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Hi! This is your author, SunshineRosesAndDEATH speaking! Sunny doesn't know what she should put here, so she is just doing... THIS! -exploding weasel- Oops! The Authoress wishes to apologize to whom-so-ever's weasel that was.

Sunny is now fourteen years old, likes chocolate (a lot!) and lives west of the Alleghenies, north of the Little Miami, and east of the Dairy Queen. She likes fashion, writing and and talking about herself in the third person, which she does to great critical acclaim.

Favorite books: Harry Potter, Maximum Ride, Georgia Nicolson, Artemis Fowl, Bard Academy, Alex Rider. Since the Authoress doesn't wish to be typing here all day, she will stop listing now. The A-list, Barb and Dingbats Crybaby Hotline, pretty much all Shakespeare...THE AUTHORESS WILL STOP NOW! Mediator, Bloody Jack, Emily Dickenson...

Favorite music: In no particular order: Three Days Grace, Avril Lavigne, Stone Sour, Papa Roach, Nirvana, Paramore, Nickleback, CAKE, Evanescence, Gwen Stefani, Natasha Bedingfield, Taylor Swift, We the Kings, the Dollyrots, Breaking Benjamin, Saliva, Innocent Commotion and a lot more that the Authoress can't think of right now.

The Authoress would like to add that she only owns her mind, 206 bones, and the right to free speech, none of which are removable. Nothing else, except for twenty seven freakin pairs of cute shoes (and now she's having trouble storing them and she might have to throw some away and she would be so sad 'cause she loves her shoes muchly- uh, anyway!).

The Authoress would like to observe that stories with Fang in the title or summary get far more hits and reviews than other stories that are as good and this makes Sunny sad. So she would like to request that you, Readerly Person, read her much under-read story Everything's Normal In Beardland because she thinks it might be her favorite and no one has read it! -bambi eyes-

The Authoress favorite ships are




Harry/Hermione (Sunny knows that it's not freakin canon but she doesn't care. SO HA!)

Favorite Quotes

Jeb turned to her. "She's incorruptible." Bully for me. "At least by power." I said. "You haven't tried chocolate or cute shoes"-Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports.

You... are...a... fridge...with...wings...We're...freaking...ballet...dancers-Fang from Maximum Ride

"Man, you weigh a freaking ton! What have you been eating, rocks?"

"Why," I croaked. "Is your head missing some?"-Max and Fang, MR1

"It's such a cliche! Why do baddies always want to rule the world?"

"Deep seated emotional insecurity masquerading as a superiority complex?" ~Middleworld. I think

"What are you doing here, anyway?"

"'Here' as in your bedroom or 'here' as in the great spiritual question of our purpose here on this planet? If you're asking whether it's all just a cosmic coincidence or there's a greater meta-ethical purpose to life, well, that's a puzzler for the ages. I mean, simple ontological reductionism is clearly a fallacious argument, but-"

"I'm going back to bed." Clary reached for the doorknob.

~The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, page 307


Fang: -twitches and collapses on floor- "-If Max got drunk on eggnog, by firefly63. Vair funny!

Do you not know I am a woman? When I think, I must speak!- As You Like It, by William Shakespeare.

"Girls aren't people! Girls are speshul!" my friend Tessa

"Kill Kill

Maim Hate,


"I want to escape from Insanity, but it has a firm hold on my small intestine." ~Rosie

"BALLIN!" my bestie Emily

"Wink wink nudge nudge cough kick in the balls." My friend Leah

"But we don't haAve a baker!" Rachel. Looooong story

"So you put the pickle between the buns?" Sam. She's perverted.

"So that's the way it's going with John, huh? You know that book Ben's (my little brother) reading?"


"Maybe it's like that."

"And how exactly is that?"

You know how Thelma cheats Francis out of the tea set?"

(No joke, those are their names)

"Yes, I remember."

"Maybe John only wants to be half a boyfriend."


"Maybe you should tell him you either want to be Boyfriend and Girlfriend or Not Anything."

"And this relates to Thelma and Louise how?"


"Louise hides the dime in the tea set, right? And then Thelma wants it back 'cause she doesn't know what she's missing?"

"Yes, yes"

"Maybe that's what should happen."

"I should hide a dime in my tea set?"


"Did that sound vaguely dirty?"


"Uh, anyway! What were you saying?"

"I was saying... oh forget it."

"Did you forget?"


-rolls eyes- ~That's me and my mom talking about boys. You can see why I ask my friends for advice instead of her. XD

"I'm a blueberry muffin! Shoot me with a walrus and hang me on your wall!" ~ME!

"In some situations, only profanity can really express how you feel inside. So, -bleeep- -bleeeep- -bleeeeeeeep-!" Me again. I do say clever things sometimes.

Harry: I like a quiet life, you know me.

Fred and George: "Harry!" said Fred, elbowing Percy out of the way and bowing deeply. "Simply splendid to see you, old boy--"

"Marvelous," said George, pushing Fred aside and seizing Harry's hand in turn. "Absolutely spiffing."

Percy scowled.

"That's enough, now," said Mrs. Weasley.

"Mum!" said Fred as though he'd only just spotted her and seizing her hand too. "How really corking to see you--"

Ron: Can I have a look at Uranus too, Lavender?

Ginny:"The thing about growing up with Fred and George," said Ginny thoughtfully, "is that you sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve."

Ron: What in the name of Merlin's most baggy Y-fronts was that about?

Harry: I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me!

You know there's something wrong with your life if the contents of your mind are being forwarded around the dinner table.- Me in my soon to be posted fanfic.

When life give you lemons, make apple juice then laugh as everyone tries to figure out what the hell you did.

I got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory.

I used to be indecisive, now I'm not sure.

It's you and me versus the world...we attack at dawn.

I hate it when the voices and my imaginary friends fight.

Have you seen my mind? I seem to have lost it.

If you are pretty much exactly like Max, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you hate those stupid copy and paste things, copy and paste this into your profile.

SunshinerosesandDEATH doth proclaim 'go forth and conquer into the wild regions of Sunny's mind. Forgeteth not to REVIEWeth

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