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I honestly can't stand Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione; it disgusts me. I love the Harry Potter series more than life itself, but the one thing that perturbed me was how Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione ended up together. If you ask me, she just wanted everyone to be related and I hated it. Apart from that, and really I don't tend to care about it that much, the series has and will forever be my favorite. I grew up on Harry Potter, from age 8 I have never been able to put the series down. It's odd, growing up with a series you've loved for half your life and then suddenly POOF it's over. And as soon as the series ends, the movies became its' legend. Sadly that ended as well, but we'll always have fanfiction to keep the story alive and fresh. Thanks for reading in advance.

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Send Me An Angel: A Dramione Fanfic

First reviewer Ainulin "This story is quite good so far. I wish to hear more."

lovelessfighter007 "You always write super long chapters that are super good!"

Dreams Shape the World "I started reading this fic up until the last chapter, and was ecstatic when you updated. So much so, that I figured it was high time I reviewed this. Okay, so I love the plot. And the whole Send Me An Angel idea to use to trick Voldemort is also genius...I am quite certain that "Robert" must have some kind of weak spot in this fic. I love Draco's protection of Hermione, and though he can sometimes get confusing with what side he is on, as can Snape as he did in the books, he still remains true to her. And I absolutely enjoyed when Lucius was thrown into Azkaban. THAT ENORMOUS JERK! I really do not know what else to say, except that I find this story amazing, so please update soon!"

DramioneLove6 "bravo, dear author! this story was an inspiration, and very original (unlike some stories i've read) and i enjoyed it immensely. i want to thank you for gracing the internet with your presence and creativity, and to say good luck with all your stories to come. with sadness and pleasure, here is my final humble review for Send Me An Angel.
goodbye for now, dramionelove6"

supernatural-sweet-hearts "I really enjoyed this story it was really easy to read and i'm sad to see it end.
You've done a fantastic job and you should be proud of yourself."

To my reviewers of Send Me An Angel: Thank you so much for your months of reviews and reading. Nearly all of you have either PMed me or reviewed me with a plea for an epilogue or sequel. And I've given in;I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed re-reading the fanfic and writing it.

Send Me An Angel Trailer (created by me)

Poster for Send Me An Angel (created by AshleyStef or ashleyamc)

Fourier's Flaw

First reviewer Veneficus L.

meredithsays "Everyonce in a while, a story comes along that I get attached to. This is one of them.
I have offically stayed up until 7:40 AM reading this story. And I am officially hooked and addicted.
It's such a unique concept. And I never really was a fan of Tom/Hermione, but you are quickly changing that.
I can recall the number of stories that have made my heart do this weird tugging thing on one hand. Yours is now included. All the Tom/Hermione moments make me feel something, whether it be annoyed cough TOM cough or happy cough him always catching her and healing her cough. I think i've rambled enough (but not quite?).
I'm oh so very glad that I took the chance when I say your latest video and clicked on the link. You're one of my favorite vidders and I've seen how you display emotions well in your videos, so I had high hopes for your writing--and I wasn't disappointed. I WILL be disappointed (and probably dying) if you don't update soon. You know, like...a thousand chapters by the next hour? That'd be cool. ;D Hahah. But really. This is so beautiful and amazing and unique and funny and adorable and frustrating and heart tingling (?) stories i've read on here. Please...update a lot for the sake of my sanity?"

what do we do now I love this story! Your an amazing writer. I especially love the father daughter realationship between Hermione and Grindewald; the way you make them so closed off to each other and have this secret past, but at the same time you show they do have emotions towards each other is outstanding. It's so original and so brilliant, as is the way you braught them to the past without the comlication of a time turner. I hope you update soon! x"

Shadow Wars Warrior "This is definitely the best work I have seen on this site so far, and I hope to see more from you, if it's possible. You don't have to, but the way you write and your completely unique ideas are so captivating, it's hard not to beg that you continue. I also think you should try writing other stuff, as well - your own stuff. But let me guess, you do already. Is it published? If so, what is it called because I want to read it! If it's not, you should get it published. I'm sure it would be amazing. I only have few minor objections to your work, but they are not important enough to put here."

naomi "I somehow stumbled upon this story and was like wth? Voldy and Mione, but when I read it, i was so amazed!
I absolutely loved everything about this story, the way you characterized Tom, and actually showed that it was the people around him that made him into Voldemort, and not just him. I never really thought of it that way, but now i do! The fact that it would be Hermione that would "tame" him, and the whole deal with Fourier's Flaw> all this is stuff that is believable! Im really looking forward to another chapter and would recommend this story to any reader. I hope you write another amazing chapter soon! Your # 1 fan, naomi!"

To my reviewers of Fourier's Flaw: Wow, and I thought the feedback from Send Me An Angel was something; I was off fanfiction for a year, and you welcomed me back with open arms. It was nerve wracking writing a fanfiction about this couple, because I have only witnessed one fanfiction that actually portrayed this couple the way it should be: tainted. I researched Tom Riddle's behavior, as well as Voldemort's and Hermione's; after months of endless researching time travel, writing in notebooks and throwing useless paper behind me, I finally put up the first chapter. And I'm glad I did; thank you to everyone who has enjoyed/reviewed/favorited Fourier's Flaw.

Fourier's Flaw Trailer (made by me)

Poster for Fourier's Flaw (made by my sister, ViolentDarkKnight)

Poster for Fourier's Flaw (made by reader Hesterienne)

(Conversations that never made it into the fanfic) None of these are complete scenes; it's quotes I thought up for parts of scenes and then scratched.

(This was originally going to be the middle of the conversation Hermione and Riddle had in the forest, but I went a different way) “I’ve never been polite, Grindelwald, because I find it to be a fault and, truth be told, people don’t listen when you’re polite. In my case, the only way to be is to be commanding.”

(Hermione and Riddle were originally suppose to eat lunch at Ravenclaw table one afternoon while the Aurors were suppose to be searching the Slytherins for dark artifacts. Right after Orion's death, the whole house was to be searched. That whole idea was scratched, it took too much away from the original plot) “I never…thanked you for coming with me to the Shrieking Shack,” Riddle said awkwardly. Hermione nodded her head and continued peeling her orange absentmindedly. “I know it was more business than pleasure, but thank you for coming with me.”

(These are some random quotes that were to start out conversations Riddle would have with Hermione) "Good and evil are childish ideas. I'm changing the structures of the world."

"In my world, they will not have a word for madness, they will simply call it 'power', Grindelwald. I am not mad."

(I was going to have a scene with Grindelwald and Riddle discussing their plan at Nurmengard, but I figured it would be more mysterious to have you guess him as evil) Riddle walked into the room, his black book in one hand. Peering around he saw Grindelwald sitting in a wooden chair in the middle of the room. He smiled up at Riddle as he entered. "You've come to understand what I have." It wasn't a question, but Riddle nodded his head as if it were.

"She's a time traveler," Riddle said. Grindelwald nodded and sighed, "You're ready then, to take your place beside me."

"I don't understand," Riddle said, though he didn't look confused. "She hasn't killed me. You said she and three others had come to kill me, and yet, here I am."

Grindelwald raised an eyebrow and smiled, "You see good in her, Riddle?" Riddle didn't respond. "She's pulling you for as long as she can. She wants information."

"She hides it," Riddle said curiously. Grindelwald was no longer smiling, his face was straight and serious.

"There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it."

(Miscellanous information) Lord Voldemort - French; Voldemort means "flight from death". Orion Black - 4th year while Riddle's in his 7th; by killing him, the Black family dies out no Sirius, Regulus, etc. List of Prefects: 5th year Gryffindor: Septimus Weasley & Angie Wilson, Slytherin: Alphard Black & Druella Rosier, Hufflepuff: Ted Branstone & Katherine Thompson, Ravenclaw: Kevin Davies & Bella Young 6th year Gryffindor: Augusta Longbottom & Rose Griffith, Slytherin: Jake Goyle & Walburga Black, Hufflepuff: Lilian Abbot & Chase Burrow, Ravenclaw: Jason Goldstien & Jane Greene 7th year Gryffindor: Charlus Potter & Cedrella Black, Slytherin: Abraxas Malfoy & Amy Nestrow, Hufflepuff: Ignatius Prewett & Laura Kramer, Ravenclaw: Evan Page & Kayde Fleming. (I'm sure you can tell from the last names which of these are Death Eaters.)

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J.K. Rowling

Alexandre Dumas

Cassandra Clare

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Gilmore Girls

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Fourier's Flaw reviews
Theoretically, let's say you can stop this war at its' core, Miss Granger." Dumbledore said with a smile. "Kill Lord Voldemort?" asked Hermione. Dumbledore shook his head, "Not all battles end in fight, Miss Granger." AU
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“The only way you’ll lose me is if you tell me that you really want me to leave,” whispered Draco. “And I hope you don’t.”
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