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Hello everyone! As from January 13th 2008, this profile has been edited. I really thought that the first two sentences weren't making much more sense. Plus, there are some new things that I felt I shoud add in here, but was too lazy to do it until now.

I plan to write The King of Fighters fanfiction, maybe Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and Last Blade also, but it all depends on the reviews. My pen-name means Aquarius Libra Libra Rabbit Rat Pig Rowan Poplar, which are my signs in Western, Chinese and Celtic Zodiac respectively. (A - sun sign, L - ascendant, L - moon sign, R - outer animal, R - inner animal, P - secretive animal, R - primary tree, P - secondary tree) I didn't want to use it, but I tried a number of other, more simple names and they were all taken.

King of Fighters is my favorite game EVER! I love the way characters are organized in teams, I love the way the cast changes every year, I love pretty much everything about it. My favorite KOF character is King, closely followed by Benimaru. (As you can see, I'm into gender ambiguous characters. Actually, when I first played KOF'94, I wasn't sure about Benimaru's gender, and I was convinced that King was male. You know, because of the name and the outfit...) Another game I adore is Last Blade. Unfortunately, SNK stopped releasing it after LB2. My favorite LB character is Hibiki Takane. Seriously, she is perfect. She is not evil (as much as they are sometimes charming, I really cannot support evil characters), she is emotional, which is very rare in fighting games, and she can kick (or better - slash) some b...! She is the only character I managed to clear the entire game with, using just one coin! Pretty amazing, huh?

I plan to write relatively short stories. I love reading long stories, but I'm just not patient enough to come up with them by myself. For example, "Taking control" could be expanded over at least a dozen of chapters, and, yet, it is only one chapter long. I don't know... I like it better that way. If you read any of my stories, please review them. It would mean a lot to me and it would encourage me to post more stories sooner.

Beside KOF, LB and FF, I plan to read following fics on this site: the Tribe, Buffy the vampire slayer, Charmed and Oz (from the TV shows section) and Shaman King, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Death Note, Elfen Lied and Noir (from Manga/Anime section). However, there are so many fics in these categories, that I surely won't be able to check them all out. So, if you are reading this and you happen to know a good fic that falls in some of the categories mentioned above, feel free to message me and recommend it to me. Especially if it's a shounen-ai or yaoi, although I know real yaoi isn't allowed here... I would love to read a good ColexLeo fic, I don't know if such a thing already exists here... Other crazy pairings I like (non-exhaustive list): JoeyxKaiba, MortyxJust_about_anyone, RenxHoro Horo, RyuxLyserg, BrayxJust_about_anyone, AngelxGiles (I'm crazy, I know...)

I would like to use this space here to thank my anonymous reviewers. I can't post a reply to you, guys, but, nevertheless, your reviews mean a lot to me. This applies to my all past and future anonymous reviewers. Cheers!

Khm, yeah... It's been three months, since this last paragraph was added in, and I've received only a couple of reviews. I've posted a story about Chizuru since then, and it's been thoroughly ignored by the reviewers. I guess that's because it is the most personal story I have written so far, so readers probably don't have much to connect to. Anyway, the invitation still stands. If you would like to review, go ahead! It would make me very happy.

I have finished watching Death Note anime a couple of days ago, and I really liked it, so I'm planning to check out the DN fics this site has to offer. It is a very intelligent series, and I assume it is pretty hard for writers who try to write fics that are equally intelligent and exciting as the story itself. With KoF, it's no problem. The plot usually doesn't make much sense there. (Wow, I can't believe I've just typed that. But I will never forgive the KoF story editors for making Whip a clone in '01. She started off as human. So, to me, Whip is not a clone. I refuse to accept that.) I guess the safest way to write DN fics would be comedy, or parody... or yaoi, of course, but that isn't something that's specific for DN. Yaoi is an instant hit pretty much everywhere. And although I notice how it's most often jam-packed with cliches and has no plot at all, I can't stop reading it. Seriously, it's like a drug. : D Now, writing a serious DN fic, that is a thriller, or a mystery or a drama requires some skill! I hope I will find authors on this site that have achieved that. I don't think I'll ever write DN fics. If I start writing again, I'll just stick to the NeoGeo games.

I think my new favorite anime character ever is... Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club. She's smart, she's kind, a nice person, but sarcastic at the same time, she's laid-back, and... OMG, she looks like a boy! I'm in love. (OK, not really.) It's too bad I never got to finish Ouran series.

Wow, it's been almost 2 years. If someone is still hoping that I will one day update my fic... I do plan to do so. Really. It's just that the real life has gotten so hectic, that I'm not sure when I'll have the time to write. Also, I don't really feel like writing lately.

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