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okay so a litlle about my self i was born in craziemotherfuck vile i was named after cause i was the craziest one there so they decided to name me that but then i was thrown into a river by another crazie fuck but he was second craziest so he wanted my title so i dissapeared for a while then i reapered you wana know why all the stupid boy bands broke up that was my fault hahaha if you like nsync you blow but then i was bored whith bands so i went on to politics where i got bill clinton into office just so i could humiliate him whith those pictures of him and the women then i got bush into office i was going to humiliate him but they found my secret compartment in the white house and threw me out so your stuck whith bush then i met my friends shr, whiley, and ugen, and i got a girl friend named flora, and we decided to save the world from binladin but i tried talking to bush and he wouldnt listen so we formed team CRAZIEMOUTHERFUCKS then we went to iraq and made binladin disapear off the earth thats why no one can find him hes sixfeet under anyway we then went back to america and settled down and destroyed more boy bands then we decided to become corny super heroes and save the world some more and that didnt go to well so we decided that it was useless so i went off and toook over a pack of werewolves and we are planning on taking over iceland because it is the perfect place for playing fetch then i killed my evil twin and now i live in iceland well thats my story and im sticking to it if you doubt me i will put a hit on you in our werewolf mofia so shut up got it and i will send them mark my words





HEIGHT: 5'9"

FURCOLOR: brown but in the sun it looks redish

AGE: 19

bio: he was raised by his mom and dad till he was 12 then his dad did an experiment where he put a demon into him and he killed them both then he was shiped off to a boarding school for wizards in training[no not hogwarts and he was held there he was signed up to become a cleric but actually he wanted to learn the art of the samurai and the art of the ninja so he learned some things untill he couldnt stand it and made a run for it he went to japan and found a ninja vilage [no not naruto and started his training there he became a weapons master and made a sword [that he found on the walll of these ancient ruins that looked like a snowboard and you could ride like it and it would ride on any surface as long as he used aura [ or life force to do it after he became a ninja weapons master he left to find a samurai master thus he went on a journey discovering that werewolves exist and that they can acctually control themselves and the whole legend was way over blown unfortunatley because of this discovery he had to become one[like thats actually bad yeah right and he also got a girl friend there he finally found a samurai master who tought him the ways of the samurai thus he became awesome he then went and joined a rescue team whith his girl friend and found two magical gauntlets that alowed him to turn aura into an explosive ball the size of a b ball[ hell yeah b ball rules BITCHES and thats his life so far so fuck off now no really get the fuck out hahahaha oh my god GET OUT

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What do you want me to tell you its a story thats kinda weird im bad
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uh just someting i thought of i dont care what you say just review so i can continue or not
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