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OK, so I just read the twilight books last summer, after my friend told me about them. Once I began I couldn't put it down. Once Eclipse was over, I was sad at having to wait a whole year for the next one, until I came across this site! I've just recently started writing some fan fiction of my own and I'm thrilled by the reaction I got! So thanks to everyone who has read my stories!

About me: Let's see, I'm 23 but younger at heart. I love books, dogs and Hawaii, although I don't live there but maybe some day I'll buy myself a small house right on the beach in a low key place and just surf all day. Aahh... dare to dream.

Happy reading!!

Side Note: Thanks for all the great reviews! Let me just say that no one was more shocked than me at the response that Meyer University got. Seriously, you guys are crazy! I am working on a new story, I'll post it as soon as I get all the kinks worked out of it. Thanks again! :)

Another Side Note: Check out my myspace for random extras I might post http:///sh_c

Want to read Meyer University in German? Here you go! The insert link thing isn't working so you'll have to copy and paste this link. It is in the process of being translated by hellokitty115


Cars in New In Forks

Bella's Car: Bella's Saab 9-3 Sport (Just imagine it in blue)

Bella's "practice car" before the race: Toyota Supra Used for Practice

The following cars were used in the race:

Edward's Aston Martin Vanquish: Edward and Jasper teamed up in this car

Carlise's Lexus: (imagine it being black.) Carlisle and Esme teamed up in this car

Rosalie's Racing Car: Infiniti g35 Her and Emmett teamed up in this car

Alice's 911 Turbo: Alice and Bella teamed up in this car (I wanted to remain true to the books, so I kept Alice's car the same as the one she got in Eclipse.)

Meyer University

Coat Bella wears on date Marc Jacobs Houndstooth Jacket

Bella's Ball Gown Front View

Back View

Meyer University Cathedral Building (This is actually a real Cathedral near my home town in PA. There is an actual college near it but its no where near as cool or old as Meyer U :-D ) Cathedral in the Snow Cathedral View 2 Cathedral View 3

Sanctuary- This is the actual room in the real Cathedral. Isn't it gorgeous? Sanctuary

This is the car Emmett and Rosalie worked on in their teen year. Shelly, the 1963 Studebaker

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