The Delinquents
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REN: Oh my God! Annie!
MISSA: Missa!
AILEY: Kerrenhappuch!
ANNIE: ... this always happens.

We are The Delinquents: Ailey, Missa, Annie, and Ren. Four teenage girls, best friends, with a lot of differences but even more similarities (namely writing, obsessions with cute anime boys, and a common love of junk food). It’s impossible to tell where one of us ends and the other begins – and the only one obsessive enough to try is Ailey. We’re not the nicest girls in the world, considering how much fun we poke at badfic, the threats we aim at rivals-for-a-boy’s-affection, and our plans for man-slaves. But we’re nice to each other, and possibly nice to you. Well, Missa will be, anyways.

(And because we’re good at being cheesy--)

Apart we may be an obsessive everything-fanatic, a flailing spaz, an aggressive weirdo, and a boy-crazy geek, but together we’re the Delinquents, and we’re about to take over fandom, bitches.

because even though we're more interesting as a group, we still like talking about ourselves.
(and face it, you like to listen)

Ren: Aggressive weirdo.

in short: Lurker, spaz, and certified psycho. Very OCD about finishing projects. Tends to surround herself with interesting people. Constantly listening to a red iPod nano--which has been named 'The Magic Box'. Tends to daydream and give herself whiteout french-tips in the middle of class and highlight the tips of her hair pink. (With an actual highlighter.) Doodles mermaids in the margins of all her papers. Thinks that sitting on a bench with a friend and candy is the best thing in the world. Listens to Garbage and Panic! At the Disco religiously.

currently obsessed with: The Office, Full Metal Alchemist, hoodie sweatshirts, mentos, Naruto, boots and sci-fi.

links: Fanfiction and LiveJournal

Ailey: Flailing spaz.

in a few words. Complete fangirl, and the sad thing is that this probably describes her more accurately than anything else. Loves her friends, flails constantly, and is sort of eccentric. As in, she named her iPod B'wah! eccentric. As in, if you leave out the exclamation point in the name of her iPod she will sit on your head.

something you never really cared to know. Tends to have fleeting fancies but doesn't really take herself too seriously. Uses made-up words half the time and when she's not doing that, she's failing at HTML. Likes pretty things a lot more than she should, and has given her heart to Echizen Ryoma, for which the other Delinquents constantly mock her. (She loves them anyways.)

links. LiveJournals (writing and personal). FFN.

as an afterthought. Lemon meringue pie. For it is the food of gods. Also? Everyone should love Death Note, because it is glorious and a lot cooler than Ailey is.

Annie: Boy-Crazy geek.

in a nutshell: The oldest, the bookworm, and the computer geek. Is a walking contradiction. Loves her hair, doesn't know how to do anything beyond brush it. Named her iPod 'Annie's iPod' because she's unoriginal - just ask her plot bunny, Purplefluff. Loves crack-pairings and friendship fics, Linkin Park and love songs, strawberry Pop-Tarts and hot peppers, pink and blue, sweatshirts and hoop earrings. Weaknesses are cute boys, dogs, Harry Potter, and her laptop. Extremely hyper at times, cynical and snippy at others. Extremely moody. Approach with caution.

also, on occasion: Writer-wannabe. Drama Queen. Rambler. Crack-whore.

Missa: Obsessive everything-fanatic

in a snapshot: The second oldest, and the fluff/angst writer. Because that's what she is like most of the time; she a hopeless romantic, the type that roots for that Happily Ever After corny stuff. She also like drama, don't ask why. She's just weird like that. Has an obsession with pretty anime boys, OTP's, chocolate, and coffee made a specific way or else she won't drink it. (The exception being when she's away from her Delinquents.) Is, apparently, not cool enough to name her iPod. She just calls it That Thing.

zeh LJ and zeh FFN account.


(cackles and flees the scene of the crime)