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Hi! May the horse be with you! Heh, one of my favorite sayings. I love horses and Star Wars, and reading, and writing, and lots of other stuff, like violas. Violas are AWESOME!! Boo violins. Ok, I guess SOME violinists and their violins are ok, but I'm a violists, it's in my nature to hate violins. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, what I like. Well I am a hippophile, a very, very, very big hippophile. I've been riding for five years and jump and do a bit of dressage. My favorite equine is a very, VERY naughty little haflinger named Skippy. He's a mean, palimino bucking/jumping machine, and the CUTEST little pony you'll ever see!! He's pretty small too, like 13 hands. And then there is my little pony, whom I don't ride much because they have to use her in the beginner classes, but I still love. Her name's Spumoni, I LOOOOVE her. I ride twice a week, some times three, and I work to ride for at least one of my lessons. I don't mind that at all, sometimes I find just being in the barn is better then riding!

Time to tell why I actually try to write, even though it is something I loathed, despised, hated, wanted to kill myself over, and could NOT do for my life and even those of my beloved equines. I'm dead serious, I could not write, and I half of the time today I still can't write, it's sad, I always want to crawl in a hole when I think about it. Sooooooo, when I was in 5th grade we were asked to take creative writing seriously. My first story went something like: I was sitting in a big blck world with things that felt strange and smelled swweet. (I hate sweet things) When suddenly the black world turned very light and I realized the black world was really a black garbage bag. I sweet smelling things were a cake, frosting, and cake decorations. I wondered why I was there.

Giant hands grabbed us and everyone silently screamed and laughed at me. They decorated the cake then put frosting on me, YUCK! Then the hands put me next to the cake. Something came up and flashed in my face. Suddenly a hand picked me up and sliced a piece of me and ate it! It isn't very pleasent to get cut in half I tell you. But is is better then being thrown away and slowly decomposing. That's what they did to me, threw me away. This is my story, I know it's strange because you don't read many stories from a pickles point of view. After sitting in the trash I realized the hands had been silent. I felt bad for them for not being able to talk. I feel better now I that I know I helped them but why did it have to be me?

ACK! ACK! ACK! I HATE that story, it's like two paragraphs long,but they made us keep writing. I was in Enriched Language Arts, and had two teachers which the rest of the school considered weird and annoying and pretty much demons. They were my saviors. I'd still be writing like that if it weren't for them. (Don't you love it when I get all mushy? Right.) Unfortunately I've never been able to tell them that. I figured out how much they'd helped me AFTER I left that school. So basically I wrote like that for two years, during that time I learned lots of grammar, it was actually something that teachers hadn't been going over for the past gazzilion years, it was completely new, and it helped SOOO much. Grammar is good, when you aren't reviewing. We always had to read our stories out loud to the class, too. That was really embarresing. Finaly, with the last writing assignment I had to do for them I really "got into it" I wrote ten pages, the most I'd ever written then, I had to shorten it up of course but I really felt like I was going somewhere with my writing. The story was really crazy though, so that kind of ruined the effect. But I finally found my love of writing, in a year I was on a writing team and had a whole novel planned out. And that's how I got here.

Now I highly enjoy writing. I hope to write a book one day. I'm trying to write one now, but is isn't really working. So I'll just content myself with writing other smaller stories. I really enjoy books of all kinds. My faves include: Inkworld Trilogy, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Inheritance Trilogy, Uglies/Pretties/Specials trilogy, Heartland, Animorphs, the books of Bayern, Pendragon, Legacy of the Force, Warriors, and SOOOO many others. I'm not a big movie fan, I don't watch any TV shows and stuff, books are much better, of the few movies I do love they are: Pirates of the Caribbean ("Stop blowing holes in my ship!" I just LOOOVE to quote those movies!), Star Wars, Spaceballs ("'No, no, lightspeed's too slow. We'll have to go to... Ludicerus Speed'"), Lord of the Rings, and a few other ones. I HATE all movies based off of books, except LOTR and the Chronicles of Narnia. Other things I like: Food, candy, horses, violas, viola parties, viola badmiton, my I-pod, Captain Jack, Barbossa, roller coasters, Lupin, Tonks, Teddy, Spader, Cloral, Courtney Chetwynde, Loor, Meggie and Mo Folchart, Butler, Dark Helmet, Rohan, Elves, the Quenyan language, my friends, my cousins, skiing, Wyoming, New Zealand, snow, weather, thunderstorms, tornadoes, adventures, backpacking, camping, challenges, my summer camp, the letters "A" and "K", my amazing youth orchestra, and purpular. I like a lot of other things too, but I'm too lazy to list them now. Oh, and I' also a very lazy person.

My favorite quote in the whole wide world is from my favorite book, Inkheart. It is the very last line, when Meggie is thinking about making "words her trade". I think it is one of the truest things I've ever heard. "As Mo has said: writing stories is a kind of magic, too."~Inkheart. Don't you just love it?

To be continued... (when I find time)...

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