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ahhh MY LORD





and my nsider career has gone very downhill, for some reason. And I have no idea why. I STILL GAME, MAN! I just have no idea what the crap happened to me posting regularly. I haven't been there in a year or two... or on here. I lost my password. XD hAHA.

And my fanfiction is awful suddenly now... I AM TRYINNNNGGG.


I'm pathetic. XD Ignore me.






Even when you can’t see him GOD is there! If you believe in GOD put this in your profile!






Well... umm...



I don't know how to start. O_o

I love writing, and creating stories. And drawing. And singing. And video games. And anime. And manga. And playing guitar, piano, being crazy, screaming, swimming, painting, eating, talking, sleeping, running in circles (it's actually kinda fun), dancing, and being on the computer, watching T.V, IMing, email, running down long hallways (like a hotel!), playing cards, chess (I stink at it but oh well), aaaaaaaannnnnddddddddddddddddddddd being with friends.

I am currently obsessed with: Zelda (I'm afraid that obsession will never go away), Bleach, and Code Geass.

Q & A:

Q: Favorite Anime?

A: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmm Bleach, maybe? I think? Yeah... Bleach...

Q: Favorite Food?

A: AGH noooo I can't choose.

Q: Favorite website?

A: ...Youtube... XD

Q: Favorite Color?

A: Can't choose either!! I love all the colors of the rainbow!

Q: Favorite ice cream flavor?

A: ...Uhh I don't know?

Q: Why don't you know a lot of things? Why do ypu often have a hard time choosing things? WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU?!

A: Um first of all that's three questions. ANYWAYS.. I don't know! (Not the answer you wanted, but expected, right?) I am weird. I guess. I just have a hard time deciding a lot of things. Like for example:

Dad: Do you want to go swimming or do you wanna go work out?

Me: (Frantic) Uhhhhh (Wants to do both) I don't know!!


Stories and Stats:

Hearts on Ice


I uploaded the last two chapters... I finally got over my writters block! I was listening to a sad song and... I thought, I need to write. I couldn't stop. Finally, I had finished.

Whispers of the Heart

One-Shot, still up there. My friend was nice enough to review it.

What began and never ended

Something I came up with. I suddenly became obsessed with Vaan and Penelo after I got Revenant Wings. Final Fantasy XII RULES!

I'll wait for you

Onshot. IliaXLink. Best paring ever!


Beckoning Nightmares


ANNDDDDD my computer sadly crashed and I lost all my stuff. My old fanfictions from when I was ten and UGH so depressing! Along with this I lost Beckoning Nightmares...

BUTTTTT on the bright side... I had a HARD COPY! WOO-HOO! Thank GOD I printed it out! Now all I have to do is...type it all up again...

Finally, Link's adventure comes to a close... however, his battle of evil is not over. But this time he won't just fight for the world.. he will fight for his life, as a certain someone has planted evil into the boy's soul.

Lingering Sorrow

My first Code Geass fan fic. :) I think I can do this.. I never thought about writing anime fan fics but now that I can't help my obsession I thought, "WHY NOT?"

Lelouch left this world so the people could have peace. The world is better... except for the dear sister he left behind. Can she succeed her brother's will? Or will it pain her to much?



Okay, so my good friend NintendoQueen from Nsider2 (or Nsider as it's called now) wrote a great Zelda one shot! I shall post it here. :)

The Meaning of the Word “Pain”

Fighting hoards of angry, bloodthirsty monsters? Sure, that’s easy. Leaving all of your friends behind so they might be safe from harm? It hurts, but it’s still easy. Going up against the King of All Evil in an epic battle upon which the destiny of the whole world depends? To a young man named Link, that’s still the easy part. But the most painful part of his whole journey was...


Actually recovering from all the fighting...

“Will you just hold still?” Hyrule’s doctor scolded as he continued to twist Link’s femur pieces back together.. Link was home for only one day before his pain caught up with him. When Ilia found him on the floor yesterday, she thought he had died; but thankfully he didn’t. Zelda sent the doctor to Link’s house that day so that he may receive a full exam.

“I’m sorry, but you could be a little more careful. That really hurts...”

“Then riddle me this, Hero Boy.” the cranky doctor’s eyes narrowed in on Link. “How is it that you can run around with a sprained right ankle; a broken left tibia; a broken right femur; seven broken ribs; six broken vertebrae in your back; five broken vertebrae in your neck; four broken fingers; a broken right radius, ulna, and humerus; two broken wrists–“

“And a partridge in a pear tree. I get it, I’m hurt.”

“Funny boy... anyway, how can you run around with all that and be fine; but when I try to fix you, you howl like a beaten wolf?”

“Hey! Watch what you say about wolves, you cranky, old bat.”

Ilia, who had been with Link that morning watching the doctor fix him, chimed in saying; ”He’s got a point, Link.”

“Who’s side are you on?” Link questioned.

“I’m on your side, but that’s why I agree with him. I know you were busy saving the world and all, but you probably should have found time to take care of your wounds...”

“I know, but– Owww!!” Link grit his teeth as the doc pulled out a machete piece from his right side.

“There! Thank you, Miss. If you didn’t distract Mr. Hero Boy here, I would have never been able to pull this out!” Ilia looked at the knife part in disbelief. That was in her boyfriend’s side?

The “repair process” continued on until midmorning when the doctor finished bandaging up our Hero.

“Now, you should have enough common sense to know that heavy movement will only kill ya’ even faster. Make sure that you get at least one full day of bed rest. I’ll be back in three weeks to see how every thing’s going.” And with that, the doctor left Link and Ilia alone.

Link’s mind still stayed with the doc’s most horrifying words...Words that made the man who faced the horrors of evil with only one ally shake and quiver with fear: bed rest

“Bed rest!? Oh no...” he sighed. “He’s gotta be kidding me! I–“

“Need bed rest.” Ilia finished.

“Ilia, you know how I feel about bed rest. It drives me bonkers when I can’t do anything for myself...”

“I know, but you need it. You saved the world, Link. You saved me. Now is when you get to rest and relax after placing all that on your shoulders.”

“Yeah, but I still hate it. Remember the time I had the flu and needed bed rest for a week? I almost went raving mad!”

Ilia chuckled at the funny memory. ”Haha, yeah. You really lost your mind that time. I remember the only way to knock yourself out of it was to knock yourself out by running into a tree!” An annoyed Link just lay there listening to his girl laugh at the memory of him slamming into a maple tree, giving himself a black-eye the size of a grapefruit!

“Okay,” she sighed as her giggle fit stopped. “I have a challenge for you, Link.”


“If you can stay in bed the entire day without getting up, I’ll come back and bring some cooked catfish with a little herb rice, your favorite. We’ll enjoy dinner by the fire light and enjoy ourselves.”

“...And if I get up?”

“You owe me three wishes. You have to give me whatever I want whenever I want it with no questions asked.”

“Okay, so what are you going to wish for should I lose?”

“I’m not going to tell you!” she laughed. “That’s what makes it interesting. I could wish for you to fight a wild bear, or for you to let Epona sit on you! You’ll never know...”

“Okay then, but how will you know if I got out of bed? You said you had plans today.”

“You can’t lie to me, Link. You couldn’t keep my surprise birthday party a secret!” she said with a smirk.

“Oh, let that live forever. Sheesh.”

“One more thing, you need to have a little lunch since you haven’t eaten anything in weeks.” She pulled a small wedge of cheese, one half of a loaf of bread, some grapes, and a jug of spring water out of a basket and placed it on a table near Link’s bed. “This way you don’t starve while at the same time not need to get up. See? Is it so bad to let others help you out?” she teased.

“Okay, okay. But what about you? I promised we’d spend the day together.”

“That’s okay. I’m going out with Beth and that Midna person you met.”

“Midna? She’s trouble; pure and simple.”

“What are you talking about?”

“One minute, everything’s normal. The next, she’s on your back tugging at your ears telling you where to go...”

“Oh, don’t be so silly. I’m sure she’s not all bad.” she gave him a quick peck on his cheek. “I’ll be back right after sundown. If you are still in bed when I come back, you win. Deal?”

“Deal. It might be nice to get some R&R for a change...”

“That’s the spirit. See ya, Link.”

“Bye, Ilia...” After that, Link drifted off into sleep. Resting. Just as Ilia wanted.

“He’s out.” Ilia called down to Beth and Midna who were waiting outside Link’s house.

“You know,” Beth started, “You and I haven’t been out on just a girls day out in...forever. This could be fun!”

“I’ve never even had a girls day out ‘cause I was so loaded with “royal duties” and junk like that. So, what were you talking to Link about?”

“Link’s issue with the words ‘bed-rest.’ He is the most active guy you’ll ever meet; but when he is forced to rest due to his own inability, he goes crazy. Especially when he has no one to talk to.”

“Ooo...Ilia, that may not be a good idea. Leaving Link all alone like that; you never know what that dude is capable of...” Beth reminded.

“Um, why are we just standing around?” Midna wondered. “We have the whole day to ourselves and we’re using it to talk about how Link can’t sit still?”

“You have a point. Let’s go.”

Later that day in Hyrule’s marketplace, the girls were busy looking at all the goods on display, listening to the band in the square, sampling the fresh food, and just having a good time. When the day began to heat up, they all headed for Telma’s bar for a nice escape from the relentless summer sun.

“Well, well. If it isn’t my new best friend!” Telma laughed. It had bee a week since the last time they met, but she still thought it was good to see Ilia again. “What brings you back here?”

“Just a girls day out.” Beth answered. “Nice to see you again, Ms. Telma.”

“And nice to see you again too, Beth. Who’s your new friend here?”

“This is Midna,” Ilia replied, “she helped out Link during his quest.”

“Nice to meet you without hiding in Link’s shadow.”

“Pardon that?”

“Oh, nothing.” she laughed. “Let’s just say that I can be literal at times. Haha!”

“Okay then...Anyhow, how’s your knight in shining armor, Ilia?”

“Link? He’s miserable right now. The doctor told him he needs to get some bed rest.”

“He’s mad because he doesn’t have to work with those cranky old goats? You have yourself one odd man, Honey.”

“Then you never really met Link. He went raving mad one time when he had the flu.” Ilia paused to think for a second. “Link’s going to kill me now that I told you that; so please keep that a secret, okay?”

Telma snickered for a full minute before she was able to respond. “Teehee, of course I will, Honey. Telma never tells! Oh how rude of me! Can I get y’all something for lunch?”

“Thank you, Telma.”

After a dreamless sleep, Link drowsily woke up in his bed by his basement. He looked at a clock on the wall and read the time.

“It’s only twelve-thirty? Feels like I’ve been asleep for the whole day...Ilia’s not going to be here ‘til sunset...I wonder what she’s doing?” He pondered the possibilities for a second before dropping the thought train altogether. His curiosity would be his downfall if he let it run away with him. He then turned to the light lunch Ilia packed for him.

It felt odd to eat again, especially since all the things he had devoured were rather...unpleasing to his stomach. Coro’s soup had to be the worst of the worst things he had ever tasted in his life, especially so when Link was told what was in the poi–er I mean “soup.” However, the ingredients are so vile and noxious that your eyeballs would throw up just by reading; therefore, they will not be revealed.

Link was so lost in thoughts that by the time he had finish his simple meal, it was already two ‘o clock! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! However, maybe “fun” isn’t the right word to use in Link’s case. Perhaps “Time flies when you’re distracted.” would work better for him.

“Okay, now what? I can’t get up–and now I’m talking to myself...I’m already losing my mind...No, c’mon. I’m stronger than that. I can handle this...Farore help me...” His eyes began to wander around the house towards some of the photographs he had posted all over his wall. He stopped when his eyes landed on a photo of Epona.

“Epona? Is she alright? Wait, Ilia said Colin was taking care of her today...I need to stop worrying and stop talking to myself...” He began to curse himself for allowing him to talk to himself again before allowing his eyes to look at the photos again. This time, he stopped on a picture that he had on his night stand: one of Ilia.

It was his favorite photo of her because she was all dressed up for her sixteenth birthday. She was in an elegant forest-green dress that had emphasized her girlish figure perfectly. The skirt was cut short right below her knees and swayed when she walked thanks to the two petticoats she wore under it. The petticoats didn’t overdo their job; they just gave her dress a light bounce to it when she walked or danced. She and Link actually shared their first dance that night, and it was also the night they realized they loved each other. That’s why it was his favorite.

“Two fifteen...” he said looking at the clock. “What to do now?” Link let out a sigh of boredom and laid his head back to think of something quick. It only took him two minutes to remember that he had a couple books on the shelves in his night stand. He (carefully) twisted his left arm around to reach one of them. It was a love story that Link hadn’t read yet so he quickly turned to page one and started. However, the more Link got into it to the plot of the story, the more stale it became.

“Boy loves girl, another boy loves girl, girl picks her favorite, guys fight, hero loses at first, returns and wins girl back: what a puny plot!” he said as he closed the book. “So much for getting lost in the literary realm...” he sighed. “I’ll bet Ilia’s having fun...Maybe Midna drove her nuts already...Din, what did I get myself into? Now I’m talking to myself again! I’ve gotta get some sleep before I drive myself crazy...”
And with that, lights out for Link again...

When the girls finished lunch at Telma’s, they bid her good bye and left for the lake to go swimming. Once they got their and changed into their bathing suits, they just relaxed by and in the water. Ilia was a little worried about Link and if he was obeying the doctors orders.

“So, Ilia. What was that bet between you and Link about? I’ve been dying to know.” Beth asked.

“Yeah, Ilia. Cough it up.”

“Link was right, she is kinda tricky...” she thought.

“Well, if Link doesn’t get up out of bed until I come back to see him, we get to have some dinner by firelight and relax together. If he gets up even once, he owes me three wishes. He has to give me anything I want.”

“What are you going to wish for if he loses?” Midna pressed.

“Well, I’m not sure I should tell. They do say the walls have ears...”

“Are we indoors?” Beth questioned her best friend. “No. C’mon, tell. We won’t say a word, will we ,Midna?”

“Nope. C’mon, Ilia. Tell.”

“Oh alright; but if either one of you tell Link, you’re dead. Okay, my first wish is for Link to take me on a dinner date in Castle Town.”

“Wow,” Beth exclaimed. “Nice wish.”

“Second, I want Link to be my date for the Summer Festival here at the lake.”

“Dang, girl. You know how to make wishes.” Midna chuckled.

“And third?” Beth asked.

“Third, Link has to kiss me...” Ilia giggled causing Midna and Beth to do the same.

“Oh man, Ilia!” Beth chortled. “That is how you use wishes! Does Link know what you’re planning?”

“No. I had to keep it a secret or he won’t even try! I don’t want him to lose on purpose; even if I get those wishes.”

Midna just laughed harder. “Yeah, Beth. You’ve got to keep the guys guessing! Haha!!”

“Listen to you laughing like a pack of hyenas.” Ilia was one to talk ‘cause she was laughing just as hard as they were. “What are we, five?”

“No, we’re girls out having fun.” Beth said.

“Well, I don’t know about you two, but I’m going to cool off.” And with that, Ilia dove into the crystal waters of Lake Hylia, silently wishing that Link was here with her. Her mind wandered to what he could be doing right now. On one hand, Link could be fine just reading a book. But one the other hand...Oh dear, she didn’t know what could happen on the other hand...

And as he rode his steed in that endless field, he longed to hear a human voice.



It was painfully everywhere.

“Oh, Link...” an angel’s voice echoed over the flowers. “Link, I’m here.”

“Ilia...Ilia?” he called. He led the horse to gallop through the floral infinity. Searching for the one who could end the nothingness. The loneliness.

He saw her as an angel clad in a flowing white robe with a golden sash wrapping around her in several places. Her white wings shined with unearthly splendor and a gentle lovingness.

“I’ll return soon. I will return...” she was fading...

“No! Ilia, don’t leave!”

“I will return...”

“Ahhhhh!” A dream...”It was just a dream...and a weird one at that...Whoo...” Link sat there for a second to collect what remained of his logical thoughts and place them in an order that made sense. That wasn’t the first dream he had that lonely after noon; he had found himself in at least six dreams that eerily reminded him that he was alone. And constantly being reminded of that fact began to have some affect on his brain.

He reached over a small distance and picked up the Master Sword. After removing the Blessed Blade from its scabbard, he did something you and I would never do in our right minds. He began to talk to it...

“Oh boy, you’ll never believe the dream I just had. I was in a field and– what’s that? ‘Not that dream again!’ You could at lease be nice about it, you know? It’s really hard not to go nuts when you haven’t heard a voice different from your own in...” He had at least enough sense in him to check the clock. Checking it correctly... “Let’s see, if Ilia left me two days ago, then I’ve been alone for a year now.” was a different story...

Thankfully, before the nonsense went on for too long, Link snapped out of it. “Gah! What am I going–er doing!? I’m losing my mind...I’m talking to my Sword for Ganon’s sake!”

Just then, a woman’s voice shot out saying;“ Well, Excuuuuuuuse me, Hero.”

“Wha– who’s there!?”

“I’m in your hand, crazy.”

Link looked at the Blade that still stayed firmly in his left hand, though he had used it with his right before.

“I know you miss your girlfriend, but that’s no reason to treat me like dirt!”

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t know you could talk...You-You’re not supposed to talk...”

“What!? Animals can talk? People can talk? But an enchanted Sword can’t? You humans are all the same!”

“Wait! I didn’t mean any harm! I’m sorry...” for a brief moment, Link realized that he was apologizing to his sword; but then his mind slipped back into “la-la” land...

“No, wait. I’m sorry. I know how you feel...” His Sword “replied”

“When I was stuck in that cold marble, I felt so lonely that I would talk to the trees and the sky; but they never answered me! They just made fun of how I was stuck in the ground. ‘What kind of sword are you if your stuck in a stupid stone all the time!?’ It drove me mad.”

“Yikes... I never knew that... Please tell me how you kept from going crazy.”

“Okay. Step one, put me back home.” Link did so.

With voice muffled by the scabbard walls, the Master Sword called out saying; “Step two, think of something other than me. Try to wrap your thoughts around something logical, okay?”

“Okay...” Link closed his eyes and began to meditate on a bunch of logical thoughts. It was working...

“Oh sure, listen to the ‘magical sword.’ Typical...” until his Ordon sword got a mind of his own. Link opened his eyes toward the clock to see it say five ‘o clock. Sunset was at six thirty. Could he hold out for an hour and a half?

“What a day!” Ilia sighed. The girls really hit Hyrule hard that day, and that was all they could talk about as they walked toward Ordon.

“I really have to do that more often,” Midna thought out loud, “that was so worth it. See you girls later!”

The two bid Midna good bye for the evening, but Ilia had someone else on her mind.

“Beth, do you think Link’s alright? I’m really wondering if he’s okay...”

“Oh, Ilia. Quit worrying. You know that Link never loses a challenge. I’m one hundred percent sure that Link is just fine.”

“That’s what’s worrying me. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea...” She glanced up to see Link’s house. She could see light coming from inside, but no noise.

“Do you hear anything wrong in there?” Beth asked.

“No...but–You’re probably right. Link’s probably asleep up there. What was I thinking? Of course he’s okay. You know what? I’m going to make dinner for us.”

“You admit defeat then?”

“This one time, I will. Bye, Beth. It’s been a great day.”

“Ditto. See you later, Ilia. Oh, and good luck with Link!”

“Thanks...I’m gonna need it.” Ilia ran home to grab a pole to catch a nice fresh entree.

“Please let Link be okay...” she sighed aloud.

Link hid his blood shot eyes under his fur blanket. Outside, he could hear all the objects in his home holding conversation. The fireplace was yelling at the wood for it to get out of its mouth; the salt and pepper on his table began filing for divorce; his dishes were doing the cha-cha; all of his pictures were “square dancing”; his spare sheets were parachuting from his ceiling; all while his shields were just trying to keep order. In short, it was a mad, mad, mad, mad ,mad world in Link’s mind.

“Will you all just keep quiet!?” he snapped. “I’m trying not to lose my mind here!” The clock...Six twenty-eight...Two minutes...two, that was his number...

Ilia just finished packing the fish and herb rice in a basket right then. She couldn’t help herself feeling so proud of Link for not going crazy. Uli, Rusl, and Bo all said that they didn’t hear a peep out of him all day. He really deserved this dinner date. “So, ready for your date?” Her father laughed. “Yep, just finished.” Her dad picked up the scent of the meal she made for the two of them.

“Mmm... that smells good...”

“Down, Daddy. This is for me and Link. Maybe one day I’ll make you some.” she had to admit, she herself was pleased by her own work. “I’ll see you later tonight, Dad. Bye!”

“Bye! And tell Link I said, ‘Hi!’”

“Will do!” she called back. Now, what the moment she waited for this whole day.

One minute left...Ticking away...Link’s mind was a total wreck now...Not only was he hearing things, he was seeing things. Right now, a purple crocodile was playing the part of Romeo from Romeo and Juliet with his Juliet being Princess Ganondorf!?

This was it...This was what he avoided all this day...this was his breaking point.

Ilia looked up to see the lights still on with no noise. He must have slept the entire day like a good Hero.

“He did it. He won.” Sure she lost, but at least she knew her beau was okay.

Din, Nayru, and Farore was she wrong...

The instant she opened his door, she saw a mummy in mid air lunging toward her, yelling at the top of it’s lungs! Obviously frightened by the spectacle, Ilia instantly moved out of what-ever-it-was’s way, allowing him to come to a hard landing on terra firma. Her face turned beet red when she recognized the mummy as Link. There he was just sprawled out on the ground just like a bug on a windshield! Oh! What a sight he was! All he could do was moan in agony as pain shot up his nerves like bullet-trains.

Ilia stood over him and looked at her boyfriend in pity.

“Uh...Hey...Ilia...” he moaned. Expecting her to at least be proud of him for making it through the day, Link was more than annoyed when Ilia began to slightly sing; “You got out of bed. You got out of bed.”

“Ilia, do me a favor and put my hands around your neck so I can wring it.”

Not taking his play threat seriously, Ilia just burst into the biggest giggle fit she ever had! Spare a thought for poor Link here. He spent the whole day alone with no human voice to answer back, and he makes his girlfriend laugh at him. Ilia, on the other hand, was going to break her ribs if she kept laughing so hard.

“Hahaha! Ha– okay...haha...I’ll call it a tie...haha...I owe you a date and you owe me three wishes. Deal?”

“On one condition. You never leave me alone for that long, again. Got it?”

“Got it. Now let’s get you back in bed. I’ll go get Daddy. Oh, he’s going to love this...” she chuckled as she walked away.

“Tell, and you’re dead.” Link threatened only to make Ilia laugh even harder.

If there was one thing Link learned that day, it would be the meaning of the word, “Pain.”

The End

Please thank NintendoQueen for her awesome fic! claps

NintendoQueen's URL:


-Rainbow Colorz XD

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