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Hey guys!

Well, as you might have guessed from the rather boring nickname, I'm a newbie...
(Please don't hurt me!)

Hey everyone!

Once again, I apologize for not being the fastest to update, if I do at all. The simple fact is something I've only recently come to realize- my stories are largely based off inspiration (i.e. flashes of what they might say or do next in every story/chapter, even if I've got it planned out). This means that a lot of the things I post aren't going to be complete for a long time- we may be talking months. That's nothing new to some of the people familiar with my lack of updates, but I know that it can be frustrating not to get to the end of a story if you consider it good. If anyone out there is a little angry at me for the non-updating, I will sympathize. That will not, however, change my mind. I cannot and will not rush any of my stories because some of the few people that do read them are impatient for an update. As flattering as it may be, changing the story itself because I've rushed to post something can only lead to it changing the story itself and sooner rather than later becoming just what everyone wants rather than the picture in my own head.

To all of you out there waiting patiently, thank you. It means the world to me that you've decided to read something I've written, and believe you me, it does make me want to update faster (even though I usually don't have the inspiration to do so) knowing that I've got a few fans out there. To my author favs/friends who support me, thank you. The guidance experienced writers provide tend to make me want to become a better writer, which means content of all my stories, in and out of this website, will improve.

To everyone out there reading this, expect my best effort on all my stories from now on. I won't pull any punches.

Thanks for reading,


The image in my profile is an original sample picture from Windows Vista

Outside the Story: Secrets in the Battle Frontier Interview


Interviewer: How would you describe your battling style?

Lily: I'm a very contact-based coordinator, so I'll admit I love getting out there with my pokemon, but I'm also a very strategic
sort of girl. That usually leads to me to flying and plant-based moves. Of course, I can work with anything if I have to- but, then, I don't usually have to.

Interviewer: What is your view on Drew and May?

Lily: They are the strangest and sweetest couple I've seen in a while. I'll say no more.

Interviewer: One more question- Why is the curtain behind you freezing to a pulp of cotton?

Lily: (Turns to see a Teddyursa attempting to stop a Wartortle from freezing the curtain.)
Ah! Teddy, get away from the frost! Wanda, if you so much as breathe one breath of ice on that
curtain, I'll turn your shell into a table.

Wartortle stops freezing and begins to run from Lily.

Lily: I'm so sorry- I'll pay for the defrosting.

Interviewer: (Anime drop) Never mind, it's just fine...

At this point, the Interviewer is somewhat freaked out, and begins to inch away from the situation.



Drew wakes up in the middle of the night, thinking about things that have happened, and things to come. An old friend helps him out- It's a bit plot-less, but it's the prequel to my first multi-chapter fan fiction.

They say that dreams are a gateway to the subconscious- to our hopes and desires.

Secrets in the Battle Frontier


My version of the Battle Frontier Adventures. Romance, Friendship, Comfort, and Hurt.

Personally, I don't find enough friendship fan-fictions on here that I favor... Maybe someone else will enjoy mine? Either way, the story isn't rated T for anything really bad (Please don't make me specify.).

The main warnings are all relatively mild, and don't have enough harmful content to be posted.

He didn’t say anything, just knelt over Lily, and took her pulse through her wrist. After rummaging in his black backpack, he drew out a small roll of bandages. Quickly, he wrapped her hand, still not saying anything. The soft sounds of the fabric moving between her fingers, around her wrist, and over her palm were all that May heard.
Not the people walking around them.
Not her friends trying to ask Drew what was going on.
Not the hum of her pokeball opening, or of Munchlax trying to bug her.
None of it.

Goodbye and Good Luck.


"Goodbye, sweetie. I'll miss you."

Those words- Her last words. They never left. All that happened was the repetition- Over and over and over again. He wanted her. He needed her.
She wasn't there.

A new One-shot, possible romance, but more Hurt/Comfort than anything.



My first official Fan Fiction for the Winx Club, Riven/Musa

Did she have any idea? Did she know how much he missed them- how much he missed everyone? No. She couldn't. No one did...

This one-shot is still a little bit of a prequel to my multi-chapter Winx Fan Fiction,

What happened?

K+ to Teen

A re-make of one of my first attempts at fan fiction. Hopefully, I can keep the magic that I had in the original to this one... No idea if it will.

"Oh, you so like him!" Stella exclaimed, giving Musa a coy smile.
She scowled, gripping the covers of her bed harder.
"I don't. I never have. We're just friends." her tone was robotic, somehow icy. Why it was, Stella had no idea- this was a typical idea for Musa and her, they'd battle over the topic for a little before Musa snapped. This was more serious- Darker, scarier, colder.
What was going on?

Heartbreak Musical

K+ to Teen

One-Shot written to a prompt for Leekie's (Now Cancelled) contest.

AU: Lily's finally convinced her high school to host a benefit talent show, in order to raise money to help the town out. The problem? She has to do everything for her act, and for the show!
Drew is Lily's best friend and roommate, but he's worried about some other things, too.
May is entering the show. How will heartbreak, music, and old memories play into this?

This wasn't happening. TELL ME THIS ISN'T HAPPENING!!
It's happening. Oh joy.

It was a disaster in the making- Idiotic clowns, clueless stage staff, and now a singer that refused to practice?
I am so totally dead.

Lily signed gently, watching as her semi-pathetic roommate tried to to undo the knot that opened the curtains. The look in his eyes was completely spacey- How much medicine had the nurse forced on him? Honestly, the boy hardly seemed to be alive.

And then there was the singer- May Maple. Gosh, the girl was odd to watch- So completely amazing at helping around set, never really saying much. It would be interesting to find out how on earth she'd sing in front of over Three-Hundred students.
This is going to be an interesting show.

Okay that's about it for now! Well, hope you enjoyed reading...

All the best,


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