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Author has written 9 stories for Transformers/Beast Wars, Dragon Age, and Supernatural.

Age: 20+ Great - now I don't have to change this for five or ten years ;), birthday in February. I am an Aquarius, if that means anything.

Gender: Female, or superior, whatever works for you. Kidding, kidding.

Nationality: Australian. One quote from 'Crocodile Dundee' and I will hunt you down, unless you're a fellow Aussie in which case it becomes playful banter, I know it's unfair, but...Meh.

General Likes: Most animals, cats, dogs, snakes - the usual. Reading, dance (REAL dance thank you), swimming, music (it ends up in a lot of my fics), the beach, rain, Karate, The cheezeburger network (funfunfun!) and massage (I was an almost qualified masseuse). General Dislikes: The general things really, annoying people etc, etc. And EARWIGS! I hate them! Ohh and snow, I don't know why but snow and I just don't get along.

About two years ago I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, for information or support please check out www.aspergers.com

Favorite Books/ Authors:

Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, Harry Potter, Brog the Stoop (Please contact me if you have actually read this book, I want to know I'm not alone!), Kine series (another esoteric book) Tamora Pierce, Anne McCaffery, Nora Roberts AKA J. D. Robb (Not in Fan fiction ) Mercedes Lackey, Jessica Palmer (Healers Quest series). And I think that's about it.

Favorite Movies/ TV Shows:

Quick note - There are a lot of movies which were adapted from comics or cartoons, I usually only know the movie but if I ever feel the need to write in that fandom I research the comic/cartoon. I try to respect the hardcore fans as much as I am able.

Star Wars (The classics more than the new), Batman series, Pitch Black/ Chronicles of Riddick, Van Helsing, Hell Boy, Serenity/Firefly (They killed Wash! Why? WHY?), X-Men (Movies mostly, some comic knowledge), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Movie and 2005 cartoons), I like the first Transformers movie for what it is, but I don't associate it with canon - They Killed JAZZ! and the second one? The less said the better, Transformers G1, Dark Angel, Daredevil/Elektra (Movies), Resident Evil (Movies), Torchwood, well up until Exit Wounds and COE (Tosh! Owen! IANTO! - WHY?!)

Favorite Games:

DOA series, Elder Scrolls series (Oblivion is awesome), Fable (It's entertaining, Lost Chapters is better), Ninja Gaiden, Knights of the Old Republic, SingStar, Buzz, Assasins Creed Neverwinter Nights, Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

On the subject of my fics...

KOS still in rehabilitation...It's gonna be a long recovery process I'm afraid...I never even got started on Torchwood and do you want to know the reason? Fenris Oh ye Gods, BioWare what are you trying to do to me? So now I'm in Dragon Age world - and my muse really likes that elf, so I forsee myself stuck there for a while.

No Greater Gift by blucougar57 reviews
Whilst training the two newest members of his team, Jack Harkness is confronted by a stunning revelation from a past that he doesn't remember. Sequel to "Another World".
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