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" Keep in mind that the person to write for is yourself. Tell the story that you so desperately want to read."

- Susan Issacs

One of my favorite quotes. (: That's something that I have to continually remind myself. Not to write for reviews, but for myself and the story that I want to read. Although that quote may seem a little deep for some little stories I wrote on, I honestly believe that it does apply. FF.NET is the site I like to fantasize on. The things I write more seriously I keep tucked away on my hard drive. Mainly for myself and my own reverie.

I just found this one today (11/9/10) and I found it amusing:

"The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in-shock-proof shit detector."

- Ernest Hemingway

I agree completely. Haha!

Anyway I figure I'll start this profile out honestly and say that I'm fifteen. It probably shows in my writing. xD My real name I won't give away for obvious reasons. It's kind of self-explanatory. So I suppose you can refer to me as...well, whatever you feel is appropriate.

I really don't intend for this profile to be a mile long. Those who actually sit down and read through those long profiles astound me! ._. I'm just impatient. Half of the things included in certain profiles no one really cares about anyway. I'll just assume you'd like this to be brief, because I'd also like this to be brief.

So I've been on this site for about three years now. This isn't my main account, but it is the account that I get on frequently enough to almost be my main account. I'd like to say that my writing has improved! Of course you can't see that from the stories that I have posted on this account, but from looking at some of the pieces I've written back in 06 and 07, I'd like to say I've gotten more experienced when it comes to grammar, characterization, sentence fluency, ect. One issue that has always stuck with me is updating. Like my avatar may imply, I am an avid procrastinator (oxymoron, maybe?). I never finish stories (or anything else really), and that's something I'm not proud of. It is one of the reasons I'm thoroughly convinced I can't write a book.

Writing will always be a hobby of mine, though. I find it comforting.

I mainly write for the Naruto fandom, but occasionally I'll find myself bored and may post a little something for another fandom or genre. I like to branch out every now and then. (:

So, I suppose this is it. For now anyway!

Thank you for stopping by!

Adios. ;)

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