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Ah! So, I've finally made myself this spiffy little account. I've actually been floating around for quite a while now, reading everyone else's stories, but never, you know, reviewing or writing my own stuff down. Well, I've been RPing at this one site for quite a while now, and I've gotten a lot of people telling me I should write my own stories. So, I figured I might give it a shot. And, well, here I am!

The Name's Monica, but I go mostly by Knob/Knobby. I like to write, draw, read, sing, and dance very, very badly. I'm a fan of anime, and a super major obsessive fan of KH 1-2. I played Kingdom Hearts 1 like, forever ago back when I was like, eh, 12. Then I got the 2nd one, and EVERYONE was GAY!

I was so proud.

So, I'm a fan of Yaoi couplings. Yay for birthing another Yaoi fangirl into the internet community! I swear it's not my fault. I used to be all 'Eww that's gross' when I first heard about it, but I've grown to accept and -gasp- love it. Haha, that sounds weird.

Anyhow, I'll just jot down a couple of interesting things about me. I'm not really gonna mention a lot of 'important' things, because they're boring!

-My favorite color is purple.

-Sometimes I wear a purple jumpsuit when I'm sad.

-My friends have called me everything from emo - happy clown girl of doom.

-I don't like labels, they're annoying. I am me, that's my label.

-I contradict myself alot.

-I like to wear sparkly hair clips.

-I have a small obsession with brown sandals.

-I like to burn things.

-I have PhoboPhobia, which is the fear of having a phobia.

Here are some of my favorite pairings/things:

Kingdom Hearts: Axel/Roxas, Sora/Riku, Selphie/Tidus, Wakka/Kairi, Zexion/Demyx, Marluxia/Larxene, some Vexen/Zexion, Riku/Anti-Sora.

Harry Potter: Draco/Harry, Ron/Hermione.

Twilight: Jacob/Bella, Edward/Bella, Jacob/Edward/Bella is

Host Club: Tamaki/Haruhi, Hikaru/Kaoru

Loveless: Soubi/Ritsuka, Semei/Ritsuka

And some More, when I think of it.

Story Information

Current Story Information:

Slightly Sedated Slumber: Currently a work in progress. I could use the summary from the page, but that wouldn't be fun! Plus, this'll give people who look at my profile insider info. =P Ok. So, Slightly Sedated Slumber is a story placed in a current setting although on different worlds. Roxas, an emotionally and sexually abused boy, has landed in the care of a known 'Flaming Homosexual," Axel. Both face physical and mental drama as they undergo homophobia, rape, and the knowledge that not everything in the world is as simple and clean as they thought it was. What'll happen when Roxas unites with his 'long long brother' Sora and finds out his living situation wasn't what he thought it was? Pairings include Akuroku, Sora/Riku, Demyx/A lot of people/Zexion, Marxene, anything else I feel like adding. =P

Bounce and the Art of Dying: Currently a work in progress. Axel, a time 'bouncer' has died 20 times searching for a life in which Roxas and he can finally fufill their reasons for living. After 20 deaths, God had given him an ultamatum. Either he finds Roxas and they finally live their lives properly, or they both die again and Axel goes up to heaven, forever leaving Roxas behind. With a fair amount of drama and tradgety, Roxas and Axel go about their 21st, and last, life, only hoping they can finally get their happy ending. Pairings Include mainly Akuroku with mentions of Sora/Riku, Demyx/Zexion, and a few other small random pairings. Contains a few Ocs, but none of which with main parts or pairings.

I Heart Ebay: Axel finds out a way for the organization to get their hearts, and the meaning to life: Ebay and Roxas. Lots of fluff and insanity, and hopefully humor. Completed. Pairings include: Akuroku, Saix/Xemnas, Demyx/Zexion, and traces of Marxene. Lots of random Vexen bashing, for no particular reason. Completed.

13 Days of Christmas: A short christmas fic in which Axel gives Roxas 12 interesting and creative christmas presents. Based off of "The Twelve Days of christmas" with obvious changes. Crackish and fluffy. Main Pairing: Akuroku. Completed.

A Story, Got it Memorized: A short, weirdly written fic about Axel's view of his days with Roxas in the organization. Kind of angsty, kind of fluffy, mostly Akuroku flavored. Completed.

One Time, I Fell In Love: A short angst fic about Jacob and his view on how things went down in Eclipse. Kind of Drabbleish and without a real plot. Completed.

Yellow Zinnias: Roxas, It was never about dying, this story, our story, it wasn't about me dying. It's about living. Rox, you can't spend your life waiting to die. You have to live. For me. Your life isn't over yet. Just mine. [Akuroku [Character Death

Possible Story Ideas

Random Story Ideas that pop into my brain and try to get me to write them down. These stories may never exsist, but here are a couple of ideas I may someday find the time to write.

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead: The Day his brother died was the day Roxas's life really started. Burdened with the task of telling his brother's ex-lover, who he never met, about his death, months after the formal funeral, Roxas goes on a road trip to Alabama. In a weird sequence of events, he finds himself with a hitch hiker also going to Alabama. After enduring drive throughs, crazy axe murder movies, a billion packages of starbursts, and a very opinionated redhead, Roxas finally finds a way to get over his brother's death and finds that sometimes, the things you're looking for are closer than they seem.

Another High School Cliche: Sora: The possibly-Anorexic Sex-addict with a fetish for leather. Roxas: The obvious closet gay nerd with a man purse and a liscene to kill. Axel: The junior who set the guy's bathroom on fire. And Riku: Who's just too god-damned perfect. Set the stage for... Another High School Cliche!

One Thousand Burnt Sympathy Cards: After the death of his brother, Roxas rescues a coma patient who'd plug was about to be pulled. In mourning over his brother's death, he spends time talking to Axel, the coma patient, unaware that he can hear everything Roxas is saying. Sometimes, Roxas finds out, love isn't about romance, or even life. Sometimes love is about hospital rooms and a thousand burnt sympathy cards.

My Life in Twenty Seconds: They say life flashes before your eyes before you die. They say you'll see everything you ever did. Well, here's the truth. There is no truth. Here's my life as I saw it, my life... in twenty seconds. (Akuroku flavored)

Well, that's all for now!


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