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Howdy. (Sorry, from the Midwest.) I'm an amateur author who enjoys writing nearly as much as reading, and this site seems to be the best of both worlds for me.

If you're reading this, then you're obviously a fan of the television show Heroes, since I don't do fan fiction for anything else. If that's the case, you want to take the time to check out The OWI. It's probably the greatest fan-based website I've encountered.

That's pretty much all. I may add some more to this later, but don't count on it. Hope you enjoy my work, and let me know how I can improve it. Thanks.


2 updates to 2 stories in less than a week? Hopefully this is the start of a new round of serious writing for me.

Don't expect me to update both stories this frequently for the most part, however. I only added this chapter (and, probably, will have 2 more soon) to Fractures because, as I said earlier, I finally found my notes. Those notes included almost an entire notebook of written story- some of which had already been published, but a lot of which had not.

I still intend to keep these two stories alive and going, but I'm working full time and trying this new thing called "Having a life" so I can't promise it will be updated daily or weekly. I'll try for monthly, but no promises.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. You have reading to do, and I have sleeping to do.


Wow. Almost a full six months since I promised that I was getting ready to write again. The good news? I'm finally fulfilling that promise.

I uploaded the first chapter of my new fic earlier today. That is a work that will probably take a while to complete, since the story in question is going to end up being fairly detailed and will, ultimately, set up something I hope to work on with another author (assuming she's still interested).

Anyway, there is something of equal importance to share here. I finally found the notes and other unfinished elements of the epic, in scale at least, story I was writing- Fractures. That means the newest chapter should be uploaded within the next few weeks. That's good, for me, because an unfinished story nags at me and demands I pay attention to it.

Hope I still have people reading. Feel free, please, to leave reviews. Having readers is great, but having people either tell me I'm doing good or that I'm screwing things up is of immense help to me.

Happy reading.


Holy crap. Over a year and a half since I've done ANYTHING here!

Okay, that's out of the way. Now onto reality.

Reality is, about a year ago, the bastids at NBC decided Heroes wasn't coming back. Ever. That hurt. It was the first (and, thus far, ONLY) show that had gotten me so energized. I'd never (not even for Lost when it still held my interest) gone online looking to hook up with other fans of a show before. And I'd never even considered writing a fandom based fiction before. But Heroes hit me, and hit me hard. I knew everything about the bloody show. I loved the characters, the cast, the writing, the crew. I knew more details about Peter Petrelli and Gabrielle Gray, about Elle Bishop and Simone Deveaux, than I did about some members of my own family.

And then it got cancelled. Even though I had seen, and denied, the writing on the wall, it still hurt. And it killed any interest I had in writing.

And the months went by. Gradually I got over it. After all, as much as I loved it, it was STILL just a bloody show, right?

So I decided to get back to writing. I love writing anyway, so it wasn't a hard decision to make.

Imagine my surprise when the stories that started coming to me were untold stories belonging to the Heroes universe. Specifically, an untold story including one of my personal favorite self-created OCs, Michael "Havoc" Torres. So that's what I'm working on now. Don't know when it'll start getting posted, although I'm going to get it started here in a minute.

Also, if you are a fan of my A/U story, "Fractures", don't worry to much. I fully intend to finish that story. But, on top of everything else, I'm in the process of moving, and my old laptop died. Unfortunately, that specific laptop had several unedited, and (stupid me) un-backed-up, chapters on it. So now I have to start, essentially, from scratch. I have to figure out where I was going, since the papers are God knows where in the piles of boxes.

Anyway, I'll be seeing you guys.


This is why I need to pay more attention to details when I write. *headdesk*

If you've been paying attention, you'll have noticed that the most recent chapter of my fic, as well as the one the website calls Chapter 11 (but is actually the 10th chapter, since the first is just the prologue) have been reuploaded in the past couple of days.

The reasons are simple, even if they make me feel like a bit of an idiot.

In the most recent chapter, I had Arthur note that the Hartsdale ruin had been rebuilt and was now a Pinehearst outlet. Unfortunately, later in that same chapter, I had Claire digging around the Hartsdale ruins. You can't have it both ways. So I edited it to have her poking around the ruins of the San Diego facility.

The other problem I noted, and the reason I ended up making a small edit to Chapter 10, was that, as anyone who has read Light Warrior Files knows, I had Angel around 2 months pregnant as of January of '07. Unfortunately, I'm now writing April of '08 and was writing her as if she was 4 or 5 months pregnant. Yes, I'm an idiot. lol

So I wrote in a small piece for July of '07, which is in the recently reuploaded Chapter 10, which has her giving birth. There shouldn't be any more issues like that while I'm writing, since I'm going to start paying more attention to details like that (including keeping a constantly-added-to timeline with me while I write).


Hey. Been (quite) a while since I've been here. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Life got incredibly busy and, because of a bunch of things, I had to put writing on the shelf for a while. Then, once I had the time and interest in writing, I had absolutely nothing. Kept coming up blank on how to get the chapter I had been planning onto paper. That took a while to get over.

But I'm back. And it's up. And I promise you won't have to wait most of a year for the next one. Hopefully no more than a couple of weeks.

Oh yeah, I've also started a website. I don't expect it to be as huge as this one, but I wouldn't mind seeing some people show up and look it over. It's a bit of a corner for writers. A place where you can post your stories, either fanfiction or completely original works, as well as discuss things with other writers. If you're interested, or even mildly curious, the site is The Source and I'd love having as many of you as are interested show up.

Anyway, enjoy the new chapter.


Back again. (Two in less than a month? I'm on a role again. lol)

Just thought I ought to let people in on a not-so-secret. I just introduced a new character in Fractures- Marita de Contego-Kemp. If you're wondering, she is another complete OC. I created her (along with several others) after the first season of Heroes aired. If you're curious about the character, and maybe want to learn her background, it's extremely easy. Just read through the first story I published on this site, The Light Warrior Files: Beginnings.


And I'm back. As you can see, I've added 2 new chapters to Fractures. That's the good news. The bad news is there's at least 1 more chapter's worth of events taking place in the same month, so I'm still writing.

Thought I'd take a moment to remind people (since it's been over a year, I think, and a lot of people don't read that far down on my profile) about something they may have noticed but don't understand. I write primarily OC stories.

The reasons for that are really fairly simple. The chief reason purely being those stories are the ones I want to tell. Like Tim Kring (the man to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for creating this universe for me to play in), the story that most appeals to me is the story that covers a character's discovery that they're different from others.

There's also the fact that Kring and his group created this universe for us, but they can only show so many characters. Even with all the ways they have (the show, the iStory, the webisodes, the GN and the various other elements they use) to give us characters and stories, they can only show so much. There's an entire unexplored world for someone with a fertile imagination and a keyboard.

Another element is the fact that you're limited when using a CC (Canon Character). You have to go with what you're given. For instance, when writing a story involving Nathan Petrelli, you have to use the information Kring and company have given you. You don't have much real leeway, unless you're running an AU fic. You have to use what they've shown of him when forming your story around him. (Everything, from his speech patterns to his personality, is decided for you.) You get much more leeway with an OC, because you're the one creating the character. Everything comes from within you. This also means you're frequently more invested in an OC than a CC, because you spent time creating this character. The biography, the name, the power (if any), the personality and mannerisms- everything comes from you.

So all of my stories are either entirely OC-driven (The Light Warrior Files: Beginnings; What Shadows Lie), largely/primarily OC-driven (Let Slip The Dogs Of War), or OC-heavy (Fractures). I apologize if that causes problems for some readers, but I can't change the kind of stories I want to tell, and it's impossible to change the types of stories that come to me, and it's difficult to change the way I best write.


Wow. Didn't realize it had been this long without an update. Sorry about that.

I got hit with some major real life issues during the beginning of this year (started in January) that culminated in mid-April with the death of my father. Needless to say, writing was the last thing on my mind. I meant to get back to it, at least as a distraction, by mid-May but just couldn't care about the story at that time.

By the time I was in the mood to think about writing again, I realized I was in desperate need of a job and money. So the beginning of the ever-loved job search came into my life and took away more time. Recently, early-June, I got back in touch with an old friend I hadn't seen in years and we both realized we cared a great deal for each other so, on top of the remaining personal issues and the job search, I also have a girlfriend. (Is it just me, or does it sound weird for a 30 year old to say something like that? lol)

Anyway, that doesn't leave a lot of time free for writing. Don't worry that I'm abandoning the story though, because I'm not. I'm just suddenly having to find a way to balance my passion for writing, and for Fractures, with real life. It's a balance I think I'm finally finding.

That being said, I thought it was about time to my readers a bit of an idea of what to expect from the next chapters, as far as I have them planned right now. (I have a general idea of where the story is going, with a clear idea of the ultimate climax and the ending, but, as always, the chapters I'm nearest to, either working on at the time or the next couple in line, are always much clearer.)

As I mentioned, this is a story about the future we glimpsed in I Am Become Death. It's not going to be exactly like that because Peter changed a few things when he made his trip back through time to prevent his reality from ever forming. I decided to take a look at what that reality would look like, and what would be the formative elements leading to it, if that trip had never been made.

As such, you should already begin noticing differences. Situations that are not precisely how they happened in the Heroes canon. Perhaps the most obvious, at the moment, is that Penny and Connie, characters some of my readers will recognize from the GN arch last summer, are not behind the failed Evs Dropper plan to take down the Company. In fact, Evs Dropper didn't even happen in this reality. Instead, they're working as moles for Pinehearst. I made the decision for multiple reasons. The first, and most important, was simply that I wanted to use characters that would be dead if I allowed that plan to unfold the way it did. The second, and only slightly less important, is that I didn't see Arthur, who had a clear vision of what he wanted, allowing such a waste of potentially valuable personnel. Not to mention the fact that he would have wanted to use someone like Connie- with a hatred of the Company so pure it's almost holy- to help him bring down Primatech.

In upcoming chapters you will be introduced to characters you know by name, but have never met. There will be characters making decisions that follow naturally from what you may know about them, but aren't decisions they made in-canon. I have in mind at least two major deaths, but I'm not telling anyone who they are or even if they're OC or CC.

I have enough twists and turns planned to make parts of this story resemble a complicated pretzel. Some characters will not survive all the way through.

Some of you have undoubtedly noticed someplace rather major where one of my characters fails to even resemble her canon self. I gave Sparrow Redhouse Weather Manipulation when the Graphic Novels reveal that she is actually a Terrokinetic (Earth Manipulator). My defense is simple. I had that character written even before Alice was revealed on the show. I sat down, considered the personality of a character we had, at the point I undertook writing her, never seen outside of a brief panel in a S1 GN (where we received no clue to her ability), and decided that the personality of the Sparrow I was writing would most likely manifest a weather manipulation ability. (I always planned on a Weather Manip ability, but hadn't given it to a character yet. Using Sparrow solved the need to create an entire character out of my imagination.)

You will see more GN characters used than you have seen to this point, and you will also see more characters from the main show than you have. I also have plans for some of the webisode characters, as well as a few from the various online elements of the show. (The interactive story, for one.) On top of that, I have more original characters I am waiting to unveil. The problem is one I'm sure faces the writers of the show at times- so many characters, so little time. I made the conscious decision not to introduce a character, any character, until it served the story in some way. I introduced Raven originally as a way to show that someone was grabbing innocents and doing something horrible to them. I brought Claude into the story to show that this "someone" was Pinehearst- and that their reach was growing. I've used every character introduction in the story to move some element of it forward a little more. At least that was my intent. I hope I haven't failed too miserably at it.

Anyway, that's why I have so many characters I plan to use but that I haven't introduced into the story yet. I just haven't reached a point where their introduction would serve as anything other than clutter. I've spoken with other writers, and I'm not making the mistake of using a character just because they're in the universe. If they don't serve the story in some way, I'm not going to use them at all. It's safer that way. (Mainly because I don't want to piss off one of my readers by introducing a character from the universe that they like, and then failing to do anything with them.)

Finally, I figured out part of what's taking this chapter so long to write. (On top of the stuff I mentioned in the beginning of this post.) If you've been following the story closely, you've noticed I tend to break the chapters by months. (Either a single month, if there's enough happening in it, or a set group of months.) Anyway, I'm currently writing for March, 2007. I'm at 20 typed pages right now, and I'm not even half done with it yet. I have the distinct impression that March is going to end up comprising about 3 or 4 chapters, because it's the busiest time period I've written yet. A lot of characters doing a lot of stuff.

Anyway, I better get back to writing the chapter. I'll post more here later.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently in my profileblog and the story, Fractures. Dealing with a lot of personal crap right now, and I just don't have the energy to try and write at the moment. Hopefully that'll change in the next few weeks. (I am going to write, just not right now.)

That being said, I am helping a friend and fellow author write her story. OnyxRiver has an purely awesome story, Burning The Picket Fence. Not only is the story worth reading from the beginning, if you haven't already, but my character, Havoc, from Let Slip The Dogs Of War has made an appearance. We noticed similarities between her character, Sarah Noonan, and Hav fairly early on. The idea of a crossover basically started with me sending her a PM saying "Wouldn't it be hilarious if..." It sat there for a while, stewing in my mind and hers, until we both decided it would be interesting to see them having to work together.

In all honesty, I consider her one of the best authors, far and away better than myself, on this site. All of her stories are superb reads, and BTPF is more than holding its own against some pretty stiff competition. (I've read everything she's published here, and it is excellent writing.)

So, if you want a good read, check out anything by OnyxRiver. (There are other authors I love that I'll pimp later, but since I'm actually working with Onyx on a And, if you're interested in following the adventures of Havoc even more than you already have, and bless you for reading and, apparently, loving LSTDOW, definitely read Burning The Picket Fence.




Alrighty. Just started a new story. I hope it works as well as I thought it sounded. I've titled it Fractures and it takes place in the future we glimpsed in the Heroes episode I Am Become Death. The only difference this time is that Future_Peter never made his trip back in time.


And thus ends our journey with Havoc. At least for a while. As I've mentioned before, my friend and fellow author OnyxRiver is going to be using him some in upcoming chapters of her work, Burning The Picket Fence. (That was one of the motivations behind the title of this chapter.)

Sorry it took so long to update this, but I've had some real life issues that got in the way and I just couldn't get into the head space to write again. Hopefully I made it worthwhile.

That being said, they say an author's mind is never still and, although I make no pretense at being even as good as some of my fellow authors on this site (Onyx being one of them I consider to be over all better), I do have another project in the works. As of right now it's in the planning stages, because it is much larger, in scale if nothing else, than anything I've done to this point.

If you watch the series, which I assume you do since, at the moment, that's all I write for, you saw the glimpses of the future in I Am Become Death. This new fic will take place entirely in that future, as if Peter never attempted to change it. I've tentatively titled it Fractures and hope to begin work on it within the next couple weeks.

Until then, have fun and read. lol


Did some thinking about it. I'm still going to write the Hav/Sarah team, but Dogs isn't the place for it. I'm going to write the setup for the crossover and call it good for this fic. I'll have the team-up in a sequel soon though.


Had a change of heart. There will probably be another couple chapters. Instead of doing flashback at a later date to the mission, I'm going to be in discussions with OnyxRiver and write the mission for Hav & Sarah starting in the next chapter.

I'm hoping to have it started shortly. I'm already writing the opening to the chapter. I do know that, although it will be dangerous enough to require both of them, and possibly keeping Maddie in the story (something I haven't decided on at this point), it will be a much shorter story. I don't think another 20 chapters will be needed for this one.


If you can't tell, I've basically concluded the story. I have one more actual chapter, which I expect to be shorter than average. If you remember the dreams Havoc has had involving Charles, you know what's coming. There will be a time cut involved in the next chapter, although it's going to start no more than a day or two after 21 leaves off.

There will be an adventure or two involving Havoc, although I'm not sure if they'll be additional chapters or included in the next one, and then there's a crossover in the works. (The one I've been talking about for a while now with my friend, and fellow author, OnyxRiver in her story Burning The Picket Fence. If you haven't read that story...why haven't you? It's a dynamite story, and she's, in all seriousness, the better writer.)

I also have a couple ideas for stories, most likely either one-off's or extremely short stories, involving Maddie. For a character who started off as nothing more than a connection to Havoc's past, she's rapidly become one of my favorite OCs.

Finally, I have an idea for the most epic (length and scale) story I've ever done. It's tentatively titled Fractures and takes place in the future we saw in I Am Become Death.


Damn. No clue it had been this long.

Basically, real life got busy and then I had a massive case of writer's block. Luckily that's behind me.

In case you can't tell, I'm moving in on the end of the story. Next chapter will be the one I've been working toward. That will see the final battle. Afterward, I will have a chapter involving the aftermath and setting things up from this end for a crossover I have planned with OnyxRiver.

I also plan on a short story, probably 1 or 2 chapters at most, involving Maddie. I fell in love with the character and would love to delve a little deeper into her.

Other than that, I have a couple other stories sort of trickling on the back burner of my mind. I'll see what happens with them.


Wow. Didn't realize it had been so long since I'd updated. Of course, haven't had much to say so it's probably all for the best. I'm not even sure how many chapters I've put up since the last update here, but it's been a few. (4, I think...)

Now for the fun stuff. I hope everybody's settled in and comfy. Happy with the violence? Happy with the porny? Happy with the general direction of the story? Happy with the fact that things look like they're coming to a head?

Because they are. As the last chapter indicated, we're heading to Cairo next. Things are going to get interesting from here on out. Nothing about Egypt in general and Cairo in particular as the setting for this next chapter or so is accidental. (I know it may seem like I'm flying by the seat of my keyboard sometimes, and there's some validity to that, but this is carefully chosen.) Elements of that reason will become obvious fairly quickly, but other elements will take a while.

I have one question: does everybody remember the painting?


Okay, the next chapter of Dogs just went to press. Sorry it took so long on this. I hate writer's block, and this was a Kong-size case of it. Thanks to OnyxRiver for her help, as well as to PaxLux (a friend from another forum) for hers. I couldn't have gotten this one ready without their help.


Sorry I haven't been updating lately. I don't know if I was burned out or what, but I couldn't get into writing again for quite a while.

Good news is I'm back. I should (hopefully/maybe) have the next chapter of Dogs up in the next few days. It's coming slowly, for whatever reason, but it is coming.


Had to do some reorganizing on the host site. I have new pics available, if you're wondering about how some of the individual characters look. I've done the basic versions, as well as any variations I could think of. I've also included most, if not all, of the secondary and tertiary OCs.

I have them organized, roughly, by level of importance or appearance. (Primary OC's first, others following in rough order of appearance)

I made a few changes here and there between the way they're described in the story and how I "formed" them in the builder program I used. These either looked better than the literal interpretations, or were as close as the program allowed me to come to how I had them described.

What Shadows Lie

Gertrude "Tru" Ransome
Radulf "Ray" Taylor
Rita (The general way she'd have looked when she died)
"Dream" Rita (Basically the way she looked in the epilogue)
Nolan Hayes (The main "bad guy")
Angus Sullivan (The Teleporter)
Devnet Cormac (The Umbrakinetic/Dark Matter Manipulator)
Torin Fergus (Dynamic Telekinetic)
Delilah "Dee" Ransome (Tru's mother)
Mina (The hooker who found Tru's mark)
"Amazon" (Plasma Stream)
"Slip 'N' Slide" (Sonic Clap)

The Light Warrior Files: Beginnings

Angel "Dark Lady" Callaghan
Angel "Dark Lady" Callaghan (Vision form)
Dustin "Builder" Sommer
Dustin "Builder" Sommer (Vision form)
Ishmael Callaghan
Ishmael Callaghan (Vision form)
Lucius "Light Warrior" Kemp
Lucius "Light Warrior" Kemp (Vision form)
Marita "Shield Maiden" De Contego
Marita "Shield Maiden" De Contego (Vision form)
Daniel Mills (Main antagonist- "Nightmare" maker)
Unnamed Thug (The thug who assaulted Marita while she was in custody)

Let Slip The Dogs Of War

Havoc (Preferred wardrobe)
Havoc (Jungle wardrobe)
Havoc (From the painting described in Chapter 2: The Game's Afoot)
Elle Bishop (From the painting described in Chapter 2: The Game's Afoot)
Claus Bernhelm (Regular)
Claus Bernhelm ("Pumped" on absorbed energy)
Claus Bernhelm (From the painting described in Chapter 2: The Game's Afoot)
Gregory Tripp (Beastmaster from Chapter 1: Cry Havoc)
Bridgette (Illusionist from Chapter 2: The Game's Afoot)
Timothy Rockwell (Aquamorph from Chapter 2: The Game's Afoot)
Arvin Bancroft (Metamorph from Chapter 2: The Game's Afoot)
Agent Kristen Hart (Phoenix ability with information from Chapter 4: Questions and Chapter 5: Revelations)
Agent Greg Coleman (Energy Immunity with information from Chapter 4: Questions and Chapter 5: Revelations)
Charlotte Johnson (Acid Sweat from Chapter 6: Children Of Men)
Santiago Ramirez (The guy Elle barely stopped Havoc from killing in Chapter 7: Elle; Part 1)
Caine Rogers (Psionic Poison Blades; the first mission Elle and Havoc worked together; from Chapter 8: Elle; Part 2)
Michael Turner (Elle's first partner from Chapter 9: To The Pain)


Been a while since I was in. Mega writer's block. Sorry about that. It's at least partly broken now, so I should be updating LSDW within the next week or so.

Anyway, remember a while back when I posted links to the images for my main characters? Pretty soon those link are gonna quit working. Red Vector found this really cool site where you can build a "hero," or at least a character. I've had a ton of fun with it, and have created images of pretty much all my OCs. Click their name, and you'll be given a pic of them. (This is not to replace any mental image you may have of the character in question. It's entirely to give you an idea of how I pictured them.)

As I create more OCs, or build more of the important OCs, I'll put them in. The site's a lot of fun, a great time waster, and is part of the reason the writer's block has broken to a degree.

Links no longer accurate


And thus ends What Shadows Lie. Thanks to those who read it regularly, and most especially to OnyxRiver and Red Vector for the constant feedback. Without you two, the story would have stayed on the back burner and probably have ended up being dropped. (I enjoyed writing it nearly as much as you enjoyed reading it, at least mostly, but the feedback was the kick in the pants I needed to move forward with it.)

Now it's time to concentrate on Let Slip The Dogs Of War. I have absolutely no idea how long this one will take to finish, but there's still a lot left to tell. So, guess I should get to work.


Well, What Shadows Lie is practically finished. I don't think there's more than 1 or 2 more chapters, and an epilogue, left in it.

When it's done, that will make 2 of 3 stories that were completely (or for all intents and purposes) OC. Given the general opinion of OCs, I thought I'd take a moment to explain my reasons for having OC driven stories. (Even my third one, Let Slip The Dogs Of War, although it contains characters from the show, is primarily OC driven.)

First and foremost, these are the stories I wanted to tell. Tim Kring and his team deserve credit for everything they've done in creating a believable world in which these superpowers exist. They've created characters we've come to know and love, or hate. However, more important, they've created a world. Within that world there are stories they've not shown. Some, obviously, they will through the (hopefully) many seasons of the show. Others will be told in the Graphic Novels. However, there are still millions of characters we'll never see.

Those are the stories I like. Don't get me wrong, I love the characters from the show, and if I had a story for them they'd be in it. Unfortunately, the stories I had didn't include them. However, the stories did belong in the Heroes-verse, and I deliberately put in references to make this obvious. However, I was not going to include the characters from the show just to say I did so. If they didn't fit, they didn't get included. Kring and his team created this masterpiece of a world, and writing fan fiction gives me the opportunity to play around in it and discover little nuggets they didn't include in the show.

Now, the second reason is that, if things go as I plan, I fully intend to involve my OCs with the primaries. However, to do that I needed my OCs to have backgrounds that were believable and iron clad. Once it's been published, it's gospel. Thus, I needed to know the characters in a way only their creator could- and that meant I needed to know their stories. Since I considered the stories interesting, I decided to let others see them as well. The response has indicated I was correct in doing so.


Okay, so this is the deal. You didn't really think I'd leave her dead, did you? Of course not. I love the interaction between Hav and Elle too much to have left it as it was. Of equal importance, she's still alive in OnyxRiver's Burning The Picket Fence, which is set in the Heroes current time line, about 3 or 4 years ahead of current events in Dogs, as well as being alive in the canonical Heroes-verse. The title of this most recent chapter was deliberately chosen, and not just because of Hav's little game with that rat-bastard Michael.

Unfortunately, it's time for a break. I think I left it in a good spot, but good or bad I have to turn my attention to the other fic I'm writing- it's starting to feel neglected. I'm writing, as mentioned a few days ago, the next chapter for Shadows.


Decided to give everyone an idea of what my characters look like, since I tend to be a bit vague on a lot of the physical descriptions. (This is by no means exact, and any differences between the images and what you may envision while reading my characters are fine, these are just the basic ideas of what the characters look like to me.) Hope this helps, or at least doesn't hurt.

Links No Longer Accurate


For those wondering about how I left things with the latest addition of Let Slip The Dogs Of War, just hold on for a few days. I'm writing the next chapter now... well, actually, it's pretty much writing itself now. It should (no guarantees, mind you!) be up at some point over the next 7 days. It will answer one of the most prominent questions I left open, as well as give more background to the relationship between Havoc and Elle. Most likely, that will be the last chapter of Dogs for a little bit, since I've sort of neglected the other story I'm currently writing, What Shadows Lie.

Regarding Shadows: I've been looking through the published chapters, as well as my notes, in my free time. (Between Dogs and Real Life, I have very little time to spare.) I've had to make some minor adjustments, mostly regarding errors that slipped through in my initial read-through. I'll be reposting the first chapters over the next few days- you do NOT need to reread them. Nothing changed other than some spelling, formatting, and other minor issues. (I had Ray using handcuffs that I'd already mentioned he didn't have, little issues like that.) The next chapter, tentatively titled The Game's Afoot (although this is quite likely to be changed by the time it gets published), is in the works now. I'll give it, and this story, my nearly full attention after publishing the next Dogs chapter. To those fans of this story, thank you for your patience.

3/30/08 (Pt 2):

Okay, had to do this as an update, since I haven't said it more than one on one sometimes. I want to thank all my readers for sticking with me and helping (sometimes with a cattle prod) me keep going. If you've tried to leave reviews, but they were anonymous I'm sorry. I've since fixed the problem, and you should be able to post them now.

Special thanks go out to the following readers:

OnyxRiver: I've mentioned this before, but your work was one of the inspirations for me to pick up my pen and give it a shot. Your regular feedback has made this far more enjoyable than it otherwise might have been.

Red Vector: Your regular reading and reviews have made things much easier, since some of your recommendations and theories have actually helped resolve issues I was having.

Brittypearl: You don't realize this, but you showed up right when I needed you. Your words of appreciation at that time were precisely what I needed to push through a problem I was having.

TMM1205: Your regular reading and reviews (less regular at the moment, since you had to go out and get a life!) were the encouragement I needed. You were the other primary inspiration, alongside OnyxRiver, for me to pick up my pen. It's been a blast.


Sorry, realized I finished without talking briefly about Let Slip The Dogs Of War. I am seriously loving writing this one. The idea started with it because I fell in complete love with Elle's character on the show. She is probably the best written (and best looking, but that's another topic for another time) of all the Season 2, and many of the Season 1, characters.

To be honest, this story probably (not certainly, but probably) wouldn't have happened if OnyxRiver hadn't been writing her story, Burning the Picket Fence. Admittedly, I had already been searching for a new story that would use Elle, but hadn't really hit on anything. OnyxRiver's idea of a "problem solver" character immediately struck a chord. I freely admit to having copied that much of the idea for my own story.

However, I was immediately hit with a problem. The first one is my sex. I'm a guy; and guys have a notoriously difficult time grasping what makes women "tick." Combine that with the fact that I already had a strong woman in place, with Elle, and I obviously needed a male character. That led me in the direction of the character that ultimately became Havoc. To be honest, I initially had the idea that they were going to be a special team that was used when all other options had failed. Basically, as Elle puts it in the first chapter, they're "clean up."

Once I created the character, I was stuck looking for his name. I actually sat and thought about it for several days before encountering the perfect fit. I was rereading Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, and ran across arguably the most famous line in his literature. "Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war." I realized almost immediately that the line gave me not only a character name, but also a title. (After all, the "Dogs Of War" in this case would be the lethal team of Havoc and Elle, since they were the team that was turned loose when the regular methods had failed.)

My original intent was to have the story be a series of one shot chapters, each detailing another mission. About halfway through the initial chapter, though, I realized that I wasn't happy with that idea. I also realized that threads were being put in place that told me a much larger story was in the works. (I'm not, quite, saying that the story is writing itself. I'm saying that, in the interest of making it somewhat believable and entertaining, I was laying groundwork that I never expected to use. Needless to say, I'm using it.)

There is one thing I'm not sure people realize. (Or even if they care.) I've been in communication with OnyxRiver, and Dogs takes place in the same Heroes "reality" as her Picket Fence. Although there is very little crossover, readers of one or both have seen, and will continue to see, period and brief references to the other story. If you are a reader of mine I strongly urge you to read her stories. They're all well worth it.


All right. Not really into the blog thing so much, which explains the reason this is only the second entry here in 4 months now. First and foremost...oops... if you wanna leave an anonymous review, go ahead. Got that changed today. (Basically? I'm an idiot and didn't click the thingy next to the other thingy that said people could leave anonymous reviews. Sorry folks.)

Now: If you haven't already, please read The Light Warrior Files: Beginnings. There are a couple reasons for that. First and foremost, I spent pretty much the entire period between S1 of Heroes and S2 writing it. I put a lot of heart into it. The reviews I've heard from those who have read it have been positive.

Regarding What Lies Beneath: I'm not ignoring that story, it's just a much harder one to write. For whatever reason, the "Isaac Zone" pretty much ignores that entire story. I know where it's going, ultimately, but the writing of it is, for whatever reason, extraordinarily difficult. Bear with me, it will be updated...eventually. (I kid! I'm trying to get the next chapter written now.)


Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I won't be back here until after Christmas, but I should have an update to Dogs Of War at that point. (I'm currently stuck with Shadows. I know where I want to take it, but I'm struggling at the moment with how to get there, so it's on a temporary hold. I should have it going again either after Christmas, or after the New Year.)

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