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Name: WeaponFanfic

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Residence: San Diego, CA

Occupation: Assistant Producer/QA Manager, TC Digital

Bio: Born September 21st in Los Angeles, CA. Moved to San Diego, CA in 2002 and never looked back. Started the fanfic writing thing in September 2007, though I was part of a fanfic writing group responsible for The Gargoyles Saga (seasons 1 and 2) in the Gargoyles fandom back in 1999-2000. Got attracted to Code Lyoko in 2006 and have been trying to follow the universe to this day. Yes, the bio is short and brief but it'll do.

Pic: I wanted a pic of a teddy bear with a gun, mostly because it would look funny. Instead I settled for the pic of Milly's bear because it still looks kind of goofy.

On Writing: Writing is a good way to express your ideas and thoughts when you lack the skill or desire to draw it out. It also helps stir the imagination, something that people sometimes lack in a day and age where the visual medium is a more powerful influence than ever before. Going for fanfiction is a good way to hone in your skills because your audience is already familiar with the characters you're going to write about. You can then concentrate on getting a well told story out there instead of how a character should act and behave. If you have an idea brewing in your head, write it out and maybe even post it here. You'll never know how good you are or how to get better if you keep your work secret.

The Reset Arc: When I started writing, I decided that I would try to go after any and every genre possible in the Code Lyoko universe. I did a mix of romance/autobiography/comedy/drama in "Writer's Block". Drama and character analysis was what was on tap for "Wits". "All Hallow's Eve" was a holiday themed light romance piece while "An Odd Couple" (which, as of this writing, is the one I got the most reviews for in the shortest amount of time) is a romantic comedy and "The Lioness" is my crack at taking fan requests. After five stories, I felt it was time to try to go for these and other genres while doing it on a grand scale.

Welcome to The Reset Arc.

The Reset Arc is a fanfic series that takes place after the events of the final episode of Code Lyoko. Since I wanted to include "Wits" an "An Odd Couple" into the series, you can expect the episodes to lead up to the events presented in those fics while also acting as full-fledged stand alone fics. While it is preferred to follow the episodes in order, you can actually enjoy most of the fics without having to have read previous ones. It will be a challenge for me to write this but hopefully you all enjoy the results.

Here's the order for The Reset Arc fics. I'm only listing up to Episode 13 there so far since I think I might be able to average one a month or so. No promises. This isn't a set schedule nor is it a proposed length for the series but it'll give people a fair idea of where I'm going as each one is written.

Episode 0 - Reset
Episode 1 - Coming Home
Episode 2 - The Day After
Episode 3 - Wits
Episode 4 - Maps
Episode 5 - ?

Unfortunately, due to real life commitments, I had to abandon this. One day I should pick this back up just to finish the job but when that'll happen is a mystery even to myself.

Oneshot Fics: The Reset Arc does not mean that I won't do any more oneshot fics. The reaction for "Writer's Block" was good and people really seemed to like "All Hallow's Eve" and "The Lioness". While it might not happen too often, you'll still get oneshot fics from me whenever I can't think of what to do next for The Reset Arc. The great thing about a oneshot is the freedom you can have with them. Write about whatever you want. Keep it as short or as long as you desire. Whatever you decide to do, a oneshot will get out any ideas you may have that you may not want to include in a series should you decide to do one. In fact, if you decide to start writing fanfics, I recommend doing a oneshot deal so you can try to start and finish a story without leaving too many open story threads.

Completion: One thing you will always get from me is a complete fic the first time out. I have nothing against posting up a new chapter whenever the chance arrives but the way I write things, I often go back and correct, change or add elements to previous chapters. With so much editing to story pacing and plot that I do, I feel it would be a disservice to readers if they have to keep re-reading chapters because of changes I made. Granted, with all of the fics being posted each day mine tend to get pushed down the list quickly, but I'd rather give the reader the whole deal at once instead of putting out pieces that could change almost daily.

Author's Notes: I look at them as footnotes to the story. Often times I'll reference something from popular culture, other stories, or other sources that could get lost on the reader. Instead of leaving them in the dark about this stuff, notes gets them up to speed and helps them see things the way I did when I wrote it. It's nice.

Reviews: Reviews are basically the best tool an author has to determine if they are improving in their writing or if they ended up telling a good story or not. Without them, the only tool left to gauge this sort of thing is the stats page. Even then, the stats don't tell you how people feel about your story. I love getting reviews, no matter if the reader liked the story or not. Please, don't hesitate to send me a review on any of my fics. I choose not to get anonymous reviews because I feel anyone can spam the review box this way without consequence or artificially pad a review box for a story. Aside from that, I try to respond to all of the reviews I get. I mean, I took the time to write a story, you took the time to say something about it, I should take the time to thank you for that.

Beta Readers: I recently registered to be a beta reader for the site, specializing in Code Lyoko fics. So, if you need a second set of eyes to look over your stuff, you can look me up. Having used another member of the site as a beta reader myself, I can tell you it's been quite helpful. You never know what mistakes you have made or whether or not your story could use some polish and tightening up.

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