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Author has written 12 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, and Naruto.

My name is Alicia. I was a seventeen-year-old when I wrote these. I am still a female in the United States.
I am not writing fan fiction anymore. Everything is being kept up for the hell of it.
If you know me in real life or through other online communities, please just leave and don't read my stories. Especially considering you were probably just creeping rather than looking up fan fiction, I doubt they concern you.

I love semi-colons (;), but I'll try not to overuse them.
I would like to note that I honestly do not mind swearing, and thus most of my stories contain it. If this offends you, I'm sorry.

I used to have this really weird/cute bunny/cat/bat from Songfic Misstress, but FanFiction has apparently edited what is allowed on profiles, so it'd got mutilated to the point of no recognition. :(
The story of it is that it started off as a bunny and ended up being something that we didn't know what it was. It was a bunny/cat/bat. I had to change it so that it would look okay.

OH MY GOODNESS. A drabble is 100 words or less. A half drabble is 50 words. A double drabble is 200 words. A FIVE HUNDRED word piece is NOT a drabble. LEARN YOUR SLANG.

Disclaimer: I was writing fanfiction before Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood came out, so all of my FMA references are about 2003!FMA.


Reviews: while I do appreciate reviews, I do not expect you to review. I don't always review, and so it would be hypocritical to expect it from anyone else.
Flames: I should warn you right here that if I ever recieve a flame, I'm going to flame your right back. Of course, when I first arrived here, I didn't know what a flame truly was. A flame is "a negative, hurtful comment meant only to anger or upset a person." It is NOT constructive criticism.
Review replies: I will no longer reply to reviews. I'm sorry.
My own reviews: I overuse cute and adorable. I hate it, but those are the words that come to mind, usually. Plus I use smiley faces...a lot. I also use them in review replies.


My two favorite animes and mangas: FullMetal Alchemist and Naruto. I like the FMA manga more than the anime though, because it has more plot and more developed characters. I like the Naruto manga more than the anime, but that's because I have more access to the manga. I found a MySpace with all the Naruto episodes though, so I'll have to start watching them.

I like so much more anime and manga than I can even think of. My resources of them both is limited though. =(
Other Favorite Animes: Ah! My Goddess (movie), Boondocks (if you count that), Chobits (I want to see more than I have), FullMetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Naruto, Princess Monokoke (movie), Sailor Moon, Trigun.
Other Favorite Manga: Chobits, FullMetal Alchemist, Instant Teen, Inuyasha, Naruto, Ranma 1/2, Deathnote, and Denkou Sekka Boys, Love Neko, Cut, Mister Mistress, and tons of other yaoi that I'm not even going to bother listing.

Now limited to favorites, awkwards, and hateds. Sorry.

Favorite Fullmetal Alchemist pairings:
Roy/Ed (I'm a yaoi fangirl and I have the squeal to prove it)
Riza/Winry (or both women remain single. Whichever comes first) (Yes, I support yuri as well as yaoi.)
Roy/Coffee (hahaha)

These FMA pairings would just be awkward:
Anyone with Alex Armstrong. Haha. He's cool though. (However, I do know of one good story with Roy paired with him. Check it out. It's by Alima8314 and it's called It's Not Wrong)
Alphonse/Alfons H. (Ahahahaha. I can just picture that: "OMG YOU LOOK LIKE ME! LET'S HAVE SEX!" xD Yeah, awkward, def.)

FullMetal Alchemist Pairings I hate:
Elricest (Al/Ed. or Ed and either one of his parents. -shutter-)
Ed/Envy (Edvy) (Come on...Envy HATES Edward to no end. With RoyEd, there are some hints of liking each other throughout the anime and manga.)
Ed/Kimblee (might I just say...WHAT?! That just...NO!!)
Ed/Sloth (she resembles his mother...)

Favorite Naruto Pairings:

Naruto Pairings I hate:
Sasuke/Itachi. ("Hey, bro, I know you killed my whole family but let's have sex"? Hah. Yeah right.)

This would be my favorite pairing EVER (if the two guys coexisted): SasukeXEdward. (Sasuke is from Naruto and Edward from FMA).


An Alchemist In Leafin
It's a SasuEd (SasukeEdward) story (which mean yaoi). It's AU, so Alchemy and Jutsu co-exist. Still, it's going to be listed under Naruto, since it's from Sasuke's point of view. I'm pretty sure this fiction will be the first SasuEd fiction that's actually labeled as such. I'm making history!
The plot? This story is about two boys, Sasuke Uchiha and Edward Elric, who fall in love, despite the major social taboo, since they are from opposing countries. They must fight against not only external opposition, but also against internal opposition. Will the boys be able to put aside their differences and prejudices? Will the two countries of Leafin (Ninja country) and Amestris (Alchemist country), ever be able to unite? Find out!
First chapter posted: 2/27/08.
Story is going to remain incomplete.

Ed gets revenge on Roy for what he said in episode 16. I didn't like that Edward didn't fight back after Roy made that insensative comment about Ed being in pain over automail. Of course, Ed was trying to remind Roy that Roy killed Ed's mechanic's parents, but that really is beside the point. It also pissed me off that Havoc said that Ed was just a "harmless teenager with a grumpy ass attitude." but I let that slip.
Started: 10/25/07. Complete the same day.

Despite Your Denial:
Accomplishments: 30 reviews. Favorited by 3 people. Has had 8 people choose to be alerted about it. Part of GreedxEd's community "greeded, royed stories that are complete"
Started: 9/20/07. Completed: 10/10/07.

Hopeless Love:
This started with one songfic: a short story written to the song of Hopeless Love by Daphne Loves Derby. Then I decided that the ending was too sad, and wrote a second chapter to the song Surefire by Brightwood. I realize that you may have never heard the songs, and so I have provided YouTube links to them:
Hopeless Love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3JoiPEf1UM (note: I know it has unrelated-to-my-story Naruto and Sasuke pairing pictures. This video has the whole song, so just bare with it.)
Surefire: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCfsl_YJRY4 (...guess who made this? ahaha.)
Started: 10/5/07. Completed: 10/8/07.

It had to be you:
This is a songfic to the song It Had to Be You. Riza left Roy, and Roy is devastated. However, after spending some time with Ed, Roy realizes that Ed may be exactly what he needed. If you have not heard the song, I highly recommend that you do. It's an amazing song.
This video has RoyEd pictures and fits in with my story. Very possibly because I made it? Duh. Haha.
Started: 10/28/07. Complete the same day.

This is Ed going through a lot of phases, starting with gangster. It all started when I was riding in the car with my dad and saw some gangstas. I immediately decided that Ed had to go through that phase. Next came "scene". I never expected to write so many, nor for people to like it so much!
Accomplishments: 100 reviews on 10/24/07 by chapter 19. To date, this story has 196 reviews, been favorited 22 times, and has had 36 people choose to be alerted about it.
Started: 9/16/07. Never completed and possibly never going to be completed.

Whipped Cream:
A drabble I wrote about Ed and Roy. Self-explainatory, really. I am not going to write more under that story title, sorry.
Started: 10/4/07. Completed: 10/5/07.

You're not my dad!:
This story started off as RoyEd with a parental complex, but turns into much more parental complexes along the way. I'm not sure how to summarize this story.
THERE IS AN M-RATED SECTION TO THIS STORY IN CHAPTER 48 and 71. It's very forewarned and I am not changing the rating to M, since it is much later on AND completely optional.
There is a lot of Out of Characterness in this story. I pre-apologize for that.
Edward Pairings: RoyXEd (Ulimately). EdXOC (Aiden) -- Later chapters. Parental!EdXOC (Gabriel) -- Later chapters.
Roy Pairings: RoyXEd (duh). Parental!RoyXEd (hints). Parental!RoyXOC (Gabriel). Some Parental!RoyXAlphonse.
There are also a few more pairings along the way. :D
Ages: Roy/29, Edward/16, Alphonse/15, Aiden/17, Gabriel/6.
Accomplishments: To date, this story has 826 reviews, been favorited 40 times, and has had 35 people choose to be alerted about it.
100 reviews on 11/2/07 by chapter 17. 200 reviews on 11/11/07 by chapter 26.
300 reviews on 11/18/07 by chapter 33. 400 reviews on 11/27/07 by chapter 42.
500 reviews on 12/6/07 by chapter 51. 600 reviews on 11/16/07 by chapter 61.
700 reviews on 12/24/07 by chapter 68. 800 reviews on 1/10/08 by chapter 79.
=D Thank you!
Started: 10/20/07. Completed: 1/11/08.
Pictures? Deal.
Credit to Alima8314 for drawing those two.
Newspaper from Chapter 33:
Credit to TraitorTatara for drawing that.

The authors that are marked as my favorites are actually my favorite reviewers (well, okay, they are some of my favorite authors too). They are the ones who have really stood out and pretty much seemed to go out of their way to be interesting in their reviews, not to mention have reviewed a lot.
I am not saying I don't appreciate every review. I do. Yes, there are some people who have submitted really interesting reviews that I loved. I'm just trying to say that these people have outdone themselves.
I would strongly recommend checking out their stories (if they have any). This is due to the fact that my favorite reviewers happen to be really good authors too.

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An Alchemist In Leafin reviews
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