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My name is Ellie... is deleting is my MIBBA site:

I go by my middle name. I like it more than my first name...

I love to read...and I love talking to people...I am a people person...

I have seen The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian three times in the theater. I want to go see it again.

I have many celebrity crushes: Ben Barnes, Kevin Jonas, and Justin Long. My little sister well we are actually the bestest besties in the world, but are so close we are sisters is going to somehow get me them for Christmas. She was supposed to get my Kevin last year but was caught just kidding...but it's our little thing.

I found this on a girl's profile and thought it was awesome, so I figured I would use it...and add my own little twist.


1: Where did you get one of your scars? I have Scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. At fifteen, I had to have a rod placed in my back to straighten my spine. So I now have a scar going all the way down my spine.

2: What is on your bedroom walls? This is sad to say, but I don't have a bedroom. I live in my parents' garage until I move out again...My roommate was a dummy and so we had to cancel the lease. In the garage is movie posters. The garage was turned into a living room with carpet and all that.

3: When were you born? February 18th

7: What do you miss? Living on my lil sis, Faye

8. Do you have any pets: Define "pet." I tend to "adopt" other people's pets. If I like them, I say they're mine. So, total I think I have nine. My self I have a chihuahua Bella. My parents have four dogs. A mutt named Sophie, a siberian husky malamute named Princess, and to mini doxies--G.C. and Sonny, My brother and his girlfriend have two mutts--Tomoe and Eldri, Another brother has a rat terrier--Princeton, my sister has a pompug thing named Precious and a chidoxie named Baby, and my lil sis has a cat named Cricket. So that's what? Eleven...dang

9: Would you fall in love knowing he's going to leave? I don't know. It'd be hard.

10: Who do you call the most? My sister. Everything else is texting.

11: Have you been out of the U.S? Yes. Canada, Mexico and a Mexican Caribbean Cruise

12: Pet peeve? People bashing anyone, especially when they're not good fans. Like bashing Kevin saying he isn't cute...heck yeah he is!!

13: Weakness? Chocolate...or boys

14: Met anyone famous? Ummmmm...I don't think so...

15: What's one c.d. that your embarrased by? My Britney Spears CD's...IDK why tho

16: Do looks matter? Sometimes. If you can't really look at a person of the opposite gender without being horribly turned off, yes they matter. But the guy doesn't have to be a total sex god.

17: Last thing you bought? Make-up and nail polish.

18: Most Embarrasing Moment: Whenever I fall or run into things.

19: Age: Is a number except when it's illegal or just wrong...Except sometimes age sucks...

20: Boyfriend: Looking but getting no where...both guys have not been Mr. Right. Not into dating just for the heck of it. If I am going to put my emotions out there, it is going to be for the long haul.

21: Purity Vow: Can't I just answer another question? No vow...Although I will probably get reamed for this, I have made a vow to stay "pure" until I find someone I have given my heart totally to. Although marriage is a big step, and I want the wedding and all that and would love to wait, I just don't know if it is going to happen. I have heard from many people that it sucks on that night. Ohkay, this is like a lecture and I apologize...Sex is meant to be something pure and fun. I realize kids can come out of it too, but it is supposed to be one of the things we as humans are allowed to do for enjoyment. If you wait and you know you have to lose it that night, there's no spontaniety. I will say though, that I have almost lost it twice but decided they weren't the one. To me, "THE ONE" does not have to be the guy I am married to. He has to be totally special and he will. The only way "THE ONE" will not get to deflower me is if it is taken from me.

22: Celebrity Crush: Didn't I just answer this question? haha

23: Political Party: I am more of a non-party person. I do not believe in choosing sides that way. I agree with points from both sides. To me, a political party is more of a label and labels suck.

24: Fave Song: A lot...

25: Funniest Thing Ever Seen: hmmm...lots of things...

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