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The story is not abandoned, I just need to find time, motivation, and a muse. School is ending soon, so hopefully I'll have some time between when this ends, and my new job starts.

Hello, and welcome to my profile.

First and foremost I want to thank the people who read and review my story. When I started writing it I didn't expect much positive review or for it to really go anywhere when I started getting messages that people put me on my story alert list and people PMing me asking how the next chapter is coming along it sent me over the moon. English and writing was always my worst subject in school and I always struggled just to pass, and the fact people actually like it... its just incredible. So I just wanted to say, thank you so much.

And review my story. I don't care what you say I just want you to say it. I know your out there. Sculking in the profiles of authors of stories you read, or the people who read your story... reevvvviiiieeeeeewwwwwww...

Now back to the profile

I am addicted to Harry Potter fanfiction.

Other than that is there really anything you need to know about me.

I am a Bostonian born and bred, and am well aware that I may forget the occasional "r" because of it.

I spend most of my time working, attending classes(fine art concentrating on animation and special effects with a comsci minor), and reading - though I work on my little story when I can.

I hope to one day work in the television or movie business doing special effects. If there is anyone in the Greater Boston Area who works in the Special Effects business and is willing to take on a shadow who will fetch coffee and the dry cleaning in return for the potential knowledge of watching it all in action, please PM me.

I have a habit of going through and rereading my story, and if I find something I want to edit or change even if I had already posted it - I will. I want to be pleased with the story as a whole and that means I have no qualms if fudging it a little along the way. It won't be major changes - but enough to make me happy.

Ms. Audrey Moleca.

(not my real name so don't bother googleing it.) ;p


a rant I

Do you have any idea how disturbing it is to have a disease you have used on House MD. As in they think its what the guy is dying of. Its season 4, and they never used it before, but it explains the blindness and the paralysis and the heart failure... and while I read thats what it can cause its so different when said aloud like that. Especially on one of my favorite shows. And then House is all like, just nuke the thing... exactly what my dad had been telling me to do. x(

a rant part II

In the season 4 episode "Fires of Pompeii" when donna said "veni vidi vici" to see what the Tardis translates, She pronounces it WRONG. Of course he's not going to know what she's saying. She says "veni vidi vichi." It should be "wenee weedee weekee". Of course the street merchant would think she was welsh. The romans didn't have a consept of the v sound.

a rant part III

So I was reading the Dr. Who novel Forever Autumn. What I found amusing was that in one part they make a note on the different use of words from in England, like cotton candy instead on candy floss. But then they use purely British words, like torch instead of flashlight. It made me laugh.

a rant part IV

Ralph Finnes = Voldemort

Ramses from the Prince of Egypt = Ralph Finnes

Ramses = Voldemort

Ramses sings let my people go

therefore voldemort sings let my people go

In a really twisted sort of way, if you listen to the song... maybe... and don't hurt me for this thought passing through my head... it goes to all the fanfics where voldie wins... ... ... and volde won't give up all his slaves...

a rant part V

i was in line for a concert (boston city singers), and standing in line in front of me was, well, he was average hight, really short black hair(whiffle), black leather jacket, black jumper, black jeans, black boots, big ears... my brother and I had to look away to stop grinning at the sight of him. After we had seated we noticed he was siting in the pew(it was in a really old gothic style church) across from us and was by himself. During intermission we noticed that the man we had dubbed 'nine' had disappeared, so my brother 'got up for a walk'. 10 minutes later he came back to report that 'nine' was hiding in the shadows in the back of the church talking to an old man in an eye patch... I didn't see nine again. But I did notice eye patch guy wandering around.

a rant part VI

So, My boss invited me to a Boston Pops concert, and while the 1st half was regular, the second half I have to tell you about. John Williams - composer - conductor. 8 full length songs. Lena Redgrave Narrating. Video overhead. Harry Potter. It was slightly embarrassing, with my HP addiction and all, and there were 9 of my co-workers there... It was fantastic. He also did a new indiana jones 4 composition, e.t., a bunch of stuff. But H.P. was the centerpiece. And life was good.

a rant part VII

Saturday last, while at work, a young lady came into the shop I work at with who I later found out was her husband and parent in-laws. As she stayed behind to pay for their purchases I noticed her T-shirt said ‘HP/DM’ Now I’m sure, being where we are, you can figure out the first thing that probably popped into my head, but just to make sure there isn’t something else it could mean I asked. To which she responded, ‘oh, it’s a harry potter thing.’ I nodded and we had a small conversation about the fandoms, but the thing that stuck were her parting words to me as she left were ‘I just hope the in-laws don’t find out what it means.’

a rant part VIII

Ralph Finnes aka Voldemort was married to the woman who played Professor River Song, Alex Kingston, and then the stupid allusions that she and the Doctor were married, then my brain went to bad places.

a rant part IX

I was attending my sisters High School graduation the other night, and I must say it came as a shock to see her diploma was in English. Now I'm sure now you're thinking 'Didn't she say she lived in Boston USA, and shouldn't it be in English?' But the answer is no. My High School Diploma was in Latin. Stupid thing. And since most of my friends attended the same HS theirs were as well. Then, every college diploma I have ever seen, framed and matted hanging on walls were in Latin. So it became an assumption in my head that ALL diploma's were in Latin. So stupid me made a fool of myself become flummoxed asking 'Hold on, this is in English, what the hell?' My dad just gave me a funny look and my mother shook her head muttering 'idiot'. It took me a few minutes to work it out. I went to Boston Latin... duh. And the college degree's were my grandmothers Harvard Doctorates. Of course they would pompously be in the ancient language of the intellectuals. Stupid Stupid me. I don't deserve that piece of latin covered paper now lost to the clutter of the attic.

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