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Updating my profile every time I wanted to make a change seemed like a giant step in the direction of having the longest bio on the internet, which might sound like a cool thing to be known for(or is that so for me, only? :PP ) but would have been very impractical. People change, though; and capturing the 'here and now' of one moment is a goal all strive to achieve. I, personally, believe we should all be more keen on comprehending this 'present' of ours is not easily or fully understandable by someone with no knwoledge of our 'past'. The 'here and now'(or a profile of simillar form as this one, for example) of a seasoned war veteran would, perhaps, tell you of his current pain, pride, endurance; but would it mean to you, the reader, remotely as much as it would mean to him, considering the fact you would not be aware of a single step he had taken in order to get to such a position from, say, that of a scared, little boy from a long time ago? Would you see the same person he sees?

Jane Doe was easily scared. Jane Doe was obsequious. Jane Doe was quick to judge and prejudiced. Jane Doe was a bitch. Jane Doe was dissatisfied with herself. Jane Doe had no self-respect.

Jane Doe is compassionate. Jane Doe is understanding. Jane Doe is kind. Jane Doe is opinionated. Jane Doe is helpful. Jane Doe is confident.

Both the italized and the other lines are Jane Doe. Being judgemental and prejudiced and then becoming understanding and compassionate is a completely different matter from being compassionate and understanding since day one. The two make a completely different person.

Which is why I would have felt more authentic had I left my old profile and merely added what was new. Boterhing you is not my aim, though, so I am obviously not doing that ^^. Feel free to contact me if you wanna read what was in this box before and do a psychological comparison of my personality/personalities. ^Not that all of them are not one personality.

And I am sailing on the winds of philosophy again. Stop me. Throw me a lifesomething. Or drown me, really. ^^

~will add more; I have to update so my wonderful speech above gets saved~ xDDDD

There, that's done. Now, where were we? Oh, yes. The boring part. v.v

My name is Rebelmaiden. Go figure; for once, I do want to remain anonymously hidden behind that nickname. ^^ I adore writing, but I tend to get bored with things very easily, either because of my natural laziness or because I chase after the thrill I felt at the peak of the creation of whatever I am writing, hence diminishing completely all other thrills and all other creation. ^^ In other words, I can be somewhat of a perfectionist. The characters and I need to have it real personal if I want to tough out the whole novel; we have to be close and I have to genuinely care about what happens to them. This is the best advice I can come up with for any author. I'm sure there are better out there. :)) Few of those helped me, though; for moi, it just has to be personal. :))

Reading is an activity I adore with the same passion-well, actually, more. Having written ranks the same as reading. Writing floats above, on the same place, or below. That depends on my mood, entirely. Quite unpredictable. v.v Oh, well, where would the fun be without that?

As to what I like to read, hmh. Fiction, primarily. I generally do not like to brand or categorize myself. Keep an opend mind is such a wonderful saying. There is a difference between having an opinion on something and slandering something. A wise teacher of mine once told us: There are many matters, and each of these matters has multiple sides. Opinions are also matters, so we cannot call an opinion complete before we have traveled full circle about it and examined all the sides. Keep an open mind. ^^ So, there's nothing I won't read on principle. ^^ If I cannot finish reading something, that is based solely on my experience with it.

My interest are various and numerous; video games, outings, TV, etcetera, etcetera. I like acting and roleplaying, I like singing though my voice can kill, and not in the good way. xDD If you really want to know my interests, just list everything you can possibly think of. What I haven't tried already, I'll try. I'm willing to try it all. ^^ The rest would be the interests that should have been written here instead of this. ^^

So, on to what I have uploaded to FanFiction.Net so far!

1) What He Left Behind;; Star Trek DS9/Voyager

Ah. The first and the eldest. Basically, it's Star Trek DS9 with cameos by Voyager characters. The focus of the story is Elizabeth Bashir, widow of Julian Bashir and a renowned Admiral of Starfleet. Honestly, I believe I did a good job with her character. I'm quite pleased with her and I believe I haven't made her a Sue-which is surprising, since she kind of is based on me. No, I don't mean just having part of me within her like all the characters that come from the same author; I mean really, actually being based on me. I had a crush on Dukat. :P Anyways, I feel sorry for the Bajorans when I read it now; other than that, what can I say-I used to crave what others would call moral faults. To me, she was perfect. ^^ I think, or have a vague impression, that she helped my character development skills a whole lot. Just saying. ^^ As a definitive Sue-hater, I had to be extra careful not to make 'myself' a Sue. Plus, having her be 'me' helped me stick with her through the entire story and finish the fic. ^^ So, many years have passed since the end of the Dominion Wars and Elizabeth Bashir is one of the few surviving officers of DS9. For the first time, she has decided to speak on the matter of the Wars and answer questions of the eager public. But why is that so? Why does she speak of Gul Dukat with more emotion than she does of Sisko? Captain Chakotay will be forced to find out; as he will uncover her betrayal and her relationship with Gul Dukat back when she had been a mere Lieutenant.

As for the characters-Admiral Bashir is good at her work and ruthless. She is ready to converse with her people, as with others, but she has no patience for those she considers fools and lets nothing get between her and the goal she has set for herself. I told you the rest about her before. ^^ Chakotay is, well, Chakotay. ^^ He understands, but knows the difference between understanding, approving and acting. And Dukat is Dukat. ^^

EDIT: Oh, well. I did overdramatize Elizabeth and Dukat. v.v But imagine it all and TV-methinks it would sound alright, no? ^^ Pwease bear with me. I was scarcely fifteen. v.v Pfft. And really enjoyed writing all that.

2) Written In Time;; Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers 1993 Movie

One of my personal favorites, one that I am prouder of than most of the others. Here, I took another character, not one of my own creation, Lady DeWinter. Rather than painting her from scratch, I explained what all were already given in the movie. For the first time during writing, I felt as if everything was actually coming out the way it was supposed to. I had intended on making it a series and I had begun working on the second chapter, but then my writer's block kicked in. So, I'll probably add more to it in the future, after I watch the movie again to get a feel of the characters once more.

Shortly, the focus of the story is Lady Sabine DeWinter, in an alternate universe where Cardinal de Richelieu had become the King of France, succeeding in his plot to assassinate the King, Louis XIII. Sabine DeWinter is to be his Queen, whose past is explained in great detail in the story, as is her love for Rochefort, Captain of the new King's guard.

The reviewers were really wonderful on this fic; thank you all once more. ^^ You honestly inspired me to eventually continue. But know my laziness and forgive me for it in advance. v.v :P

I always have had a weakness for misunderstood characters all considered evil. People, in general, are often considered 'bad', while those 'bad' ones, in reality, are those that need our help and caring more than any other ones. You will notice this in future fics, too. ^^

3) The Intendant; Star Trek DS9

Well, here it was not so much about caring for the alleged 'bad guys' and sympathizing with their predicaments as it was about doing as one bloody well pleased. ^xD Isabel Kellis is sent as the envoy of the Federation to Terok Nor, in order to supervise the dealings with the Bajorans. Actually, she is sent not to make the life of Bajorans easier, but to ascertain the Federation's relations with either of the factions. In her case, Cardassians are a preference. As for her title, I thought Intendant Kira from the Mirror Universe was wickedly awesome, so...that's were it came from. :P ^^ Isabel indulges in a sexual relationship with Gul Dukat, only that it becomes so much more than that, at the expense of mostly Isabel. I do not know if I got Dukat's character right at the ending, but I am content with this story. Isabel belongs to the group of characters who think they are Sues, but are not. She was the person I, back then, had wanted to be. Go figure.

See for yourselves; she is awesome, at least to me. ^^ Not that I agree with her on the majority of issues nowadays. To face it, Isabel was what you would call a bitch. ^^And she would have kissed you for calling her that! ^^ Plenty of people wish they were 'bitches' at times, right? ^^xD Finding someone awesome because of them being mean to others is easier in fiction than in real life. I think one can easily understand Isabel as they read through the fic.

Besides, form your opinions on your own after reading. ^^

4) Partners In Crime;; Robin Hood BBC

My definite favorite. ^^ The longest thing I have ever written, as well. And I loved nearly every second of it. :)) It started out, as a matter of fact, before I had watched the entire series. I was in the middle of watching when I stopped; then, after I saw the last episode :((, I picked it up where I left and continued. The focus of the story is Lady Elizabeth Horvat, a foreign noble's daughter sent to England and entrusted, together with her friend Lady Ines, to Sheriff Vaisey. Denying I picked Croatia as her homeland just because I'm from Croatia would have been dumb, no? ^^ I had opted for yet another 'Elizabeth' because of the ease with which I had written Elizabeth Bashir. I could have always called her 'Sabine', since I'd loved Sabine DeWinter, but that would have felt like a rip-off, of sorts. ^^ Elizabeth Horvat is ambitious, bold, proud and immoral-or at least that is what she tries to show to the world and to herself, when she looks in the mirror. She does, when one takes a look at her actions and behavior, strike as such a woman, but it takes her a tremendous amount of strength to force herself to act the way she wishes to. Elizabeth also often fails miserably. xD When I think of it now, she was the least-Sueish character I had created up to this tale. Well, Elizabeth wishes to prove herself and find a lord husband. In a very humorous(and dangerous) situation, she meets Sir Guy of Gisborne. Who is charming to her once, and not again in a very long time. ^^ However, through a series of events, she ends up marrying Sheriff Vaisey and she and Sir Guy are brought to (I won't tell you what xD) by their forced schemes. Basically, the two of them are a pair dangerous for themselves-and no, I do not mean that in the good way people usually do when they say it. You shall see. ^^ Elizabeth gets herself into the majority of the troubles that befall her, all while trying her hardest to be the 'best kind of wife for Sheriff Vaisey'; one resembling him in many, many ways. :) And she sure as hell ain't doing it to please Vaisey. ^^ Nor is he content.

I am proud of this fic-and I thank the reviewers for sharing their thoughts with me every now and then. ^^ That was really inspiring. I only say that when I mean it. :))

5)Aide De Senator;; X-Men

This one is still in progress.

I had started it out during my Wolveringe rage XD. Originally, I had intended Sasha Lennox-Butler for a Star Trek Spock/OC fanfic, based on the newest Star Trek movie. Then, however, I sort of began to adore the character of Scott after seeing all the X-Men movies. Then I scanned the fanfiction section for X-Men and realized that in every OC fic there was a mutant, or someone who adored mutants, so I remembered my Sasha and thought: who better to be against mutants and to worry about her own, big ass? ^^ So it was transformed. I am re-inspired to finish it as I write this, but don't take my word for it. I know how terrible it feels when someone stops writing a fic you have been reading, so I apologize, but I won't lie to you with promises of picking up where I left off immediately. Sorry. :( Me's a lazy idiot, at times. ^^ I'll have to see the X-Men movies once more if I wish to do that, first. On to the plot, though; Sasha Lennox-Butler is an aide of Senator Robert Kelly, fully supportive of his Mutant Registration Act. After she is nearly killed in one of Magneto's attacks, she ends up at Xavier's, where she encounters plenty of mutants, along with a certain Cyclops. ^^ We'll, perhaps, see if he changes her or she him. Though either course is doubtful, to say the least. ^^

As for Sasha's character, it is best summed up at the beginning of the tale. Copying all that here would've been impractical, so you will have to suffice with the fact that she enjoys breaking tradition and not getting away with it, but prospering exactly because of it. ^^ In the sense of showing the world exactly what she had done, flaunting it. And, just to reassure you, she is far from omnipotent. I hate reading description of characters that are, in fact, masks for Sue-ism. v.v So, this ain't it. ^^

6) This I Swear;; Robin Hood BBC; Partners In Crime Spin-off

A Partners In Crime spin-off, in which the death of Vaisey is described, with the character of Lady Davina Joanna, his and Lady Elizabeth's only child together, by his side. I dunno if anyone has actually read this, since it came out ages after the actual fanfic. I had often wondered how a child raised by Vaisey would have turned out. In this, Davina loves Allan A'Dale, but is her father's daughter to the extent of planning how to keep him extremely carefully. Not being ready to let all go because of him, those would've been the genes of her mother. ^^ Had Elizabeth had keeping Guy, it occurred to me, as something less taken-for-granted and more prioritized, they'd have probably lived. Then again, Elizabeth had, as Vaisey shall tell you in this ficlet, never been good at complex schemes and planning. She tried to make everyone think plenty of things of here that were far from correct. But I digress here. :P

All in all, I am happy with every part of the fic save for the ending. The card of love and somehow makes me poor eyes hurt. xDD But I'll leave it be until someone else tells me how it sounds. xD Won't spoil the lulz for you just yet, if you happen to find it amusing. ^^

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