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Author has written 9 stories for Diablo, Misc. Books, Gurren Lagann, Familiar of Zero, 5 Centimeters Per Second, X-overs, and SCP Foundation Mythos.

Home: Sweden

Languages: English, Swedish, Hungarian and German. I also know smaller amounts of Danish, French and Japanese as well as a tiny-tiny bit Spanish.

Interests: Linguistics, vexillology, public transport, geopolitics, history, philosophy and writing. Not to mention PC-games and anime.

Self-description: Relaxed, eccentric and well-intentioned. I'm also happy most of the time.

The languages are listed in order of proficiency from first to last, although the funny thing is that I'm more proficient in English than I'm in Swedish or Hungarian, which are my mother tongues.

Now, on to the important stuff. I've been here on FF for quite some time. I registered here in 2007 during my first year of high-school, which was around the time I started watching anime, and stumbled upon this site through pure luck when scouring some Love Hina forum in search of some clue for a new season, since I wasn't pleased with how the series ended. Ever since then, I've used this place to fill out the empty void created by bad endings with all your fantastic stories (they truly are!).

I did, however, read fanfics before coming here. Most of it was on either or , which were dedicated to StarCraft and Freelancer respectively. On the latter I also participated in an RPG where I created a character called Stefan Lundquist, it can still be found tucked away in some dark corner of the Internet. Though it died a year or so after I started participating, which is kind of sad. =( I also did participate in crack-RPG on , but that just derailed completely due to some people messing up the whole story with overpowered and nauseatingly kickass characters.

But that was back then, nowadays I mostly just read and review. I have this rule to review anything I finish reading, it's my way of saying thanks, and seeing how well it's been received by the authors, I intend to carry on this practice. While we're on the subject, I'd also just like to mention that, as a reviewer, there are only few things better than receiving a review reply, and very few things compare to positive ones. At first I was always worried if my long reviews wouldn't be seen as obnoxious, but so far the response has been the complete opposite and for that I'm really happy! So a big thanks to all those of you who do reply! =)

Naturally, I also like to receive reviews, and it never ceases to amaze me how some of mine old stories are still read and appreciated after say 5 years. It really makes me happy as a writer to know that there are people out there who actually like what I write, so if you've got some spare time, drop me a review and share your thoughts! =)

Now, on to the stories. After a while, I thought that after all the fantastic stories I've had the great pleasure to read here, I should give something back to the community, so after a little encouragement by some good folks here, I gave it a shot. These are the results:

Cloak of Dishonesty (Diablo II): It's about Gheed being confonted with his past by the people around him, revealing his past life and how he got to be where he is, as well as hints of a hidden affection for a certain someone (I think you can guess who). While not the first fic I've written, it's the first one I published. It just came to me after playing Arc I of the game: for some reason, I just liked Gheed and I thought it was a shame that so little was known about him (as usually is the case with minor characters), and from an idea born during a walk from school and fostered over the evenings of several weeks, this was spawned.

All Summer in a Day - Aftermath (All Summer in a Day): This essentially picks up where the short story ended: after Margot was released from the closet in which she'd been locked inside by her classmates, making her miss the one big thing she'd anticipated for years: the clear sky and sunshine. A lot of thoughts, feelings and introspection in this one and it's got quite a dark tone overall, probably an indirect result of the depression I had through the entirety of ninth grade, which'd by the time of writing was smouldering and had begun to wane. I wrote this one as a school assignment for English class and was only fifteen years of age then (2007), but I remember being very content with it, if not a bit proud. I rediscovered this in the dark depths of my harddrive by mere accident while working on a larger project for English last month. I remember my English teacher praising me for it so I thought "why the hell not?" and went ahead and uploaded it.

Melodic Drops (Gurren-Lagann): This story I wrote purely on impulse. Before I'd watched the episode in which Simon and Rossiu make up, I felt that Rossiu's character was unfairly portrayed as too illwilling, so I wrote this. I must admit though that I did equate him with myself a bit, making him love the rain in the same way I do. Later, when I'd watched it all, I at first felt this to be rather obsolete, but when I looked it over again, I realized it could be set anytime after that, so I posted it. I think this is one of my better stories, at least among the Gurren-Lagann ones.

The Fight Against Destiny (Gurren-Lagann): Yet again a story that I wrote on impulse, this time because I was grossly dissatisfied with the ending of the series. Sure, a bit of it is always good, but really, that was simply too much! And what the hell was it with that reaction? Indifferent? Even though he knew it was going to happen, he can't just walk off like it wasn't much at all, that's simply not believable! Plus, it didn't make me feel good, not good at all. So what does a fan do when he's not satisfied with what he got? He goes and writes a fanfic! Here's my result. It may be (very) corny at times, but at least it managed to calm my soul. If your heart is equally enraged at the ending, this might be what you're looking for.

Graveside Chat (Gurren-Lagann): Like all other Gurren-Lagann fics I've made, this was also written on impulse. Like the above one, this is another Alternate Ending fic, only it's the complete opposite of it. If she now would die, I can't believe that he'd be able to live on without her. He lost two of the most important people in his life, for God's sake! Who can possibly bear that?! I sure as hell wouldn't. For all you realists out there, I hope you'll find this to your liking.

Just Do What You Can (5 Centimeters Per Second): Just when I thought I was done with fanfics, what with all the unrealized projects and failed attempts at writing new ones, I somehow managed to write this. It's a rather short, reflective story about Takaki pondering his life situation and his past and slowly finding his way back into a meaningful existence. This is a presented as excerpts from a diary he keeps, which I thought would be a smart way to continue those unsent mails that were mentioned at the end of the film's second arc.

(On Hold) Hiraga no Monogatari (Zero no Tsukaima): This is my first longer multi-chapter endeavour and yes I know, I suck at both titles and summaries, I only hope that the story itself is more readworthy than its cover makes it out to be. Still, I'm rather enthusiastic about this, having come up with the idea almost a years ago when I'd just finished watching ZnT. This thing has been collecting dust on my harddrive ever since that, primarily due to writer's block and an unhealthy habit of procrastination. Finally though, I managed to finish this and post it, and I hope now that I'll also be able to see this through to the end. It's basically a grand adventure I've planned about Saito building up his own domain and dealing with the challenges that come it, or at least, that's what I intend it to be. XD Haven't touched this in a good while though and I doubt I'll ever finish it, though I don't want to just drop it and keep telling myself that I'll get back to it... someday...

So far, that's about it.

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