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Hi. Stuff about me is in BOLD type below, skip past it if it's just fanfiction you're after, aye?

Aye cause I'm Scottish, not because I'm a pirate.

I'm an 18 year old boy who lives in Scotland (so begging my pardon if I mess up on any American culture differences when writing in an American highschool AU, thanks). My main fandoms that I stick too are Phoenix Wright and Naruto, though I am currently branching out. Why? Because Naruto is you're basic shonen manga/anime and Phoenix Wright because it's just... well it's just "Wow!" isnt it? I mean "Take that!", "Objection!", "Hold it!" and, seeing as Apollo Justice is upon us, "Gotcha!" I could play that game for hours on end, and I often do. Trust me.

I listen to Punk/Rock/Punk-Rock music, though I actually like every genre, and I prefer fanfiction set in AUs (Unless they already are in the "real world", Like Phoenix Wright...ish)

Currently I'm attending a University in Glasgow ("aye man, 'ats pure mental" - that's how we talk, really. It is.) to do a French and Law course, 4 years of work, scary stuff. There's supposed to be a manga club at my university, I need to look it out.

I have blonde hair currently (my green dye washed out) - Natural colour is brown but I go with Blue and Green and Yellow. I had green hair to my highschool Prom, Green hair and a Green/Blue Kilt - "Cannae beat it" as we Scottttttts would say. On the other hand, my IDENTICAL TWIN BROTHER (Shameless bragging) had purple hair if that's more your scene. My brother also has a fanfiction account, though I don't remember it off hand, I'll post his link here when I tell him I have a fanfiction.net account - He doesn't know - well, he does, he doesn't know that I know he knows though. He writes some great Naruto stuff, alot of which he doesn't put on this, or any, site - the cad (google it, folks - and I don't mean the webcomic BU).

Steph, I know you know that I know.

So aye, that's about it, drop me a message to say hi if you want, read my fanfiction maybe? Review?

Characters I like:

Naruto, Phoenix, Franziska, Luffy, Goku and Ichigo etc etc. And Sakon. I like Sakon

Characters I used to like:

Sasuke, shippuden Sasuke just isn't my scene, kids.

Pairings I like

GaaMats (That's Gaara and Matsuri for you at the back)

Hmm, Guess I don't like much pairings from anything else, yet anyway.

Pairings I dislike

I like all pairings basically... but there is only a few I can't stand... Inscest. I just find it... shudder... it makes my skin crawl. Especially Sakon and Ukon... I have a twin and I think thats why that particular pairing strikes me as so creepy. That also includes cousin on cousin action (I'm lookin' at you NejiHina !!)

Fan-fics I am currently dealing with:

Sakura Haruno, you will be mine! - Long waits between chapters. So sorry. University, Loans, Bank Problems, Finding a Job - time just vanishes.

Here's what happened - GaaHina - It'll be pulled down soon, gotta re-write it. Sorry.

I have the endings to both of those fanfictions planned out, don't worry! It'll be done before Christmas (Which is what they said about world war 1, history fans.)

University sucks.

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