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Twenty one years old, I enjoy writing, singing, drawing, and acting. I am in fact a girl. I'm short sadly, only five foot tall, bright red hair, hazel eyes, and an aura of impending doom.

Most of my work has to do with my current situation in life. In other words, my mood affects my writing. I write fanfics, poetry, songs, and short stories. I love spending time with my friends, whether we are together at school or out at the movies; my friends are what mean the most to me and (almost) always come first, with the exception of my husband. I have a passion for art, as my mother is an artist, and love singing. I see it as painting with your voice. I always like getting feedback on any work I post, and hope that anyone who enjoys my creations will say so, or otherwise, if the case may be.


Draco Malfoy and Yu Kanda are "The Sex"!!

(Especially together! Try to get that image out of your mind! :3)

That is all!


Important! Please Read!

Just so you know; I mostly write OC fanfics! I enjoy writing them and hope you enjoy reading them. I want to say that I try to keep everything as Canon as I possibly can, as I like the original characters and don't want them to change. (Unless I'm bored and want to write a Crack! fic :P)

Mind you, I want you to review and tell me if you see any problems with the OC as I want to become a better writer and need that kind of feedback from readers.

The only problem people seem to have with OCs in general is the Mary Sue character tendencies. (Seriously, most of my characters are based off real people so I don't see how they can be Mary Sues unless they're really fake.)

My point is that it’s kind of difficult to insert a new character into the mix, especially if there's a lot of original characters to begin with, so give the writers some slack! Thank you for reading! :3


I am currently working on (bold being most important)

I have reacquired a computer, but due to an unfortunate hard drive problem; I'm missing all my work.

Pokemon Personified: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Alignment: Level Up DanteXOC (Second chapter's written and shall be up soon!)

Take Me Out: FF7 OC Reno

Fruits Basket: Night of the Black Cat

On Hold (for now)

D. Gray-Man: Angel Of the Sky

Evolving Heart: Pokemon OC Fanfic (POKESHIPPING!!)

Dreaming of You: My KogaXOC Fanfic (currently KogaXOCXSesshomaru), very popular thanks to you all!

If anyone would like to contact me off of Fanfiction, here are a few sites you can reach me on:

Quizilla.com Username: KogasMySexyBeast

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Or contact me by Email; I can't promise instant return messages but I will respond as soon as I view the message.

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‘It feels like the whole world has been scrambled all to hell… when can I finally have some peace?’ She wondered. InuYasha sniffed the air and grimaced. He jumped out of the tree, approaching Katt carefully. He eyed her with a thoughtful look on his face.

“You smell different,” he informed her. Katt rolled her eyes.

“A few minutes in a bath and you’d smell different too,” she replied. InuYasha scowled.

“No… you don’t smell… right…” he trailed off, looking confused.

From: "Dreaming of You" Chapter 25: Frustration

As a last note:

Remember kids: Death is hereditary! :D

Enjoy life while it lasts!

"The depths of all the oceans of the universe shall never separate our oranges." Katt

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