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Message to all writers: If your first few chapters suck, then no one is going to read the rest of your story. If you have improved as a writer, then you should correct the crappy parts of your story before continuing your writing!

Name -- Caleb

Sex -- Male

Location -- Arkansas (United States)

Social Security Number -- XXX-XX-XXXX

Universal Screen Name -- cparks1000000

Age -- 18

Education -- High School Diploma

Favorite Anime/Manga -- Inuyasha

Only Fan Fiction Category Interest -- Inuyasha

Current Aspiration -- Go to college to become a college math professor

Relationship Status -- Single

Children -- None

Siblings -- Two Half-Sisters

Hobbies -- Video Games, Skating, Writing, Reading, and More

Interests -- A lot of stuff

Phone Number -- 870-XXX-XXXX

Tips for writers (Primarily romance writers & Inuyasha writers):

1.) If you're going to write a story similar to one that someone else has done, make sure that your story is better than all the ones like it. Better yet, you should just choose to write about something original.

2.) If your grammar or spelling sucks, good writers will notice and will not read your writing. Even with the best plot in the world, readers do not want to have to read the same sentence four times to understand it.

3.) If your beta is not returning your writing with a lot of suggestions about content, realism, grammar, sentence structure, the boring factor, etc; then you need a new beta.

4.) If someone leaves you a review telling you how to make your writing better (especially when they take time out of their day to give you detailed reports about what is wrong, why it's wrong, and how to fix it), then you should not leave a reply to the following effect: "I don't care about your opinion. Quit flaming me. I am such a great writer that I don't have any flaws." -- Disclaimer: This does not apply to those reviews that hate on your plot without leaving suggestions about how to make it better.

5.) If you're having people ask you questions or are having to leave author's notes explaining your story, you probably need to go back an rewrite some of your previous chapters to include the author's note withing the story.

6.) If your characters have not changed and matured after you've written fifty chapters, then you have a problem developing characters. Go back about twenty chapters and start developing them more. In addition, if your plot seems to have cycles -- They fall in love, they have a stupid fight, they fall in love, they have a stupid fight, they fall in love, they have a stupid fight... -- then your plot has problems.

7.) If your characters aren't realistic, you need to think more about how your character would act in a real-world situation. It is not enjoyable to read about the following plot scheme: Chapter 1: Boy meets girl; Chapter 2: Boy hates girl; Chapter 3: Boy loves girl; Chapter 4: Boy marries girl. This demonstrates two problems: A story moving too fast and people not acting normal.

8.) If you're writing fan fiction, then your character should act like he or she does in the series. If your character acts differently, then your story should be set in an alternate or SIMILAR universe and you should explain fully why the character acts differently than normal. I am so tired of reading about how a pure character is running around killing people for the sake of the plot. If you want to have a character run around and kill people, then use a character that would (or could) do something like that.

9.) If you're not reading your own work before you post it, then why are you writing? Your chapter will not be as good as it should be if you don't read your own work. I hate proofing also, but I do it.

10.) If you tell your readers that you won't update until you have a certain number of reviews, you won't get many readers. That is such a turn-off.

11.) If you don't have your plot written out before-hand or are not at least four chapters ahead, you shouldn't post a chapter. I find too many stories that take unexpected turns and leave plot holes all over the place. Once you have posted something, you can't make your readers forget about it. Don't ruin a story just because you want to update fast. Besides, if you get stuck, you can still post while you are writing. I would always suggest having your plot written out for longer, more involved stories. For alternate universe stories, you should have your character's background planned out. The trick to keeping your characters "in-character" is to become the character. You're like an actor that has to act each and every part.

12.) If your summary sucks, people will think your story does too. Don' tell your entire story in the summary. Tell just enough to get a reader interested and never tell a reader that a story is your first fan fiction. Also the, "I'm not good at summaries, but the story is good," doesn't make sense. If you can write well, you can summarize well. Also, the "summary inside" thing doesn't work without enough summary "outside" to make your reader interested.


14.) Learn how to use the single quotation mark ( ' ). This is a quote-in-quote mark. It is not for thoughts.

15.) The reason for first-person point-of-view is to restrict the reader to a single perspective; therefore, you shouldn't switch perspectives. Advanced writers can ignore this. Perspective switching can be utilized effectively if done properly.

16.) Don't put messages in your story like, "Albert's POV," or, "Flashback." Can you not be more creative than that? Let your reader figure out that it's "Albert's POV," or a "flashback."

17.) Don't make your characters hate themselves and then make the reader listen to all of his or her internal annoying self-degradation. If your story has too many thoughts, it is boring.

18.) Certain words work with other words, and certain words sound stupid with other words. Even though Word A might be similar to Word B, that does not mean that you can use Word B, instead of Word A, with Word C. Also, don't say two words next to each other like in the following: "I'm going to eat, too." Use this instead: "I'm going to eat, also." "Hear" the difference?

19.) Having many different words and styles in your story, makes the piece exciting to read. Notice I used, "story," then, "piece," in that sentence instead of saying, "story," twice. People will read an okay plot with great writing, but people may find it difficult to read a great plot with okay (boring) writing.

20.) If your story contains foreign words, post the translation for each word used in the entire story in the first chapter of your work at the beginning of your chapter. After that, place the definitions of each word used in that particular chapter at the BEGINNING of the chapter. How does it help me to know the definition of a word that I have already read?

21.) You can totally over-do the action scenes. You can also over-do the entire story. After your story is 100 chapters, it's probably time to wrap it up.

22.) A story can go too slow; however, I good "slice-of-life" story can be good if it's kept interesting.

23.) A story can get annoying if you repeat things too often. Don't tell me something again if you've already told it to me. If your story is repetitious and redundant, it will not be interesting. Do you understand now why repeating things is annoying? The reason is that you don't want to hear someone repeat something that they already said because you've heard it already.

24.) Don't be too eager to make your characters fall for each other; however don't come up with some stupid reason to keep them apart. There are plenty of logical reasons for delaying a relationship if you only think hard enough to invent a realistic reason. I don't want to hear about how a relationship that lasted a year ended because one party called the other party a B* during an argument one time. If your characters fall for each other too fast, though, the chase that kept your readers interested will be over. I have not found many stories on FanFiction that were good enough to keep me interested for long after the characters get together.

25.) If you've read all these tips, then you ether find the tips interesting, want to become a better writer, or hit your head a little too hard as a child. Either way, if you have any questions for me PM me or leave me a e-mail at cparks1000000(at)gmail(dot)com. I am also willing to beta anyone's work. I completed both composition 1 & 2 with over a 96 average, so I think I'm qualified to review fan fiction for grammatical errors. I'll try to make suggestions about the story too, but those suggestions might seem a little harsh.

(Yes, I know that this profile is not completely grammatically correct, but I don't think many people will read enough of it to notice. Besides, I actually proof-read my stories. This is straight off the press.)

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