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Hi My first time writing in my bio...And I'm already a fan! Hehe:p Anyway here's some stuff about me and what not I hope you enjoy your visit.

Name: Real one only my closest friends know But call me EM, Element, or some other nick name if i approve it first though

Age: Neh I'm not an adult yet but I've passed the kid stage and now reside in high school

Anyhow since you know two basic things about me I'll tell you that I LOVE writing and want to be a writer when I grow up. I apologize for not completing my story upon which i've had up for age's just didn't have time. Every now and then i'll work on the new chapter but only get a sentence in before i gotta go write a speech or do chores and what not so yeah. again i apologize to any whom i have made wait. Let's see what else...

I love anime. Naruto, Bleach, One peice, pokemon, and what not. The average and few...Unaverage. If anyone can tell me where to get Prince of Tennis Ova's 22 on up i'll appreciate it very much and forever be in your debtI can't find it anywhere! Anyhow.

I love music and am very strongly affected by it emmotionaly and mentaly. Which is why i only listen to pure songs. Hardly any of the crap put in this new age. Hehe yeah I'm odd deal with it

Ummm I like writing a few original stories and I'm currently working on one. If you'd like to read it when it's done just pm me and I'll send you the link. I'll be posting it on my Fiction Press account. Oh and if you want any pic's of my charcaters...Sorry but I suck at drawing and describing. But if your ever willing to help me draw them I'd be much in debt to you. I'd like to see if I can ever get my imagination on paper. Very hard thing to tame it is...Ummm oh yeah and just a warning I babble a lot. Shocking isn't it?

Oh and I love blue!! Blue is my all time favorite color!!...Don't know why i said that but I don't care. Hehe blue...

Ummmm my birthday's in july. If you just wish me happy birthday sometime in that month thank you very much! Cause recently i haven't had the best birthday's so I'll really appreciate it if you tell me that when the time come's. anyhow...

I have a gaia and Myspace so if you want me to add you just PM me and I'll give you my account.

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Hehe well that's all I got and i'm babbling again so yeah. Have a nice day and thanks for visiting my profile!

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