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Hi! I'm Paul DeShazo Hare Jr. Call me pjcool in reviews.

Age: 15.

Gender: Male

Born: 11-15-92.

Height: 6,4

Weight: 140 Pounds.

Hair: Short brown hair.

Home: Tennessee, USA.

Name: Paul D. Hare Jr a.ka "Sha Hare".

Background Music: Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne.

2nd Backgruond Music: "Push it to the Limit".

Nickname: "Sha"

FanFiction Nickname: "Zombie boy" (A/N: The Anti Freedom Fighters call me that because I look like a zombie when I don't get enough sleep.)

Crushes: Erinbubble92 (My girlfriend), Lien-Da (Sonic SatAM comics)(A/N: Dude, Lien-Da makes my heart beat!)

Fav. Movies: The Shining, JAWS, The War of the Worlds, and John Wayne's movies.

Non-Favorite Movies: Night of the Living Dead (1968), Pyscho (1960), Dawn of the Dead (1978), The Birds (1960), Day of the Dead (1985), and Land of the Dead (2005).

Fav. Book: Stephen Kings's books, JAWS, and Sonic the Hedgehog comics.

Likes: Playing videogames, reading books, and watching TV.

Dislikes: Bullies, swearing, bees and wasps (sometimes), and chores (not entirely).

Fav. Food: Pizza, hot dogs, and pasta.

Fav. Cartoon: Sonic the Hedgehog.

Fav. VideoGames: Call of Duty.

Pets: 1 dog, 3 cats, and 1 horses.

Fav. Sport: Paintball.

My Fanfiction Future Family: Erin Dennis and Lien-Da (My wifes), Rutan (My son), Schruder Huscott (A new friend), Prince Manic (My godson in Sonic's future), Sonic and Sally (Old friends), Fiona and Scourge (My emploiers in Shadow's future), Indy and Sarah (My real future kids), Meerick the Echinia (My friend).

Enemies, Rival, and Fears: Flesh-Eating Zombies (Worst Nightmare), Fiona Fox (A wanted traitor), Schruder Huscott (Nazi trooper), Scourge the Hedgehog (a jerk), The Viet Congs (The new enemies from Mobius 25 years later).

Fav. Quoats from Movies: (Jaws) "You're gonna need a bigger boat.", (The Shining) "HERE'S JOHNNIE!!", (The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence) "Thats my stake, Valance.", (Scarface) "Say hello to my little friend!"

My OC.

Schruder Huscott

Age: 39

Schruder is a Nazi trooper and my evil clone. He likes taking all the credit and dilkes failing his big missions. He's the same height as mine and same weight too. He hates Sonic the Hedgehog because of the day they first met and his first failure. His team is Team Clone. His team crew are Fiona Fox and Scrouge the Hedgehog. In Sonic's future, He started to become Sonic friend when I was killed by a group of terrorist and he saved Princess Sonia and Prince Manic from Nack the Weasle. In Shadow's future, he plotted to overthrow King Shadow before Sonic almost got hanged.

The Viet Congs

A groupe of enemies in Mobius 25 Years Later who try to be the undefeated Viet Congs by outnumbering Sonic's army when Lara-Su join the war. They like setting up some camo traps and dislikes losing battles. They try to kill Lara-Su but failed because Knuckles has been teaching her some guardian attack skills. They surrander when Schruder joined Sonic's troops.

Alexander Sokolove

age: 20

Alex is a russian soldier who sworn to fight to the death at Stalingrad. He likes Sally and dislikes The Nazis. In Sonic's future, he is Sonia's friend. In Shadow, he assasined King Shadow before Schruder save Sonic. Alex has blonde hair and a blonde beared. Sally has a crush on Alex.

My OC quoats:

Mobius 25 Years Later.

Nack the Weasle: "You didn't eve shoot a dead man!"

Schruder Huscott: "No! And I ain't gonna let him shoot me neither!"

Rio Labo in Sonic Style

Fiona as Amalieta: "(sob) I told you I'd kill him. (sniff) I you, didn't I?"

John Wayne as Col. McNally: "You told me."

Sonic and The Nazis

(The Freedom Fighters fell out their hiding spot.)

Adolf Hitler: "Rommel, who let teenagers in this base?"

Erwin Rommel: "Not me, sir."

Adolf Hitler: "WELL GET THEM!!"

Sonic: "RUN!!"

Battle of Stalingrad

A russian coward: "We must get out of here! Abanded ship!!"

Sonic: "Kill him!"

Antione: "Stop the traitor!"

Alexander: "Not one step backward, you coward!"

(Sonic killed the coward in front of Sally.)

Pjcool's Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Elias: (creepy vocie)"They're coming to get you, Sally."

Sally: "Stop it! You're Ignorent!"

Elias: "They're coming for you, Sally"

Sally: "Stop it! You're acting like a child!"

Elias: "They're coming for you."

(Elias notice the cemetery zombie walking torwards them.)

Elias: "Look, there comes one of them now!"

Sally: "He'll hear you!"

Elias: "Here he comes now! I'm getting out of here!"

Sally: "ELIAS!!"

(The Cemetery Zombie grab Sally by the arm and tried to bite her.)

New Stories coming soon

Title: Pjcool's Night of the Living Dead.

About: After Elias Acorn was killed by a zombie, Sally Acorn flees to a farm house with Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckle, Julie-Su, Lara-Su, Ash Mongoose, and Mina Mongoose as they battle a against a horde of zombies who are brought to life by a unknown radiation from a satlight that exploded.

Note: There wil be no nudity in my story.

Warning: This story will sadly have bad words and gore.

When publish: October 1, 2008. (A/N: I just want to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Night of the Living Dead (1968).)

Title: Pjcool vs. Fiona Fox

About: Pjcool challenges Fiona a fight to the death because he hates her so much that he just wanna kill her so bad since she betrayed the Freedom Fighters. Fiona accepts the challenges because she's been chased too many times by Pjcool and she wants the chase to end wheater she lives or dies. Who will win the fight to the death? They have to fight without letting their guard down or die trying.

Charaters: Pjcool, Sonic, Sally, Erinbubble92, Cream, Tails, Knuckles, Ash, Mina, and the rest of the Freedom Fighters.

Villians: Fiona, Scourge, Schruder, Lien-Da, Kragok, Dark Liegon, and the remaining Nazi soliders.

Title: The Life of Flyer and Scieder

About: A true story about two horses who have been best friends since they first met at Jackson, TN. They've been friends for 7 years. A former race horse (Flyer) and a farmer horse (Scieder) become B.F.F.L and their friendship will never be foregotten. They were owned by a former city boy (Pjcool) and he is also a friend to both horses.

Note: This story really did happened because I'm the owner of those two horses and yes, I'm the city boy.

Title: Sonic the Hedgehog and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

About: Sonic must find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis do. Will he get the Ark? Will he win his love, Sally?

Charaters: Sonic, Sally, Knuckles, King Max Acorn, Queen Alicia Acorn, Tails, and the Freedom Fighters

Villans: Renae Belloqe (Paul Freeman), German Agent Arnold Toht (Matthew Lance), Col. Dietich and the Nazis.

Sonic SatAM 2: episode 2

About: Sonic and Erinbubble92 recused Cream and her mother. Will Erin and Cream become friends?

Title: Land of the Dead: Road to Station Square

About: A parody of the video game (But, there will be some scenes that are not from the game). Sonic retires from hero work and marries Amy Rose, who gives birth of a daughter, Sonia. He moves to Post Chaple Rd., Jackson, TN. Where he and his neighbors, Pjcool and Erinbubble92, lives. One day they encountered Pjcool's worst fear in his life "Zombies". Sonic and his friends comes out kills some zombies, that are trying to get to the city, Station Square.

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