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Hello Everyone. Personal Information about me is disclosed and is unimportant considering I do not and will not ever know you.

I am completly and utterly obsorbed into the fasination of action and suspense. So, a little about me that is not so personal and not disclosed. I love most people and I am very easy to get along with. If you get on my bad side it will be a bad rest of your life. Everything in my life seems to happen at the worst times. As for an example I always know when I am going to get my peroid, because it is always at the busiest part of my month. No, there is really no schedule for me. Because everything in my life seems to happen at the most unfortunate of times I stick by this quote. "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain." I have no idea where or who I heard it from, but I would like to offer the credit to anyone who claims they said it first. I also go by the quote "You can make a short road last forever." And no I do not know where I heard this one either. (=

ADD people have more fun.(:

-Yes, I do have ADD and I do not take the medicine, because I am terrified of heart issues.

Life is like monopoly. It goes on and on even if you are sucky at it.

-No, I could never finish the game.

LIVE your LIFE how YOU want to not what OTHERS want.

Writers are people who writing is harder for.

Ideas come naturally, details are worked for.

Romance is like crack.

I tried being blonde and I didn't have anymore fun than usual.

I openly admit to falling for one of my characters.


"Where is the truck? " -Inside Joke.

I believe in...Chicks before Dicks...&...Bros before Hoes.

Fall OFF a cliff.

Cry ME a river then build ME a bridge so I can walk over it.

I am a nerd.

I found a fanfic I really like around 4 months ago.

I can't find it. (I guess Edward left Bella and Bella ended up being immortal some how and lived with vampires, she also couldn't talk...or maybe it was that she couldn't hear...whatever but if you know what I am talking about please message me.)

My favorite books:

1. Twilight. (series)

-Stephenie Meyer does a wonderful job of balancing romance and action in these novels...

2. The Goose Girl.

-Ah, Shannon Hale, who does not like her? This story is wonderful and humbling.

3. The Seer and The Sword.

-What can I say...Fantasy is my weakness...

4. The Supernaturalist.

-While unbelievable it is mesmerizing and will have you on the edge of you page...haha...get it?

5. The City of Ember. (series)

-Wow...oh and by the way City of Sparks was not as good...

6. The Princess Bride.

-Classic novel that I liked...

7. Cities of the Plain.

-Hey, if you like prostitutes and bar fights with guts flying everywhere...this is the book for you...and yes I think John Grady Cole is like the best name ever...

8. The Catcher in the Rye.

-While this story has a weird plot, it is easy to see that it is a well thought out coming to age story.

9. Antigone

-Well, I liked this book because a WOMAN, yes that is a FEMALE stood up for herself and her brother, because she thought it was right. And then I hated the ending ... screw Creon...SCREW!

10. The clique novels. (series)

- I am a lover of gossip and well..that is basically what this novel more...D-R-A-M-A!

Got any good ones? Send me a darn message...

My worst list:

1. Wuthering Heights

-This book is about hate, just as Edward says. I can not identify with the love that they share. I do not believe that he could love her so much that he would hate her. That is ridiculous.

2. Hamlet

-What is the point? Everyone dies in the end. (almost) And poison through the ear? How original.

3. Candide

-Lets all jump off a cliff...It is what Pangloss said to do...EHHH

4. The Odyssey

-Mythology just was not my favorite in this book.

5. All books by the Author of Nicholas Sparks.

-While Nicholas Sparks is a brilliant author and conveys his ideas wonderfully...Was I the only one who noticed a pattern? All his books are the same with a different plot. Oh, and by the way some one or something is going to die. Even if it is just the dog.

I love all music so I'm not going to make a list.

The firebird from Boxes of Chocolates:


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Bella chooses to be stranded on and island for a graduation present. She has a dark past that will soon be reveled. Trust me, you will know exactly why she choose where she choose to go in time. Plus, Edward and Bella will be on an island alone...lemons?
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