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Tello there wonderful people =)

The name is Tracie Leigh, and yes if you wish to add me on my personal myspace it's All i ask is that you send me a message and tell me who you are, that way i don't deny your request.

As of now, i am working on a Maximum Ride romance type of story. You don't have to be like a big fan of the book to understand the story, because i write a little diffrent. The way i see it is, that everyone loves the thought of Max and Fang being together, and i know most of us even wish we could be Max, so instead of you wishing to be Max, you can connect and maybe fine love with the characters as Quin in my sory called "Midnight Kisses" . It's more of a romance then anything, but it should be good. And also, although i am only 14, i do write maturely, so their might be scences that are very mature, but please don't let that discourage you from reading.

Also, i love reviews, and if you do read and review, i take input, and i might also add you in as a character so i can make it more special for you. But if you don't review then you kind of get no say in what i write. =)

On another note, if you would like me to write a story for something else, like maybe another book like Twilight or a band that you like, just ask me nicely, and chances are, if i know the book or band or whatever, i'll do one for you, so you can enjoy a piece of my art too. =)

Haha i'm just kidding, personally i think my stories are crap but on other sites when i did my David from Simple Plan story i got a lot of reviews of how amazing it was, but meh whatever, i love to be modest.

Anyway's, thats about my stories, so maybe now i'll tell you a wee bit about myself. Like i said, my name is Tracie, yes i know, it has a weird spelling, but please don't spell it Tracy after i have corrected you once cause that is a little pet peve of mine. But anyway, i am currently 14 and i blow out 15 candles on the 13th of March. I am the coolest freshman at Hahnville High, and i am aware i just said my school name but trust me, if you wish to come take me while i'm at school, please do so, there are over 1,000 kids at my school and at least 10 cops, so i highly doubt you could find me in that sea of crazyness, cause i can barely find my friends. But anyway, i'm a freshman, and i do take honors English and Science. I was in honors math for a while, but i hated it so i purposley failed. And ahh please don't read this and go, 'She's in honors english, but yet i've found like a million spelling mistakes in her bio or stories.' I may major in English, but to be honest i couldn't spell my way out of a paper bag. =)Ummm anyway i don't have many friends at school, cause we grew apart. Ummmm shamnyways i think i am going to stop this thing cause i'm boring myself.

So yes yes,

p.s. Feel free to contact me for anything, and i pinky promise to help.

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