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Welcome to the profile for kelbebop-phoebenpiper.

We're two friends who have been writing together for several years. For several years we were really into Lord of the Rings and created our own alternate universe where all the characters were college students at Middle Earth University – our website for our MEU fanfic is here:

Since then, we've become huge HSM fans and have written a bunch of stories (both together and separately). The majority of the ones on this site are in a series called “Extra Innings” – these stories also stand alone so you don't have to read the entire series (story descriptions below).

In addition to writing fanfic, we enjoy dressing up as Ryan and Sharpay and performing dance routines from HSM. We've performed both R&S routines from HSM1 – here's a video to us doing “Bop to the Top” with kelbebop as Ryan & phoebenpiper as Sharpay:

We also performed a Harry Potter version of “We're All in this Together” with kelbebop as Luna & phoebenpiper as Ron:

And we performed a shortened version of “Humuhumu” with phoebenpiper's nieces and won for Best Recreation Presentation at the 2008 World Science Fiction Convention:

We've done additional HSM routines with other friends. We were also both members of the Lord of the Rings performance groups “One Ring Circus” and the “Prancing Pony Players” with kelbebop as Merry & Arwen and phoebenpiper as Legolas & Eowyn – videos can be found on kelbebop's youtube channel.

Extra Innings stories

Wildest Dreams” – by phoebenpiper

After watching HSM2, we created our own fanfic challenge to explain how and why Ryan and Chad changed clothes after the baseball game. This was phoebenpiper's attempt at a realistic explanation.

Hanging Out” – by kelbebop & phoebenpiper

The conversation Gabi and Ryan have in HSM2 the morning after the baseball game intrigued us. What exactly happened at Gabi's house (besides brownie eating). And why was Ryan dancing swing? This was again our attempt at a realistic explanation for their conversation.

Dancing Lessons” – by kelbebop

After the previous two stories, it only made sense for Ryan to start giving Chad dancing lessons.

Fever” – by kelbebop & phoebenpiper

This six-part story follows a series of events that all start when Ryan and Chad dance to the Peggy Lee song “Fever”. CeliaLauna recommends this video from a Belgian show that has two sexy male dancers – one blond & one with an afro – dancing to this same song:

Oh Brother!” – by phoebenpiper

Sharpay walks in on a “dance lesson” and doesn't react well to learning that Ryan is now seeing Chad.

Advice” – by kelbebop & phoebenpiper

Ryan thinks it's time he and Chad go on a real date, but he doesn't know how to proceed so he asks advice from his friends and family.

First Date” – by kelbebop & phoebenpiper

Ryan and Chad go on their first real date – to dinner and a concert – and it doesn't exactly turn out how either of them expected. We did “research” for this story by going out for fondue – yum!

Second Date” – by kelbebop & phoebenpiper

Ryan and Chad attempt to go on their second date...and are accidentally joined by all their Wildcat friends! We did “research” for this story by going bowling – fun!

Ryan's Musical Review” – by phoebenpiper

Now that Ryan and Chad are dating, Sharpay thinks it's time for Chad to learn all about Ryan's “past lives” – all the roles he's played. Again, my musical theatre major came in handy for this one (and was partly a wish-fulfillment story – all the shows I wish I could've been in as a kid!)

Karaoke Night” – by kelbebop & phoebenpiper

Chad and Zeke join the Evans twins for their weekly karaoke night.

Clueless” – by kelbebop & phoebenpiper

Troy may be smart about some things, but when it comes to his best friend, he's fairly clueless. We wanted to write a story where Troy figured out that Chad and Ryan were together, and we thought this would be a different approach than a lot of the stories out there.

Back to School” – by kelbebop & phoebenpiper

A three-part story about the Wildcats starting back to school after their summer at Lava Springs and dealing with the implications of the “Back to School” dance.

Freaky Friday” – by kelbebop & phoebenpiper

A multi-part story about a school day where everyone gets to change places with someone else. Kelbebop came up with the idea early on that Ryan and Sharpay could dress as each other for a day, and in trying to come up with a realistic reason for it, it evolved into this elaborate story wherein ALL the Wildcats get to learn something about their friends.

Family Courtside” – by phoebenpiper

It's clear from HSM2 that Mr. Evans wants to be supportive of his son but is uneasy with the fact that Ryan's hats are never “straight”. In this story, Mr. Evans is trying to be supportive of Ryan's relationship with Chad by taking Ryan to a basketball game. Years of playing junior high basketball paid off because I actually remembered all the rules!

"Double Skate" -- by phoebenpiper

My friend and I went roller skating, and I was totally inspired to write this story! Also, it gives me an excuse to write about Sharpay (and Ryan) being neurotic. :)

That's it for the “Extra Innings” stories so far.

For additional HSM stories, you can find some at phoebenpiper's fanfic site:

Also, phoebenpiper would like to thank everyone who gave reviews on her other HSM stories. She will be transferring those stories to her individual site, so the reviews will probably disappear -- sorry! If anyone knows how to do this sort of transfer WITHOUT losing reviews, please send a message to phoebenpiper.

We hope you enjoy our stories, and feedback is always welcome! :)

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