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Honestly, I couldn't be bothered to write a profile. So I'll just keep some old things I had and leave it at that.

. H a C k I t Y .

This is where the hackers are. Because they're just special like that.

If the formatting is screwed, blame FanFiction :))

(:Panda Hacking Shadow a.k.a RYO:)
...BAHAHAHAHA. I'm sorry I got tempted to type that. ,D
Well anyways, this girl, yeah, this girl, the one who owns this profile. Yeah, that girl. So amaZING, we have to apply emphasis on 'ZING'.
Moving on, what else to say.. :P
She's fun to talk to, and OH MY FOOKIN STARS definitely talented. :D
Like seriously, her stuff makes mine look like crap. XD (and there's no denying it~)
I luhff how she like, fangirls over Prince of Tennis with me~ :D (FTW YUUTA! XD)
Though I'm not sure who's more obsessed. xD
Maybe me? I keep spamming her with pictures of Gakupuri... xD
She's such a Fire Emblem fanatic~ ,D
It makes me sad knowing I only know like...Ike and Marth. xD(As of 10/28/10)
Oh yesss. :3 If you dare hurt this girl mentally or'll be finding squirrels with bazookas raiding yo' house, foo'.
'Cuz squirrels with bazookas are so full of win.
But not on Edgeworth's (or Ryo's) level of win. I'm getting brain farts. I must leave..
But I will be back~ (Or not~)
.Solar Powered Pandas.Typed This.10/28/10.Yo.
PS. Shadow.=.Best.Kouhai.Evar.:D

. f R i E n D s .

Yes, I do have them! :D Isn't that surprising? The ones with the little 'o' next to them are the ones I'm still in contact with :D

All the ones that have a little 'x' to them are the ones I haven't gotten in contact with in forever D:

. L i Z . x .

Yep, this is X-Azngrlelizabeth-X, who was my first ever friend on FanFiction! She always reviewed my horrible stories (the ones I kept deleting XD) and gave me confident weirds :D I haven't talked to her in forever, though D: I call her Liz or Lizzy-chan :D

. y U k I . x .

This is Pikachu's Best Friend, my second friend ever on FanFiction! She doesn't go on her FanFiction account anymore, but I communicate with her through Wetpaint :D I haven't gotten a message back in months, though... D: At first I called her Pikachu-chan and Piku-chan, but now she's Yuki-chan-senpai! :D

. L t L . x .

Ltlbabeangel, now known as Living in a make believe world, was my third friend ever on FanFiction! :D When I used to PM her she replied so fast... :) I haven't gotten in gotten in contact with her since she told me what her account was on DeviantART D: But I will get in contact with her again! :D She loves using txt talk! :) I called her Ltl-chan or Angel.

. k I c O n . o .

It's Kicon in Winter Wonderland on FanFiction! :D And she's also my friend on FictionPress! She has an awesome Pokemon School Role-Play, so go and join it! My nickname would be her is Kicon, very simply enough! I think I might have called her Kicon-chan or Kicon-sama on the rare occasion :D She's also the twin sister of Pokemon123Love, one of my other friend. Now I've also gotten in contact with her, for the first time in ages! She says that she's in fifth grade flute, and she's first chair flautist, so she must be such an amazing flute player! :D I aspire to be as good as her some day.

. K i R a . o .

Pokemon123Love is another of my friends on FanFiction, and she's my second twin! :D She joins nearly every forum I create, no matter what category, which is awesome of her! She's also the twin of Kicon, my other friend. My nicknames for her include Pkmn-chan, Pokemon-chan and P123L, but now I call her Kiki-chan-senpai! She disappeared from my Pokemon forum for a while, but she's back now, and that's all that matters :D

. k I a R a . x .

Now known as Alternate Lopunnu! I used you talk to her heaps, but I haven't gotten in contact with her in forever... D: My nickname for her would just be Kiara!

. H i . x .

HiddenSecrets831, also known as StrawberryPavlova! :D I haven't talked to her in forever, which is really sad... D: And she deleted all her stories, too... I call her Hi-chan. And just for the record, that's pronounced 'hee' as in 'tee hee.' I also call her Strawberry-chan! She's also a very talented drawer!

. c O n T e S t . x .

I know she used to be called Sesshys Little Contestshipper, and I think now she might be called Lil' Miss Kagura... though I don't know for sure. Like most of my other friends, I haven't talked to her in forever D: I called her Contest-chan because I must have been having mind blanks...

. S o R a . x .

Sora the Invincible Hero is a fan of Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon and Naruto! I sorely mistook her for a guy in the beginning. I'm terrible sorry D: But I haven't gotten in contact with her in forever... and I also can't remember her current pen name XD She changes it even more often than I do. She used to be such a fast replier on my forum! :D I used to call her Sora-kun, until... you know. Then I called her Kami-chan, as a shortened form of Ookami-chan (Wolf-chan) :D

. m I . o .

Solar Powered Pandas! She's been my friend for three years or something—ever since I joined FanFiction, anyway. And she's still in contact with me! 8D She's like my virtual twin, and she gives the best virtual extended high-tens, just for the record. She's so awesome that words can't describe her. She's beyond pwnsome. I put a hack on her profile! :D She's so amazing :3 I have many nicknames for her... I called her Midnight in the beginning (she called me Shadow), later on Rika-chibi-chan (she called me Ricki-chibi-chan), and now I call her Mi-chan-senpai (and she calls me Ryo-chan! Since we don't believe -kouhai to be a very common honorific)! Sometimes I call her Micchi XD

. L i N a . x .

Also called such things as eTeRnAlSnOw42, Animelover1967 and Ikarishipper101! I think she's now called something along the lines of xLinaChamax, I think... I haven't talked to her in forever D: My nicknames for her were Ikari-chan, Anime-chan, and finally Lina-chan.

. f A i T h . x .

Faithess! I think she's now called Computer Pikachu, but. I haven't gotten in contact with her for years... D: She replies to everything I write! I call her Faith :D Nice and simple.

. D r A g O n . x .

It's Dragonfire411! I haven't gotten in contact with her in forever, either... I don't even know her current pen name, so I can't get in contact with her anymore D: Curses! I just called her Dragon, since I couldn't think of anything else...

. p O k É . x .

Pokefreak900! I don't know if she still goes by that name, though... But I'm pretty sure she has an Ikarishipping talk show! :D Like most of my other friends, I haven't talked to her in forever D: My nickname for her was Poké-chan.

. C h I m E r A . o .

Chimerathe5th! Now known as Chimera-Leonov, if I'm not mistaken. He's one of the people on my forum! He disappeared for a little while, but now he's back! :D I used to call him Chimerath because I couldn't depict the 'Chimera' from the 'the' part, but then when I finally realized it was 'Chimera The 5th' and now 'Chimerath(e) 5th', then I called him Chimera XD

. l U n A r . x .

Lunarshade29! And she still goes by that pen name, I think :) I haven't gotten in contact with her in a while... D: My nickname for her was Lunar-chan :) Original, right?

. A i R o . x .

Known as bold.brunette on FanFiction! :D It's been a while since I last messaged her, but I finally did message her! I hope she responds :D I didn't called her Bold-chan or Brunette-chan, so as the solution, I found the Japanese word for 'brown' (since brunettes have brown hair) and found out that it was 'airo!' So I call her Airo-chan :D

Want to be my friend? Send me a message!

And I promise: all these people with an 'x' next to their name on my friends list will have a message sent to their inbox! :D Unless I can't find you anymore... D: But otherwise, be prepared, and expect some mail coming your way! :D

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