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Author has written 15 stories for Howl's Moving Castle, Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro, and Labyrinth.

To everyone who is asking me to continue/finish/everything my stories. I will hopefully get a chance to. In the last few years, my life has gotten very hectic, with my husband going to Afghanistan at the beginning of 2011, followed by my son starting school, his diagnosis of ADHD and more. 2012 was just as busy, when my husband got home, decided he wasn't going to reenlist, and so I had to start job hunting. I've been working since October 2012, and only recently started having enough personal balance to do the things I used to. I do intend to attempt to finish my works here, but I cannot promise when that will be (I'm currently working 12 hour shifts). Right now, I'm just trying to get through a month at a time, get Christmas out of the way, and see about getting the house renovated (finally).

A few recent reviews have come to my attention, and I'd like to addressed the anon who seems to take it upon themselves to be the grammar police and tell me that I'm plagiarizing. If you want to address these things like adults, drop the anon crap and leave contact information and I'd love to discuss it with you, however, if you wish to go around anonymous and not leave any way to contact you, expect your rude remarks to be deleted. I've got enough personal shit to deal with, without your negativity.

Favorites stuff

TV show: Sleepy Hollow, Doctor Who, Sherlock

Anime: Inuyasha, Nougami Neuro

Manga: Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Gokusen, Skip Beat (more)

Movie: Labyrinth, Howl's Moving Castle (more)

Books: The Black Jewels Trilogy (more)

J-drama: Galileo (more)

Scent/Flower: Lily

Color: Purple

J-Rock Band: Duel Jewel (Since I actually got to meet them)

Other Band: I like rock. Just about any kind of it.

Saying: If you can't handle me at my worst, you sure don't deserve me at my best.

Stories in Progress:

A Tale of Two Hearts

(AU) In which Sophie saves Howl from the Witch of the Waste. In which Howl has no heart. In which the Witch seeks a new heart. In which she finds a heart, that is young and scarcely used. In which the heart belongs to Sophie. In which Sophie strikes out to find her heart once more...UPDATE: On hiatus until completion, then posting will resume.

Mist and Mysteries

(AU) SophiexHowl, Other pairings based on Book. In which Sophie and her family are from Wales, and is cursed, and finds her way to Ingary, and a Moving Castle. In which Howl is a Wizard without a heart, and enjoys playing with women's hearts, and saves Sophie. In which they find a friend in one another, and eventually something more. In which Howl is cursed by the Witch of the Waste. In which Calcifer enjoys teasing Howl and Michael (In movie Markl). In which Michael loves Martha, and sneaks off to Wales to spend time with her frequently. In which Love is found and hearts are mended and beauty is only skin deep. Quite literally.


(Cont.) No real pairing, maybe NeuroxYako if you squint really hard. A grisly murder at an onsen, leaving the police baffled. Neuro and Yako have to work quickly as more women go missing, and turn up a few days later, dead. And just when the mystery is on the tip of Neuro's tongue, Yako vanishes, the possible next victim of an insanely cruel human. To put it lightly, Yako's in the hands of a Monster. (Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro).

For Every King

(Cont.) JarethxSarah, The unthinkable has happened. A mortal has conquered the Labyrinth, and now it wants her as it's mistress. In order to prevent the destruction of the two worlds and give Sarah a chance to grow up, he stops time within the Labyrinth. Thirteen years after her trek, Sarah's been dreaming of the Labyrinth, and starts seeing the creatures from within it frozen in time in the Above. Sarah finds herself once again in the Underground, trying to discover why it is superimposing itself over her life above, and after breaking Jareth's spell, learns that she must return on a more permanent basis. To appease the Labyrinth, she must become the Goblin Queen.

Pre-edit chapters and artwork from the fic can be located here:

Beyond the Veil

(Cont. and Sequel to Memoires) It's been almost ten years since Sarah followed Jareth's lead back into her life Underground. Now, something is causing the already thin veil separating the Above from the land of the Fae to grow more fragile, and a resurgence of magic is sweeping the Above by storm. The now twenty year old Toby Williams must work in tandem with his sister in order to stop whatever is destroying that fragile divide, to prevent chaos from overtaking the logic minded people of the above.

The Goblin King's Daughter

(Cont.) Sarah has grown up a lot in nineteen years. She's got a lovely daughter, a successful career as an editor, and doesn't see the need to bring a particular man back into her life. However, fate has other plans when twelve year old Erin Williams is spirited away to the fae realms, and the only person Sarah can turn to for help is the Goblin King. There's just this little problem of Sarah figuring out how to tell the sovereign that she suspects that Erin is his own daughter, when they haven't been in the other's physical presence since she was fifteen years old...

All stories are in various stages of completion. Constructive criticism welcomed as much as compliments. I'm always on the lookout for a beta-editor who has free time, and patience, as I'm not always great at keeping to a schedule...


Art from The Devil Does Exist:

Sarah in the Corset:

First Kiss:


Seducing Jareth:


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Howl's Moving Castle with a twist...Rather than getting cursed, Sophie get's her heart stolen by the Witch of the Waste...Now What! SophieHowl
Howl's Moving Castle - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 6,997 - Reviews: 41 - Favs: 52 - Follows: 95 - Updated: 2/11/2009 - Published: 11/24/2007
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