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My name is Tammy and I live down under in Australia. I have been fascinated with Sailor Moon since I was six years old.

I love writing Sailor Moon Fanfic in different scenarios, such as my first fanfic posted on this site, Love and Bloody Roses in which Serena is a woman with a dark past and Darien is the detective that must save her from a psycho killer known as the Red Rose Killer.

I love to write about that kind of love that is stronger than anything else. That kind of all consuming, unconditional and complete love that the couple concerned would do anything to hold on too, to protect. Love so strong that it sometime borders on obsession. But I don't just create this love out of thin air, my characters have to earn it, have to overcome some impossible obstacle in order to keep what they've found. What you will also find in my stories is emotion. I put myself in my character's shoes and I ask myself, what are they feeling? What is happening inside them in the moment? Why are they feeling this way?

Also, I think it is only fair to warn you than my stories tend to run dark at times, which can include violence such as shootings, beatings, murders, violent deaths and situations and so on. But there will never be rape in my stories, there are situations in which it might be implied, but it will never be written as a current event. The closest I will ever come is some unwelcome touching that will never exceed M15. Another thing I should warn you all about is that my steamy and/or sex scenes may appear at least once in each story. My main characters are either teenagers or adults and sex is a part of life. For those who don't like to read their scenes, there are usually warnings as to when one is going to occur and the option of skipping the intimate scenes will always be given. By skipping these scenes nothing crucial to the storyline will be missed, nothing crucial is ever written into these scenes.

I love reviews, advice and even generals criticism, I enjoy hearing about my strengths in writing and I accept opinions on my weaknesses in writing - how else can I improve my writing?

So please, feel free to offer any advise about my writing through a review or by email!

And be warned, my idea of a short story so far is 50, 000 words! So be ready to be in there for the long haul. My fanfics are long.

I hope you enjoy my fiction and please check for regular updates!


Well 2016 is drawing to a close and I want to wish everything a happy and safe 2017! Thankyou to all my readers and reviewers! You all inspire me to write.

Now for the updates on my fics. I have 4 going at the moment and I'm getting better at writing a few at a time, so yay!

Hearts Sight - Has been taken off the shelf after years and I am determined to get it finished. The hold up though is that I have to be in a certain mood to write this one. A calm serene mood where I can put myself in the gentler world of Heart's Sight. And boy, have those been hard to find in the last 6 months. But progress is being made. Chapter 3 is not too far away.

Mafia Legacy - Is my primary fic at the moment, getting the majority of my attention. At this moment in time chapter 14 is almost done. I had hoped to have it posted by New Years, but it doesn't look like I'm going to make it. It won't be too long though, I promise!

Lost in the Amazon - I have never written a story that requires so much research! If I were a professional writer, this would be one that I would research by actually going to Colombia, and experiencing everything. But since no one is paying me to write, I have to research. I posted the prologue so I won't get so overwhelmed with the research that I scrap the idea entirely. I have key scenes already written that I just love and want to share with you all. Out of the four fics in progress, I suspect that this one will be the one where chapters are far between, at least for now.

Six Weeks - Came to me on Christmas Eve. It just hit me and I started writing. It is a self-inflicted challenge. The challenge? To write something short (by short I mean half of what I usually write, so short by my standards) and fun! Not to mention hot. Right Now I'm not entirely sure just how hot it's going to get, but if you have read any of my previous works, you know that it can get very steamy, so I advise staying away from this one if you're too young. I have no deadlines for this one. Chapter 1 will be posted when it comes. But I will say that it won't been too long.

Happy New Year Everyone! I wish one and all a safe and happy 2017!

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Serena's mother has gone missing in Colombia. Renewed conflict has ignited in the region. Serena is alone and armed guerrillas after her. But Serena's troubles have only just begun. Stranded in the middle of the Colombian Amazon jungle, Serena's chances of survival rest on the arrogant but surprisingly skilled Darien Shields, who has his own reasons for risking Colombia's perils.
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It's 2 yrs since Serena/Darien faced the Red Rose Killer. Now a new danger is after Serena, an evil Serena thought she'd left behind in her past. An evil she fears more than the RRK. With their rocky relationship, could there be a new man in Serena's life
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A Serial Killer is stalking the women of LA. He has chosen his next victim, Serena Luna. It is up to one man to save her, the handsome homicide detective Darien Shields, who has been assigned the job of her body guard. Can he save her before its too late?
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