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Poll: It has been brought to my attention that Awaken the Star Song has a very complex plot and back history from a couple readers/reviewers. With the numbers of character from Ancient Cultures involved, coupled with their diverse tensions and cultural differences it would be beneficial to share the notes on the Ancients we have stored between us. So the question is: Would you readers like it if Oldtime Scribe and myself create a separate Star Singer Universe Compendium to help keep all the factions/species/politics from Ancient Times clear for you guys? Vote Now!
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NEW UPDATE: DEALING WITH FFNet's TROLL: I'm including actual psychological information on the mental illness involved, and how to get trolls to stop bothering you!


I wish to encourage everyone to read "The Truth About Trolls" segment specifically on this page. My only reason for acknowledging this topic is because it has become so prevalent on profile pages, and author notes, that the mentally ill individual must be squirming in intoxicated sensual delight which increases their desire to attack additional writers.

As someone who has worked in the Holistic Counseling industry with mainstream Counselors to help battered women and others, I hope people will pay attention to this letter. Always remember that Trolls are mentally ill people who need medical help that only trained professionals can provide. Trolls are psycho-pathological, sometimes to the point of being desperate to experience power and control over someone else to ease their own depressing and pathetic real lives where they do not have any control at all. Yes, the things trolls say are quite hurtful, but remember, trolls do not know any of us personally. Do not let their diseased mind get to you. Trolls are manipulators desperate for attention, and gain an inflated sense of satisfaction that strengthens their illness because they require every pain or anger reaction they can drag out of you. Most have no real world knowledge of who they attack. So make sure you do not give them any power over your emotions whenever you see such activity. I've even added the "do not acknowledge this person ever again” advice to other writer's reviews if I see too many author notes that include mentions of attacks because of the medical information I am including below.


You will understand why I dub trolls “Unfortunate Souls” when I explain the known psychiatric problems involved with people who act out of desperation to validate their fantasy worlds. Hopefully, everyone will pass this information on to others who need it. Internet Trolls have become a hot topic within the Mental Health community, especially in the industry's main trade magazines, during recent months. As multiple studies are getting released right now, including profiles of troll behavior, people need to read real information about the phenomena. I will pass on relevant information found in medical publications to better equip readers to handle any troll behaviors encountered. Please feel free to do your own research and verify this information.

Keep in mind that Trolls have very few “real world” friends because they suffer from serious mental illnesses. Trolls suffer from mental illnesses that involve a very real impulsive/compulsive need to hurt others, including animals. Trolls live in self created, fake worlds online where reality cannot intrude effectively. Because the internet is a fake world, Trolls are very susceptible to their self created belief in some “God-like” freedom from inhibitions. Their imaginary world pushes them into seeking power over others as they infest the internet, enjoying all the perks of cyberspace's anonymity. They cannot see you, nor do you see them, so that makes them a God within their own minds, and that is the lie that they need most to feel okay. For internet trolls, feeling autonomous, anonymous, yet powerful is addictive. A troll's delusion level can become quite severe if they get enough sought after feed back from their victims. Retaliation sates their desperation by feeding into their personal delusions to make their reality of being insignificant, angry, and alone within the mundane, aka “Real World” far more bearable. Trolls absolutely need reactions from all of us to get their twisted jollies. Retaliation is everything Trolls crave. Hurting others gives them a feeling of supreme self gratification because they are able to validate their sadistic side through each and every acknowledgment of anger or pain that they get out of someone.

As the iPredator site states: “The types & behavioral patterns of iPredator include: cyberbullying, cyber harassment, cyberstalking, cybercrime, online sexual predation, internet trolls, cyberstealth, online psychopathy, online deception and cyber terrorism. In 2014, this writer added online child pornography consumer/distributors as a new typology to the list.”

If nothing else, the iPredator quote should make clear how ill some trolls are. According to my research, many trolls are under some form of serious, ongoing psychiatric care for violent behaviors as was documented in several medical journals I checked out. Fighting with, or acknowledging a troll means you may also be messing up everything a trained medical professional is trying to accomplish in finding a way to combat a mental illness. Suppose that explains the professional advice of “don't feed the trolls.” The troll thrives on any kind of negative reinforcement attention they can get because of their mental illness. So it makes sense that the “do not feed the trolls” answer is everywhere if giving them what they want makes them far sicker. More advice I found online included: Do not accept the pace of mentally ill people when they are acting inappropriately toward you. Remove yourself from the situation for your safety. Do not give a mentally ill person any emotional rewards that that they crave when they are acting inappropriately as it will increase bad behavior patterns. Letting a mentally ill person control an interaction can lead to ever escalating emotional, and or physical violence. So these tidbits are safety measures for handling the mentally ill. Comments about how hurtful or nasty a troll is in author notes, or arguing with said troll in PM's, turns the victim into the juicy steak dinner that should expect ongoing attacks.

A less known feature of the troll's mind set is that the individual does everything within their power to profile each and every one of us by searching to identify, locate, stalk, and engage anyone they perceive as an easy target. A target is any individual a troll thinks they can hurt emotionally to increase their own twisted sense of self gratification. Still, the good news is that the more desperate the troll gets for attention, the more childish and illiterate their attacks get, which is often a signal that said attacks will end if you continue to ignore them long enough.

The thing most people do not want to understand is that trolling is a symptom of real mental illnesses. Yes, mental health experts all agree that Trolls have a real “mental illness” or “mental instability” that requires medical care. Some trolls are worse than others, but all trolls share specific types of mental illnesses that any certified counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist can rattle off as universal, or even overlapping.

Common Mental Illness Symptoms Of Trolls:

The documented majority of trolls are males who spend long periods of time online. They are either fully internet addicted, or at high risk for becoming internet addicted because they lack 'real world' friends, or healthy emotional outlets for their mental illness. The top criteria include: mild to extreme delusional class narcissism coupled with Mental fake-ness demonstrated by purposefully lying and/or misdirection with the intent to manipulate others for one's personal sense of empowerment. The always occurring element is *psychopathic* (with strong leanings toward sadism) tendencies. In layman's terms this means a person who has an over exaggerated sense of self importance and wants to hurt others because they thrive on causing harm to feel better about themselves. Such activities shore up their own fake, twisted, and imaginary world where they have convinced their selves that they have some kind of extraordinary personal power, greatness, and domination over others. Reality is the direct opposite of their 'internet' lives. Over time, the internet troll’s internal myths of greatness become so highly distorted, even outright warped that they believe their real world does not exist. Reality becomes their dream world.

Another thing about trolls is that they like to show off their (sometimes sexually charged) sadistic pleasure seeking behavior. Every single time we acknowledge a Troll, we are giving a mentally unstable person an inflated, gloat-worthy power over our life, plus possibly feeding a twisted sexual appetite. The usage of the internet to deliver harmful, even misleading information is solely to get a response from a chosen victim which gives many trolls a borderline sexual level gratification if they succeed in getting yelled at, or acknowledged. So the next time you write an attack back, or post about being attacked, realize that you may have given the troll reason to mentally, possibly even physically, orgasm as they drug you deeper into their desired comfort zone.

Cyber Stalkers are a different, and potentially lethal beast, so if you have a cyber stalker, get help from the authorities. iPredator (www. Ipredator. Co/ services/ remove the spaces.) has a division that tracks down such criminals according to their website. If you think your troll has crossed into the realm of seeking to do physical harm to you, and is searching for your physical location, get help from your local police or state level federal policing agencies. Stalkers must not be ignored as they may have the hacking skills to find you in the real world.

The lack of grounding in reality afflicts many trolls. Their online compulsions can turn into real world sadistic attacks on actual people as the troll escalates, and gets sicker because of the disease eating away at their minds. Feeding trolls online can potentially turn such people into genuine dangers if a troll becomes mentally unstable enough. Thankfully, it is quite rare, but it is better to play it safe than to encourage unhealthy and broken minded persons to escalate until the begin physically hurting, or even torturing real people and animals to get their fix as their mental illness gets worse.

DEALING WITH TROLLS THE RIGHT WAY: The only way to handle a troll is to delete their messages, reviews, and attempts to garner attention without saying anything at all to the troll whenever possible here at FFnet. Never comment in any way to anything read whenever you see, or receive such an attacks in forums or other sites either. To combat a mentally ill person of this class, everyone must ignore the individual. Treat the troll as if they literally do not exist or risk feeding their mental illness. Any whiff of acknowledgment reinforces their fake, very twisted, imaginary world. Delete their messages if you can, and ignore them without a word given to them. Do not encourage flame wars, and other nasty commentaries, no matter how an attack feels to you personally. It is what the Troll craves most, negative reinforcement that proves their sadism works and inflates their unhinged la-la land contained within their own mind. Many trolls perceive their personal life as being unfair and victimized, so they seek to victimize others as a means to feel included somehow. When you retaliate you are just like the troll, according to their mind-scape. Remember that these people need professional help because they are deluded and unstable. So the final conclusion is: Fighting back and acknowledging a troll encourages the behavior to get far worse, and increasingly brutal with each retaliation any of us give to any troll we meet. Lashing out at any troll is no different than feeding a deadly drug addiction. Several research branches are trying to determine if trolls are real world stalkers, and physically abusive sadists. The theory includes monitoring known trolls ability to contain their compulsions and impulses to words and images. Some researches suggest that ongoing negative rewards gained in the form of vicious verbal fighting may muddle the acceptable limits of social interaction lines within the troll's mind scape. So the longer trolls get the reactions they thrive upon in the cyber environment, the more likely they will start committing actual real world torture at some point in their lifetime, including cyber crimes and worse.

In some places like twitter, there are other steps that are mentioned as a means to handle the trolls who gather in packs. Here's another excerpt I found on yahoo tech. Correct the record. If your attackers are spreading falsehoods about you — and it’s almost certain they will, given enough time — you need to point out the facts of the matter as clearly and coolly as possible. Post it to your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account, and point people to the corrected record. Again, you’re doing this for the reasonable people in the audience, who (hopefully) are the ones who can impact your life in a meaningful way. Don’t argue, even if you’re right. Trolls live to fight. The thing they want most of all is for you to fight back on their terms. One of my favorite sayings comes in handy here. “Never pick a fight with a drunk, an imbecile, or a lunatic — after two minutes nobody else will be able to tell you apart.” Don’t let strangers mistake you for a drunk, an idiot, or a crazy person. Report the jerks. There’s reasonable disagreement, and then there’s harassment, abuse, and threats. If someone crosses the line into the latter, or exposes your personal information in the hope that others will, don’t ignore it — report them to the abuse department at the site where they did it. If they threaten violence, contact local law enforcement. (For more on how to report abusive people on Twitter and Facebook, see below.) Deploy the rope-a-dope. Once you’ve apologized and/or corrected the record, sometimes the only option you have left is to sit there and take it until your opponents punch themselves out. Fortunately, they also tend to have the attention spans of gnats and will eventually move on to another target.

Block the user name, and activate moderate guest reviews under your settings. If you receive a PM from the Unfortunate soul, Do Not Read the Full Message!!! Do not play into their head games. Remind yourself that trolls are sick people who need medical care. Ignoring them fully is the only healthy and viable option. Hit the red minus sign beside the Pm to delete it AFTER going to your settings and blocking the user. Type in the name and add it to the block list first so that you can solve the PM harassment and repeat as needed if said Unfortunate Soul gets a new screen name. With guest moderation working, they can only send in anon reviews, and those can be deleted the moment you realize it is the troll.

Stay safe online, and take care of each other. Do not share personal information for everyone to read at their leisure if you can help it. Troll behaviors are strengthened by the individual feeling as if they are anonymous because they are online, they believe they cannot be found. We have a beautiful community here so do not let one or two mentally ill people ruin it. Peace to all, and I truly hope this particular information helps everyone to stay a little bit safer from now on. Pass it on.

Kurahieiritr JIO.

For those unfamiliar with my work, unlike the die hard fans I have, I ALWAYS WRITE ANGST brand stories. Please do not look for fluffy stories from me. I don't write fluffy because I tend to be realistic portrayal oriented as an author. Bad guys are truly bad guys. Crisis emotions are depicted as a genuine crisis emotion, even if the character has to be super OOC during their mental break downs. Mental/Psychotic breaks make the sufferer act in extremely odd ways. Some of my stories brush true horror genre, although I do strive for angst instead. My M rates are for Violence, and realistic injury depictions, not Smut. I do not write gratuitous sex ever! I hate writing sex scenes, so I avoid it unless it is super important to a story's core plot continuation.

I'M BACK IN ACTION! All stories are getting back online as I get time to work on them. Took a while to recover from the most recent death in the family, but things are slow and steady in the settling dust stage. At any rate, I'm still dabbling in Fairy Tail at the moment. I'm endeavoring to keep things tamer because it is the rule here and I am tired of worrying over where the line is getting drawn in the sand for my own writing endeavors. Still figure the language is a tad adult for most parents though. :(

At the moment I am focused on pounding out and posting the raw drafts to get them out of my head and gut before I tackle the revisions as per normal. So yeah, as always, don't expect the proverbial time table as to when I will post chapters for any of my tales. Time tables do not work well for me with so many real world responsibilities in my lap.

Oldtime Scribe has been co-authoring the Star Singer series, and we are almost ready to end Book 1-Awaken the Star Song. A few more chapters and it's a wrap. Look forward to Storms Among the Stars which is book 2.

Taming Lightning has a Lucy POV chapter that is half written at the moment, and I do not know when I will get that chapter shared. Stand Your Ground sort of bowled over that particular story and chapters for the moment. The bunnies are rampaging with their dratted whips cracking to get Stand out into the world for some strange reason. But, since everyone reading Stand Your Ground enjoys the side trip, I suppose I should not grumble too much at the dratted plot bunny pests keeping Taming Lightning on the back burner for a little longer.

All of my adult themed stories are located @ adult-fanfiction .org because of the constant threat of account deletion problems that arise at this site. I kept my familiar screen name at AFF so people can find me easier. I do feel I should be prepared for anything since the owners of FFnet do have to follow the law, or risk this site getting shut down! Once "50 Shades" hit the market and was tracked down as a Twilight fanfiction from this site, all Lemon, Lime Het, Bisex, or Yaoi writers should have expected to be put up for the chopping block.

The two stories that I have yet to complete are Driven Heart; the Prequel, and As the Smoke Clears; the last book in the multiple Yaoi novel Initial D series got put on hiatus due to 10 deaths in under 9 months within my family during 2014. I will finish both of those stories at some point. I simply have not been in the mood to deal with the pair of novels due to their being too close to our world's kind of life styles and situations. A Rivalry Revealed, Alternate Tracks, All For Love, and Romp for Perverts are all up and rearing to be read. So enjoy the handful of lemons that are there. I don't write very many lemons anywhere. Remove the spaces to see the main site for my anime fan fictions. The left side top box has the stories written link and if you click that one you can get to the completed adult themed stories.

http:// members. adult- fanfiction. org/ profile. php? no= 1296925546

The wattpad account: Remove the spaces. http:// www. wattpad. com /user/ JosieOden

Click to contains my beaded artwork, and some of my stories also.

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