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Author has written 15 stories for Shining Force, X-overs, Wild Arms, Suikoden, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy VII, and Harry Potter.

Year Three is finished. I'm working to make sure I have filled in plot holes, rather than creating too many new ones. Then I will start Year Four's outline in earnest, and start writing chapters for Year Three. I'm also working on thank you pics for the backlog of review caps, and if I can get my backside, and fingers in gear, I may even be able to put something together as a thank you for the reminders to keep trying to get this done.

I'm a firm believer in the following phrases: "Find something you love to do, and find someone who will pay you to do it," "Normal is just a phrase used to hurt the rest of us," "I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not sure," and "Meow." Though technically the first story of mine to appear on the 'net, Alternate Ending is not my first fanfiction. That honor goes to one that will never see the screen. (This thing is about 100 chapters long, split into four books, and is kind of pathetic) I have written stories for Harry Potter, Final Fantasy 7 & 8, Shining Force, Suikoden, and Wild Arms, but that's not to say those are the only ones who will be cursed by my words... (Just give me time, and maybe ideas and I'll get around to the rest ;) )

What if, is now 'What if the world turned its head sideways,' and is done. I'm outlining the events for the sequel, but I'll come back later to type in its name. I've got ideas for fourth year, but haven't managed to do more than that.
I have posted pictures on deviantart.com. If this works, go to toranekohybrid/deviantart.com, and you'll find my profile there. They should be 50, 100, 300, 750, 1000, and 1500 Reviews respectively in toranekohybrid.deviantart.com. If you can't find them, let me know and I'll send you the link again. If that doesn't work.. well... I'll figure something out.

-- Apparently, someone took the time to find a few points of reference where Harry is actually called 'black-haired' in the original book. Kudos. Thank you, while I'm at it. It gives me another phrase to use in description when I restart. Trick is, I've looked up the definition of 'brunet' and 'brunette' and found that it covers dark-haired individuals, and includes black hair. So I'll keep using it (it is easier to type), but when I go through for revisions (to clean up typos) I'll switch some of my 'brunet' references to black-haired to add some variety.
--BIG thanks to yet-another-Gaara-fangirl. If it wasn't for this intrepid soul, I might not have gotten off my duff to finish the first story.
--As far as the reviews go, I am VERY grateful. There are some reviewers who make interesting points and I wish they were logged in so I could respond, but I just want to inform anyone who looks that I know you can't sway people away from their beliefs. Harry doesn't yet. This is the first time he's tried. So, if that isn't enough of a clue as to what's coming, I'll tell you this. The end of book one and the events of book two will be a rather rude awakening for the poor child. Oh, and someone doesn't like my way of citing Harry's sources of information. I'm sorry, but I actually speak like that, so it didn't seem too farfetched for someone else to. Meh.--
--I've had one reviewer compliment my writing but they at the same time told me I fell into a cliche. Sorry to say, I'm aware of that. I argued with myself on the decision of Slytherin or Ravenclaw when I wrote this story. I went the Slytherin route partly because I actually know the names of his would-be housemates, and partly because I liked the 'polarity' issue it would cause. Hopefully, while I do wind up using other cliches, it's a case of me using them, not the other way 'round, and that I have enough twists on them that I'm not just writing one great cliche. Of course, if I am, I hope someone lets me know, or that I'm writing a cliche enjoyably enough to get by.--
--For those who actually read this, Seelie is an OC, not a Mary Sue. She's just a little less smart than Hermione, a super klutz, verbally inept, and probably about to quit playing Quidditch, though I'm working on a reason for it. Studying for OWLS might work... Ginny will probably take her place as Seeker, and Seelie appearances were ALWAYS meant to be infrequent. I'm aware of the censure most OC's generate, and I'm sorry for those who are unhappy with her presence. Too bad, so sad, she's just going to stay put for a while. If it's any comfort, the older Slytherins only tolerate her. Any others' views, message me and I'll respond. If it later looks like she's actually Mary Sue-ing, tell me the details that cause you to believe this, and I'll look into it. Please? Sub note, I have now recieved what I consider my first flame. It's kind of funny. Kind of not. For the person who posted it, or people who agree, if you have a suggestion as to a canon (not cannon as the flame spelled it) person to use, feel free. If I can, I'll revise it and place them in there, or not, as that would completely change the dynamic of the games I've written so far. Again, as of Harry's third year, there will probably be someone else as Seeker, so why grump NOW? No one grumped during his first year. Meh.--
--I credited a reviewer with the idea of making Tyler an 'Unmentionable.' Bad me. The reviewer suggested 'Unspeakable,' and my goofball fingers slipped 'mentionable' in in place of 'speakable.' Must have thought 'Hey, they're synonyms,' even if the connotations are... snerk
--Finally thought to point out that I'm ignorant of British slang, so the Quill name using 'Fancy' was a name, not a term. Though if you listen to a Reba Mc Entire song... er. Off track. Sorry.

I'm also thinking of reworking Alternate Ending, Recovery and Rebuilding, but will need help finding plotholes. Rather, finding ALL of them. This could vastly alter all three stories, so anyone with suggestions on whether to just upload the changed chapters, or to upload them as totally new stories, post a review or e-mail me straight out. Of course, this assumes anyone READS my profile. Snerk

I have been called a human dictionary, and I have a liking for reading, so if anyone contacts me to beta for them, I will at least try. I can help with word choice, if needed, but please, don't ask me for commas help. looks at preceeding sentence I have found I use too many as it is.

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