end his life before it would become too hard to do so. He had let himself fall to the floor as the Tyranomon reared its head back to attack. He purposefully let himself get up slowly with pretend hurt, just as the dinosaur digimon let loose a stream of fire from its mouth. He closed his eyes in anticipation as he waited for the flames to incinerate him. But he was shoved out of the way and behind some rocks. He opened his eyes and found he was staring at Hikari; A very angry Hikari at that.

“Don’t you ever do that again!” she yelled at him. He looked up at her with shock, saying absolutely nothing to her accusation.

“Don’t you ever just give up! Don’t you ever try to get yourself killed again, do you hear me!” She said as she shook her head from side to side, tears threatening to fall from her eyes. He sucked in his breath; she had known. She had seen right through him, just like she always did. She looked at him with a scowl on her face.

“Promise me that you will never just give up and die!” she demanded.

“Hikari, I…” smack! She had slapped him across the face, making his head fall to the side in the grass.

“Don’t you try to deny what you just did! NOW PROMISE ME!” she yelled at him. Apparently she had seen that coming too.

“Please, Takeru. I just don’t know what I would do without you,” her voice was nothing but a whisper as Takeru turned his head to face her. She was shaking as if the tears were already falling down her face, but none fell.

“I promise…” he said at last. He wouldn’t be able to see her unhappy anymore, therefore he had to do as she asked. He also was completely and madly in love with her and therefore unable to not do as she asked. Hikari let out a sigh of relief and got off of him. Then she turned and ran back out to the battlefield to go help the others. He stood up slowly and watched her run. She turned to look at him and smiled, but when that was combined with the furious determination already on her face, it made her look fierce and incredibly intimidating. It was as if she was daring him to try and die again. Pegasusmon soon landed next to him.

“Takeru! Are you alright!” he yelled over the sounds of battle around them. He merely jumped onto the mythical horse’s back. Pegasusmon took off immediately yelling “Shooting Star!” as he did.

After the fight, he found that Hikari was the only one who saw past the act. Everyone else was either too busy with the fight, and those who had seen it thought he was really in danger. Hikari had been the only one. Hikari would have been the only who could have gotten that promise out of him anyway. Hikari had continued to act as if it never happened and didn’t bring it up again.

Which lead to the reason why he was currently in a closet craving for blood.

“Takeru?” His eyes flew open at the sound of the voice, her voice.

“Hikari stay back!” he yelled, or at least tried to. In his current state the demand sounded incredibly weak. He tried to stager to his feet after he had closed his eyes.

“Oh my gosh! Takeru!” Hikari ran to his side and the blonde froze. She was so close…close enough for him to hear her heart beat…to feel the blood pounding through her veins. He felt his fangs lower.

“Takeru! Are you alright!?” She tried. Takeru grabbed both of her arms with a grip of steel. Hikari gasped at the sudden motion. He said nothing as he came up to his full height and looked her in the eye. Blood red eyes met frightened ruby ones and Takeru couldn’t help but grin, showing off the fangs that were about to pierce her neck. Hikari’s mouth opened to scream but Takeru covered her mouth with one of his hands. He gently used that hand to tilt her head to the side. He then lowered his head to her neck. He tentatively licked the base of her throat. Two seconds later, he bit down. He moaned in satisfaction as the red liquid began to fill his mouth.

Hikari found that she couldn’t scream for help even as his hand released her mouth and snaked around to the back of her head. The other hand, the one holding her arm, moved to wrap around her waist. Hikari’s thoughts were running a million miles an hour through her head.

What was going on here?...It was like she was in some sort of horror story with a monster feeding on her…but that wasn’t right…this was no monster…it was Takeru…the boy the was her best friend…the boy she was madly in love with…He would never hurt her…come to think of it…this doesn’t hurt…it feels kind of nice…

Takeru was in a similar state…Dear god…why had he denied himself so long…why hadn’t he done this before…the sweet liquid in his mouth…it was so delicious…he could get addicted to this…he was addicted to this…Hikari’s blood…Hikari’s wonderful blood...

.:summary as it would be on ff. net:.

Dear god…why had he denied himself so long…why hadn’t he done this before…the sweet liquid in his mouth…it was so delicious…he could get addicted to this…he was addicted to this…Hikari’s blood…Hikari’s wonderful blood... mild crossover with vampire knight.


Again I’m in love with this story. I really need to stop this. So anyway, it’s a vampire knight 02 crossover, but only lightly, as stated in the summary. With this fic however, I do not have a defined plot. More like a series of things that happens between Takeru and Hikari. But if you want that, vote for it.

XD 1 and 2


Hikari and Takeru disappeared with out a trace three years ago. Some think they ran away, others think they were killed. The remaining digidestined knew they had been kidnapped, from the signal that they had sent before they disappeared. Yet after the length of time that they had been gone, they too thought that they had been killed.

Then there is this story on the news. One about a strange facility that did some of the most inhumane experiments that anyone could ever imagine. The facilities most successful and deadly of these are XD 1 and XD 2. They are humans that have successfully been turned into weapons of mass destructions with animal DNA. The police are liberating all of the experiments that day, storming the lab that had been in plain sight for too long.

XD 1 and XD 2 manage to break loose and get outside. The camera is able to get one glimpse of the faces of the powerful hybrids but that’s all it takes for any who were close to Takeru Takaishi and Hikari Yagami to be out the door in seconds.

.:Summary as it would appear on ff. net:.

Three years ago, Hikari and Takeru disappeared without a trace. Most think that they ran away. Others, including the digidestined, think they were kidnapped and killed. However, a story on the news about two of the most deadly things in the world has them all thinking differently.


Again, a story with some heavy action that’s been driving me crazy. I have to warn you though, Takeru and Hikari are a little… ooc in this one. I mean, after being tortured and having your DNA tampered with for the past three years, who wouldn’t turn into cold, untrusting and slightly malicious person? Vote for it if you want it.

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