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I'm ChocoCocoPuppy

Redoing this profile!!

So welcome to my little domain!!

Things bout me:

I don't like feeling short yet everyone younger than me is getting taller! (does that make sense?)

I love to draw ever since I was itty bitty and would color the walls.

I like to write but I not good at it (should I be confessing that here? 'TT)

Music is my passion!! (second to drawing) I love music but I'm one of those girls who will listen to everything.

I can't sing worth the crap though which is really bad cause I love to sing...

Cannot live with out the cellphone!! Its like my laptop!! Mine is broken so I use it to do everything... plus I'm to lazy to go to the library.

I love anime/manga. there are so many I won't even try to list...

I'm usually always on the side of the underdog in anime which is annoying cause the main characters usually always get together.

I don't like the taste of water and because of that I'm constantly being nagged at

I loath going to school but I need a job so I gotta... plus my family got a weird thing called expectations...whatever that is.

Am I boring you yet?

1/14/10 -

well anyway the manga I just recently started is Ouran High School Host Club (chapter 46 on the manga) I'm trying to catch up. XP My pairing for this one is (drumroll) HikaruxHaruhi!! Yes yes I know what your thinking. But in my defense I was prepared for the Tamaki Haruhi thing cause I have a friend who watched the anime and ruined it for me. But as I read on the twins sucked me into there ring of evil goodness and I was stuck. I'm surprised I don't hate any one in this series. ... I ramble to much haha I want my first fic to invole Hunni so i'll see how it goes...


Well I tried doing a Hunni fic but I ended up with something totally different. Read and tell me what you think. The chapters will defenitly be short! It's my first multichapter fic so I don't want long chapters yet. So wish me luck!


okay so the next chapter of OTDD is kinda late. It was kinda supposed to be up today but theres so many things to fix! (nervouse laugh) OH!I almost forgot! vote for what Haruhi should look like!! Tell me what you think!!


Okay the new chapter is up. Srry for the long wait! Im excited about chapter 2. So it should come soon!


OKay this chapter is extremly late!! But its up now so be happy, love it, lick it. Im so excited about this chapter cause Haruhi and Hikaru act how I want them to. Yay! Oh a new story is coming soon so be on the look out for it. Its going to be another Ouran fic and I'll try to keep the character as in character as I can!


Okay the next chapter will be coming late. Sorry to everyone but RL is an ass kicker. Heh. Anyway I decided to wait on the new Ouran fic cause I dont think I can handle another multi-chapter fic right now. Im going to stick to one-shots and maybe two-shots for now. Yay?


Late late late... Didnt expect it to be this late... hm well the next chapter is coming now so be ready people!! :)


Okay I had the whole chapter in check everything was good then the stupid retard sitting next to me erased everything!! I cant beleive this! it was comin out just like I wanted and then he ruined it!


Okay Good News!! New Chapter up! Whew!!! Starting on the next one right now!!


So I know I havn't been updating at all but fear not I have not given up on this story! I will definitely finish it! An update shall be up by later this afternoon or tommorow afternoon! Thanks everyone!

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