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Author has written 6 stories for Princess Tutu, Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, Karneval/カーニヴァル, and Kuroshitsuji.

Greetings , beloved fanfictioners . I know , I died again .. but I AM working on new stuff . PLEASE FORGIVE ME for discontinuing (for th time being) some of th stories I've been writing/editing :

- Story of a Siren (Kingdom Hearts)

-Princess Tutu : Unofficial Secret Story

-Invasion (on hold)

-Pirates In Love (its not up yet , but im sure you'll be angry with me when i publish it for a few chapters then disappear off th face of Fanfiction)

07.06.2012 : Story of a Siren is basically about a mermaid named Lucia who is of pure and strong heart . She is a Chosen One who will become a Keyblade Wielder and is summoned by Yen Sid . She is transformed into a human and sent to Hollow Bastion , where nobody knows she is about to quite literally , crash land . Leon discovers her and takes her back to the Hollow Bastion Restorative Committee and he learns from Merlin who has been contacted by Yen Sid , that Leon is to train her . He never really got over his mysterious first love , but as soon as Lucia arrives , he feels something of cosmic proportions is about to happen .

15.05.2012 : I discovered this fucking AWESOME manga , called KARNEVAL . SERIOUSLY , GO CHECK IT OUT . You definitely wont regret it ! :D i personally LOVE Yogi , he has th brightest smile and is terrified of Dr Akari, he's a meanie who gives him painful injections and scolds him all th time . DONT STEAL MY YOGI ! D

Nai is really cute but his origins are mysterious , Gareki is that cool , aloof type with a dark past . Not much is known about Tsukomo , Hirato , or any of th others apart from Jiki , who loves plants and Kiichi who is a spoilt little brat . Iva , is one helluva sexy woman though , i have to admit . :) Tsukitachi disrespects his seniors (Dr. Akari) and seems to be happy-go-lucky but im sure it is not entirely so . i also love th sheep and those little rabbit like creatures . Eleska is a bitch , almost as bratty as Kiichi , but a lot more useless . Uro , who is a doctor for Eleska's grandfather who runs a suspicious , but not yet proven to be evil , organisation who injects people with Varuga cells turning them into monsters , is not entirely human , if im nt wrong he is part Varuga .

i have an OC for this manga , her name is Fraise . Which is actually French , but also means Strawberry in English and Ichigo in Japanese . How cute .

thats all for now ,

see you guys soon

xoxo ,


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one shot , but if anyone is interested in it , PM and maybe i'll continue , cos its nt elaborated . very similar to Finale of KH2 .
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