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'Sup Bro's! I'm Ami, not Amy...Ami. It's French, please understand how to say my name properly before I turn into Godzilla and eat your face off. kthanxbai (:
I live in not-so-fabulous Las Vegas. If you have any arguments about how fabulous Vegas actually is, take it up with my rabid bear. He'll be happy to make you understand how terrible it really is living in a town filled with prostitutes and jerkwads ;D

So...I'm obsessed with really awkwardly amazing things like: drawing, doing claymations, roleplaying, dragons, Buddha's (because who doesn't want to rub his tummy for luck?), scary movies, Marble Hornets, dinosaurs, everything mythical besides unicorns (they aren't special enough for my love), any musical instruments, volunteering, and any books that include any or all of these :D

I wrote a couple of fanfictions for Twilight a couple years back, but it's not on here anymore ._. I have more stories, but none of them are fanfictions. Boo. I write poetry, but most of it's depressing since I only write when I'm terribly sad. I doubt anyone would like to read those, haha.

Random things about me:

My tummy growls a lot at random parts of the day, I have reason to believe that Godzilla is roaring from inside my stomach.

When I was little I used to juggle dimes with my mouth open. As a result I swallowed a lot of dimes -_-;

Sparkly, glittery things piss me off.

I'm a very detached person, therefore I'm very blunt. If you don't like it, don't talk to me.

I get paranoid after watching anything remotely creepy.

I actually have an escape plan in case a zombie outbreak occurs. I plan on surviving, thank you very much.

I hate being by myself, I feel like I'll get murdered or something.

Futurama is my favorite TV show, don't diss it. (;

I find Slendy extremely attractive; y u no love him? D:

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